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Iron Law of Coincidences

DR.PASHA | August 21, 2012 | Section: Articles | 1333 reads

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The real and full name is “Dr. Pasha’s Iron Law of Coincidences.” But modesty, as someone might have said, restrains my pen and I am, therefore, content to call it the “Iron Law of Coincidences.”

And this is how it works: the “Iron Law of Coincidences.”

Allah – God Almighty – is in full command and control of this world. And things in this world work how, when and where God Almighty wants them to work.

And what he does in the blink of an eye, we often spend decades and centuries and sometimes eons trying to decipher what happened – in many cases, what hit us.

Reason behind Things

And there is a reason and a method why and how Almighty God works things the way he does.

And that reason, in all instances, is most logical, right and just.

And, also, God’s method, with regard to everything he does, is most perfect and scientific and – to those privy to it – most self-evident and inevitable.

But to those who, for whatever reason, are prevented from seeing the moving of the divine finger, my Law of Coincidences helps in sensing the secrets behind things.

Coincidence!” – Out of the Blue

I am calling it the “Iron” law, following German Political Scientist Robert Michels’ “Iron Law of Oligarchy” in his book Political Parties (1911).

That is because the Law of Coincidences never fails to provide explanations to things. And that explanation in each case consists of just one word: “Coincidence.”

Meaning whatever happened just happened out of the blue.

That is an audacious Single-Factor Explanation of an observed phenomenon – often a very complex phenomenon – in the real world.

And I love it.

No One Knows Why

With regard to anything and everything the Law of Coincidences says: These are all coincidences, to which no one has, or can be expected to have, any possible logical, scientific or rational explanation.

And that is where the whole story ends.

No one can explain, predict and, therefore, be able to control the events and phenomena in question.

God Almighty’s Will

Another way to call them – or explain these “mysterious” phenomena if you will – is simply to refer to them as “God’s Will” – meaning that is how God wanted it to happen.

And that is where the Buck Stops: with God. Who can ever question what God does? Doesn’t the Qur’an say so?

For, he, as they say, is boss. What he says goes.

Here Is How the Qur’an Puts It

And the Qur’an puts it this way:

Laa Yus’alu ‘Amma Yaf’alu, Wa Hum Yus’aloon.


“No one can question what he (God) does – what it is or why or how he did it. They, on the other hand, shall be questioned.”

They, on the other hand, human beings that is, need to provide a full accounting of what they do – and why.

They need to tell us, in the clearest and most detailed terms, what it is that they did; for what worldly or other-worldly reasons they did it; and why they chose to do it the way they did it.

That, by the way, is also Islam.

Birth of the Split-Half Nation of Pakistan

The British throughout history could work all kinds of magic. They conquered India, which then consisted of present-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and all kinds of other territories. When they were finally forced to leave India in 1947, the British divided India into two parts: India and Pakistan.

India was one large contiguous state stretching from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea. Pakistan came in two parts, separated by nearly thousands of miles of Indian territory.

I know this happened because the countries were created based on whether Muslims or Hindus were the majority population in a particular area, but the sheer genius of this political stupidity has never ceased to amaze me. And I blame the Muslims more than I blame anyone else.

India had all kinds of leaders, one more capable than the other. Pakistan did too, but far fewer than India. And somehow the entire future of Pakistan seemed, at that time, to be tied to one single man: their prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan.

For Pakistan, it all looked like a One-Man-Show.

Assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan

India set about building itself systematically at the hands of such capable people as Nehru, Patel, Azad and others. Liaquat Ali Khan also drew up all kinds of plans for the development of Pakistan, including a fairly comprehensive plan for revamping the new country’s educational system, which at that time had more or less a zero base.

He tried to collect all kinds of capable and smart people around him to make his dream of new Pakistan a reality.

And then – all of a sudden, out of the blue, as it were – in a mammoth public gathering, while he was giving a speech, Liaquat Ali Khan was shot and killed. He was publicly assassinated in 1951, four years after the creation of Pakistan, which brought a lot of good things in Pakistan to a tragic and screeching halt.

Of course, everything people do in such situations was done: people were blamed; individuals were held to account; and a great deal of fuss was made.

And, make a note of this and read it twice: the suspected assassin was immediately shot and killed by the police before he could say a single word.

What an amazing coincidence this was. In my view, Pakistan never quite fully recovered from the assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan.

Ruby Kills the Kennedy Killer and Dies in Jail of Cancer

A marine called Lee Harvey Oswald killed the youthful American President Jack Kennedy.

As Oswald was in the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarter, tightly held by one burly police officer on either side, being moved from one jail to another, and surrounded by other police officers and reporters, a Dallas nightclub operator called Jack Ruby (real name: Jacob Leon Rubenstein) stepped forward and shot and killed Oswald at point blank range.

The entire sordid drama was caught live on television and broadcast for millions of people to see. And this was about 48 hours or so to the time of the Kennedy killing.

A couple of years or so later, Jack Ruby (aka: Jacob Leon Rubenstein) died of cancer in jail. It seems the man, who killed the man who killed President Kennedy, did not even know he had cancer, leave alone a fatal one.

What an amazing coincidence!

Some would say America never fully recovered from those tragic events.

Assassination of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

King Faisal was a staunch supporter of the Palestinians. In 1973, he declared what is called the Oil Embargo in part in support of the Palestinians, creating long lines in gas stations in many places, including the United States.

This event shook the world and transformed the way people lived and owned and drove their cars. It imposed stringent speed limits on America’s roads.

In 1975, a nephew of the king who had just returned from the United States, went to meet King Faisal and shot and killed him point blank in his palace as he moved to embrace him.

The killer was first pronounced insane but then later was called sane and executed. No one knows why he did what he did.

Faisal’s killing turned the world upside down, one more time.

This was another one of those most amazing coincidences that changed the course of history. And of course no one ever quite knows or understands why or how exactly it happened, even though the killer shot and killed the king in public.

The Iron Law

It was for the analysis and understanding of some of these events, most intractable and inexplicable on the surface, but full of profound consequences at bottom, that I developed my Law of Coincidences: Dr. Pasha’s Iron Law of Coincidences.

Along with this name, I also developed a theoretical model to explain these coincidences that sweep history at many a critical juncture, and, where applicable, to predict them. I called my explanatory model: The Law of Consequences – not “Coincidences,” but “Consequences.”

If you are interested, you can ask me what my Law of Consequences is and how it works. For the time being, the name is all you get.

General Zia-ul-Haq of Pakistan Dies in a Plane Crash

General Zia-ul-Haq was Pakistan’s Military Ruler for almost a decade from 1978 to 1988. Muslim Pakistan was blessed by one military dictator after another, while neighboring predominantly Hindu India had a succession of Democratic Governments.

I don’t know how many Muslims anywhere really cared. If they did, they never really showed it in public.

Do you think the Law of Coincidences has relevance to this situation? I will say your guess, perhaps, is as good as mine and leave it at that.

General Zia-ul-Haq’s time in office was marked by all kinds of spectacular breakouts in the world, including the Iranian Islamic Revolution, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent CIA-Sponsored anti-Soviet Muslim Holy War and all kinds of other things.

Domestically, there was a lot of noise about what people used to call in those days “Islamization” of Pakistan, not to say, on the nuclear front, in terms of fast-forwarding Pakistan as a full-fledged nuclear power beside India.

And then, in 1988 I think, all of a sudden, out of the blue as it were, General Zia-ul-Haq was killed in an air crash along with several of his top military advisers and some high-ranking American officials.

A Board of Inquiry called his death the result of an international conspiracy pointing a finger at certain well-known international actors. But this charge was soon dropped and the cause of the accident was declared to be – what else? – a pure coincidence.

Cancer Pursues the Shah of Iran

He called himself King of Kings and Emperor. And he ran his empire throwing his own people in jail and killing and torturing them with help from some of the best international Torture Experts in the world.

The Shah’s hands were stained with blood – innocent Iranian Muslim blood. And he was a notorious Muslim Killer.

The Shah was a geopolitical child of America and Britain. These two powers had put him on the throne of Iran after overthrowing the democratically elected Prime Minister Dr. Mosaddeq. The Islamic Revolution of Iran of 1979 was as much against the Shah as it was against America whose political protégé the Shah was.

As the revolution broke out, the Shah left Iran and wandered the earth in search of a place to stay. After a brief stay in America, under a pseudonym (“David Newsom” or something like that), the Shah finally settled in Egypt as a guest of its Military Dictator Anwar Sadat.

But then the Iron Law of Coincidences took over.

The Shah developed a form of cancer and died within six months after Sadat of Egypt gave him permanent refuge – much like Jack Ruby died in Jail with cancer, purely coincidentally of course, after publicly killing the man who killed President Kennedy.

The Shah, I should think, was just 60.

These Coincidences Spare No One

And here was General Omar Suleiman, 76 years old, a pillar of Egypt’s military regime, Hosni Mubarak’s Intelligence Chief and part of his inner circle for years and years, and the lynchpin of Egypt’s intimate relations with its neighbor Israel as well as with its major international backer the United States.

General Suleiman was also one of the masterminds behind Egypt’s Military Rulers’ decades-old Campaign of Torture and Terror against its own people. He was a veteran Muslim Killer.

When the Egyptian Revolution broke out in 2011, General Suleiman looked and acted well. He even filed his candidacy to run for president in the elections that followed. But then all of a sudden he was gone and he was undergoing treatment in Cleveland in America.

And then, even more suddenly, he dies – of unknown and unnamed complications – even as he was undergoing all kinds of medical tests in the hospital.

All this was purely coincidental of course. Who can say it was not?

And, purely coincidentally also, with him died all the decades of secrets that were buried in his chest and that could have been of immense value to the new and freely elected government of Egypt.

And Now This Man from Ethiopia

Meles Zenawi, the long-time ruler of Ethiopia, was another Muslim Killer.

While he was helpful to the U. S. in meeting some of its foreign policy goals, there are those who say that he had blood on his hands, especially Muslim blood, and plenty of it.

And now, all of a sudden, he is dead in a hospital in Brussels, Belgium – barely 57 or so. No one knows why and no one can tell how.

This seems to be another one of those coincidences that seem to spare no one.

Maybe Muslims Deserve a Break

Muslims maybe naïve and Muslims may be foolish. Some Muslims may even be bad. But then who isn’t?

But that is no reason why all of God’s earth should be declared a Permanent Hunting Ground for Muslims and the whole year should be declared an Endless Open Season on Muslims.

Everyone in this world comes to die. We are all born so one day we may all die. No one lives forever. The important thing in this world is to live well and do so with dignity, truth, honor and justice.

It is, therefore, maybe time for everyone everywhere to take a step back and ask a simple question that a very simple American construction worker from California, Rodney King, once asked: Can we all get along?”

And maybe that will teach us all – Muslim as well as non-Muslim – to live a better and more peaceful life in this world.


 © 2012 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or




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