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Islam against Islam: Hijacking Egyptian Elections Using Plan B

DR.PASHA | December 04, 2011 | Section: Articles | 981 reads

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Islam against Islam:
Hijacking Egyptian Elections Using Plan B

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

There is still a strong possibility that Egypt’s Ruling Generals, Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) as they call themselves, and their Colonial paymasters will find a way to scuttle the Egyptian Revolution by rounding up the “Usual Suspects.”

Should they decide to do that, they will select from a litany of lies available to them to explain and justify their traitorous misdeeds.

Otherwise, how does anyone with half a brain explain the fact that SCAF wants to wield a Veto Power on nationally elected civilian government?

In any civilized society that would be reason for arresting and trying those military officers for high treason. But in post-Mubarak Egypt, run by Mubarak’s most loyal Defense Minister of 20 years, it is business as usual.

Evidently, that is a cheap lesson SCAF learned from the Manual the Turkish Military seems to have successfully used for nearly a century to subjugate the Turkish People to one of the worst tyrannies in modern history.

But that depends on how the Generals in Egypt read the public mind, whether or not the Egyptian People will roll over and play dead – like they did for nearly 100 years.

But, evidently, the Generals seem to sense – and their Colonial Masters no doubt advised them to that effect – the Gini of a Free Egyptian People is not likely to be corralled back into the Bottle any time soon.

Most likely Egypt will blow up like a powder-keg, if they were to try any strong-arm methods of the kind the Military had been using for 100 years.

Hence the need for Plan B. 

Call it Damage Control. Or call it Damage Limitation as the British for some reason seem to be fond of saying.

Or simply call it Cutting One’s Losses as the Americans would put it.

And that Plan B is to set a supercharged Steroidal Islam to catch, control and contain Real Islam and limit its impact and effectiveness.

That means one way to cheat the long-suffering people of Egypt of their hard-earned Revolution and blood-soaked Election victories was to pit Islam against Islam.

And that is easily done by dividing Islam into Islam Light and Islam-on-Steroids.

And it is done by those who, having failed to stem the tide of the revolution, have now, as part of Plan B, devoted their bulging stolen public coffers and their Evil Minds to figuring out ways of keeping the rising tide of Islam in check.

They seem to be saying: Couldn’t save Mubarak and keep him on the throne, fine. The important thing is to keep Islam and Muslims from coming.

The important thing is to abort this Islam and Muslims baby before it is born.

For, most assuredly, Islam and Muslims are bad news for the Bad People who corrupted, plundered, enslaved and sold out Egypt all these decades.

Those who had turned Egypt into a torture chamber and a concentration camp for Egyptians, especially for Egyptian Muslims.

And it is bad news for their foreign Colonial masters and puppeteers.

For, the return of Islam and Muslims to Egypt means the arrival of true nationalism for that benighted land of the Pharaohs.

It means the return of honor, dignity and integrity to the Egypt of Joseph, son of Jacob, son of Isaac, son of Abraham – may God Almighty bless them all.

What these corrupt-of-soul and evil-of-mind, inside as well as outside Egypt, cannot achieve by brute and barbaric force any longer, and by unleashing torrents of blood in Muslim lands, they now try to accomplish by deceit and fraud.

The Devil, the Bible tells us, is, after all, the master of deceit.

One way to deceive Muslims – and others – is to fill the minds of the naïve and the hearts of the simple-minded, especially among the Muslims, with empty but misleading slogans such as WE WANT GOD’S RULE, NOT MAN’S RULE.

Muslims, being the kind of naive people they have trained themselves to be over the centuries, allow themselves to be fooled by these meaningless statements.

They don’t understand that ALL RULE on earth, whether you like it or not, IS MAN’S RULE.

Even when it claims to be GOD’S RULE.

For, God does not rule conscious and volitional human life on Earth, using the mechanism of Kun-fa-Yakoon directly – even though every particle in heavens and earth dances eternally to that tune.

God lets human beings do his bidding and run their lives in his name and according to his will and law and command.

He lets humans be the instruments of his will on earth.

For, God Almighty’s Divine Decree is to run Human Affairs on Earth through Human Agency.

Innee jaa’ilun fil ardi khaleefah, he said, and he is true to his word.

So, human beings are the only rulers Earth has ever known or will ever know – as long as the earth is in existence.

And humans rule Divine Planet Earth in different ways.

Some men said they were kings and they ruled God’s Earth by Divine Right, which is truly a Devil of a Game they used to play with the minds of innocent, confused frightened human beings.

Because, truly speaking, it was their own personal rule that they always resorted to the way they saw fit.

Basically, they played not just King and Queen on God’s Earth, they played God.

Often, the so-called religious leaders helped, assisted and guided these royal human despots in the carrying out of their false divine pretensions.

Other men decided to rule in consultation and collaboration with their fellow-human beings from different walks of life and strata of society.

And they make up their rules and laws as they go along.

Some others, while basing their rule on the Consent of the Governed invoke certain higher principles such as what they assumed to be Divine Law to guide their deliberation, legislation and action.

Such as, for example, God’s Law, that they found enshrined in their Scripture.

America is an illustration of this way of governance, where the government clearly declares itself to be of, by and for the people.

But where, also, the overall culture and societal ethos invoke the Ten Commandments and other teachings from the Old and New Testaments.

So, those who say they are enforcing God’s Rule on Earth are merely doing WHAT THEY THINK IS GOD’S LAW.

While they may invoke God all they want, in the ultimate analysis, they are the agents who act in God’s name.

And they do so with all kinds of discretion and exception available to them based on all kinds of grounds and rationale.

So, ALL GOVERNMENT IS GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE, whether it enforces Divine Law or human law in society.

And whether that government is a dictatorship or a democracy, a monarchy or a republic.

The bottom line with regard to human life and human affairs is this: when it comes to human life on earth, all decisions and acts are human acts, regardless of whether or not they invoke God.

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt seems to understand this.

And the Muslim Brotherhood seems to have emerged from century-long persecution, torture, deprivation and political and social exile to offer the Egyptian People a new government.

What is clear is that the government Muslim Brotherhood is offering Egyptians will be a government of and by the People.

And, above all else, it will be an honest, clean and hardworking government dedicated to the service of the Egyptian society at all levels.

And the government the Brotherhood offers will be, unlike the dictatorships it seeks to replace, a truly patriotic government that will put the genuine and legitimate national interests of Egypt and the Egyptian People ahead of their own personal greed.

At the same time, it is fair to say, the Brotherhood government will be guided by certain immutable divine principles of Islam, to the extent they sincerely understand and believe those principles and teachings.

Some of these Islamic principles are fairly clear-cut. But many are open to interpretation and subject to situational constraints and complexities.

Like everything in human life. For, that is the nature of human life on earth.

So, the greatest thing the Brotherhood has to offer Egypt is not God, but an honest and God-fearing government.

And that is what practically every single government has been lacking in practically every so-called Muslim country.

Since it seems inevitable that the Brotherhood will sweep the polls, it made perfect sense to dilute and limit its role and its impact by pitting a special brand of Steroidal Islam against it, which no one can make sense of.

These are the folks running around claiming theirs will be RULE OF GOD, NOT RULE OF MAN.

Whereas what they are really saying is that it will be THEIR OWN RULE, but it will be done using the name of God.

They will invoke the name of God whenever they need to. And they will always find voices, mercenary or deluded, to provide grounds for doing things their way.

But their main purpose in life, whether they themselves realize this or not, will be to stop the Brotherhood from changing Egypt into a true Democracy where every Egyptian will live free.

They will do so by cutting into the vote that but for their barging in would go to the Brotherhood.

They will do so by reducing the margin of victory the Brotherhood will otherwise get.

They will do so by getting in the way of the Brotherhood government every time it wants to make a decision that will make Egypt politically free, economically developed, militarily strong, scientifically advanced and truly God-fearing.

That is how, in a post-Mubarak Egypt, you set Islam-on-Steroids to catch, contain, stop and limit Real Islam.

That is Plan B for post-Mubarak Egypt.


© 2011 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or




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