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LEADERSHIP: What Is It and How to Deal with It? [Part One]

DR.PASHA | August 18, 2003 | Section: Articles | 2124 reads

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And he uses unsubstantiated assertions, flawed logic, shoddy evidence as well as outright fabrications and concoctions – falsehood – to achieve his purposes.

Falsehood, thus, is a major weapon in the devil’s arsenal for war against Adam, his family and children.

It was falsehood that led to the fall of man – and woman – from paradise.

Consequently, paradise cannot be regained, to use Milton’s words, without a commitment to truth – the full truth and nothing but truth.

That means nothing will return the fallen human race to paradise – and cause it to regain God’s grace – right here in this world, or in the next world, except a relentless and uncompromising pursuit of truth.

Not truth laced with falsehood, not doctored data, not fudged facts, not dis- or misinformation, not obfuscation in the service of personal or political expediency, but truth – simple, clear, whole and complete truth – and nothing but truth.


Truth Is God

What everyone needs to understand clearly is this: In the final analysis, truth is none other than God Almighty himself.

God is the ultimate truth – the ultimate reality, the irreducible fact beyond which there is nothing.

God Almighty is what the Qur’an calls Al-HaqqThe truth.

Annallaha Huwal Haqq, says the Qur’an in Soorah Al-Hajj, 22, Ayah 62.


Indeed Allah is The Truth (22:62).

And then, referring to the Day of Judgment, Allah says in Soorah Annoor, 24, Ayah 25:

Wa Ya’lamoona Annallaha Huwal 
Haqqul Mubin.


On that day shall they know that it is
indeed God himself who is the clear
and open truth (24:25).

Thus, when we talk about truth and reality – error-free and illusion-free reality – it is God Almighty himself that we are really talking about.

The only true, eternal and independent state of being.

Kullu Shai-in Halikun Illa Wajhah
(Soorah Al-Qasas, 28, Ayah 88).


Everything else other than God
shall perish (28:88).


Truth about Islam and Muslims

Among those that are in urgent need of truth today are Islam and Muslims.

And, of course, Christians and others – and the people of the world in general.

That is the nature of this world: its inhabitants need truth. They always have needed it.

And they always will.

Their life chances and outcomes right here in this world and after their death, in the next world, will be shaped by the role they allow truth to play in their lives.

That is why Allah sent his messengers and prophets to the people of this world – one after another.

Now that no new prophets or messengers are set to come, those who are holders of the torch given to them by the earlier prophets are left with the obligation of bringing truth to a falsehood-filled, truth-deprived world.

The people of the world need it today, as much as they have ever needed it before.

And they need truth from both Muslims and non-Muslims.

And they need truth about both Islam and Muslims and about the rest of the world.

They need truth about the nature of Islam and about the role of Islam and Muslims in today’s world.


Islam and Muslims in the West

Truth is needed right here in the Western part of Allah’s world about Islam and Muslims.

The West has been for centuries home to those who profess allegiance to earlier prophets and messengers of Allah – Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and others in the Bible – may Allah bless them all.

The West is now, for the past some decades – once again – home to increasing numbers of Muslim immigrants, converts and their native-born Muslim offspring.

Not that Muslims were ever completely out of Europe and the West. Their expulsion from Granada, Spain, in 1492, was but a chapter in the long history of Islam’s and Muslims’ association with the West.

As was their expulsion from other parts of Europe – Hungary, Prague, Vienna.

As were their more recent tribulations in Bosnia, when they were brought to the brink of genocide at the hands of Serb nationalists.

In the same way, the return of Muslims in large numbers to the West in more recent times is merely another chapter – one of the most recent ones – in their checkered and eventful history in the West.

But history at the present time is in a fast-forward mode. Events accelerate at breakneck speed.

Ka Lamhil Basar, as the Qur’an puts it in Soorah Annahl, 16, in Ayah 77, referring to events on the Day of Judgment.


Like the blinking of an eye (16:77).

Muslims were allowed – by God of course, who else? – a few decades to get their act together, as the saying goes.

This meant a number of things, among them the following:

  1. Get hold of the truth about themselves and Islam and the new environment in which they found themselves in the West.
  2. Come up with some useful, practical and up-to-date ideas on how to be Muslims – how to practice Islam; what it means to be Muslim – in the Western world – with all its wealth and power and with all its technological, social, economic and political sophistication, access and opportunities. On how to be Muslims in a way that would be beneficial for Muslims as well as non-Muslims.

In some ways, the new Muslims in the West did a remarkable job. They used this God-given opportunity to establish communities, mosques and schools.

In some other ways, they were less successful. Most important of all, they were unable to leave their historical baggage behind.

Many of them were frozen into a mental frame that looked at the West as the enemy of a thousand years, rather than as their home of the present and a God-given opportunity for the future.




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