Islam Is a Movement, So Is Working for Allah

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Islam Is a Movement, So Is Working for Allah

Dr. Pasha

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Islam is a movement.

So is Islamic Work or what we have been calling for a long time now “Working for Allah.”

Islam is a movement because it is organized, targeted and systematic work that proceeds from a theory; follows a methodology; and submits to a leadership that it empowers through free, fair and informed elections.

Islam starts out with one individual, from where it seeks continuous growth – till it reaches the last man and woman on earth and embraces all of humanity.

Islam starts out with the most personal, private and intimate aspects of an individual’s life. From there it grows to subsume every other aspect of human existence on earth, from private to public, from individual to collective.

Soon enough, Islam brings all dimensions of human life under its purview, whether it is politics, finance or business and whether it is military affairs or jurisprudence.

And that precisely also how “Working for Allah” works.

It is systematic, organized and goal directed activity.

And it proceeds from a theory; follows a methodology of its own; and using free and informed elections puts in place a leadership structure that it respects and obeys.

The ultimate objective of Islam – or Islamic Work or Working for Allah – is the creation of a world that is best in every way for all of God’s creation: Muslim and non-Muslim; human and non-human; animate and inanimate.

Thus, while Islam – and Islamic Work or Working for Allah – seeks to bring all of humanity under the umbrella of Divine Grace and Mercy, and guide it to Paradise in the next world, it works continuously, at the same time, to turn this earth into a slice of Paradise – right here in this world, right here and now.

That is why and how Islam is a movement – and Islamic Work or Working for Allah is a movement.

And to achieve its lofty and noble objectives, Islam utilizes – and Islamic Work or Working for Allah utilizes – the very best and noblest means and methods that are available.

In fact, it is always looking for means and methods that are better and nicer than all those used by all others.

Idfa’a Billatee Hiya Ahsan, says the Qur’an, outlining the basic Islamic methodology, meaning:

Resist using the best and nicest means.”

Wa Jaadilhum Billatee Hiya Ahsan, says the Qur’an, outlining the basic Islamic Communication Strategy, meaning:

“When you have to argue and dispute, do so using the finest and nicest ways.”

Wa Qul Li’Ibaadee Yaqoolulallatee Hiya Ahsan, says the Qur’an elsewhere further specifying the methodology of Islamic Communication.


“Tell my slaves to always say that which is nicer and better.”

And when it comes to Islamic Social Norms in general, the Qur’an wants Muslims – and those Working for Allah – to always aim to do one better than others.

Or at least to match goodness with goodness and return a good gesture with an equally good and noble gesture.

Says the Qur’an:

Wa Idhaa Huyyiytum Bi-Tahiyyatin, Fa-Hayyoo Bi-Ahsana Minhaa Awu Ruddoohaa.


“When you are offered a greeting, respond with something better than the greeting that was offered to you. Or at least use a greeting that is similar to the one that you received.”

Given so much goodness on the part of Islam and the Islamic Movement and those Working for Allah, no wonder Bad People hate Islam and Muslims and in particular the Islamic Movement and those Working for Allah.

They have good reason to.  

It is pretty much the same reason that Shaitan or the Devil had for hating and fighting Adam and his progeny.

They hate because they are arrogant, bad and evil people, and they don’t know anything other than hate, malice, hostility and aggression.


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