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Mad, Mad Rush of Life —
And Running To Islam and To Allah!

DR.PASHA | September 02, 2015 | Section: Articles | 868 reads

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Mad, Mad Rush of Life --
And Running To Islam and To Allah!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Life is a speeding train. 

And Islam being perfectly isomorphic with life -- that is, Islam being a perfect match for life -- what do you think Islam will be? It will also have to be a speeding train, just like life itself.

Except that Islam being entirely from Allah, and therefore from heaven, it is more like a shooting star flashing through the sky than a bullet train rushing through the earthly topography of Japan and Germany, or England, Spain and France.

If you don’t believe me, read up the story of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam’s Mi’raj journey: 

From Makkah to Jerusalem and Baitul Maqdis; 
to all the seven heavens one after the other; and Beyond to Sidratul Muntaha; 
and then back to Makkah -- 
all of this within the blink of an eye fast asleep in an ordinary bed in Makkah.

The situation, you may say, sounds desperate. And it is. 

Add to it the fact that the Islam Train actually left the station a few moments ago -- when we were standing around and talking to each other and having a good time, as people do on railway platforms. 

Countdown for The Next Train: The Qiyamah

While all this is happening, the countdown has already begun for the next train to arrive on the platform: the Qiyamah, which is so fast that it basically sweeps down and smashes everything in front of it.

As the Islam Train stood at the platform, waiting for us, and making all kinds of announcements about its impending departure, and sending out urgent invitations to passengers, some of us realized we did not have a ticket. 

And those of us who did have tickets thought we can always run and catch up and jump on board after the train started to move, as we do with earthly trains.

What neither traveler type knew was, this was one train on which the “authorities” were perfectly willing to let you go even free: without a ticket and even without an ID card. All you needed to do was get in. 

Just say the code words: Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allah!

But too, too many of us waited too long and failed to jump in while we still could.

Missing the Islam Train

Also, what we did not understand was that this Islam Train does not start slow and build up speed like all the other trains we know. It starts up at warp velocity and picks up speed exponentially. 

And it is gone before we can take our next breath.

In fact, the Islam Train starts and moves faster than the speed of sound and light. We miss the Islam Train if we stand around thinking or arguing too much about it.

You blink an eye and you have missed the train: you are either dead. Or others have pushed you off the train.

Min Qabli An Ya’tiya Ahadakumul Mawut, says the Qur’an. 


“Hop on board before you miss the train.”

Or, if you don’t believe the Qur’an, just pick a copy of any newspaper and read. It is all there.

Running to Allah!

Therefore, as a dear friend of mine put it recently, those of us Working for Allah, which means every human being and every Muslim everywhere, need to be in a mad, mad rush to do Allah’s work. 

And to take Allah’s message to the world.

Otherwise, we will miss the train.

To get a fuller and clearer perspective on all this, go and read the Qur’an and see if the Aayat Karimah (the most beautiful and noble Aayat) makes any sense:

Fa-Firroo Ilallah!


“Run facing the direction of Allah!”





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