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Introducing God into the Equation:
Who Wrote Our DNA Code Do You Think?

DR.PASHA | May 19, 2016 | Section: Articles | 688 reads

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Introducing God into the Equation:
Who Wrote Our DNA Code Do You Think?

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

I don’t recall where I stumbled upon this. The quote below.

But it caught my eye right away. And it stuck in my mind. Even though the source gave me the slip.

And if I recall it right, this is what it said -- or something close:

“If our DNA is a software, who wrote the code?”

Simple stuff. And yet so absolutely stunning.

So clear. And so concise. 

Brilliant. Beautiful. 

In one word: Inspired. 

God bless the writer.

Whoever wrote it merits gratitude. 

So, who really wrote the code that makes each and every one of us come out the way we do: unique, special, and almost completely irreducible and irreplaceable?

Literally, one of a kind, as they say.

So who made all these things the way they are, by analyzing which we can decipher within a tiny margin of error who is who and “Who Done It? 

I mean things like:

Our hair chemistry? 

Our dental structure?

Our finger markings out of which we construct our unique fingerprints? 

Our bone construction?

Our retinal peculiarities?

Even our footprints?

What is the probability that Chance alone would have produced these marvels of sophisticated design and perfect engineering?

Just because these things have been lying around for over 15 billion years is reason enough, do you think, for them to turn out the way they are right now?

Or do you think introducing God into the equation would make more sense?

For, that is how the Qur’an often approaches things: What Makes More Sense? 

Which one of the several available alternatives is more probable, more likely?

Which one makes more sense?

Inna Haadhal Qur’ana Yahdi Lillatee Hiya Aqwam!

That means does an analysis and understanding of our DNA software and code make the God Hypothesis more probabilistic in our mind?

Allah does say in the Qur’an, does he not:

Wa-Tilkal Amthaalu Nadribuhaa Linnaasi,
Wa Maa Ya’qiluha Illal ‘Aalimoon?

Here is a paraphrase of that Aayat:

“Only scholars and knowledgeable people
are likely to understand and 
unravel these mysteries.”

Historically, Muslims have made the mistake of thinking that the word “Aalimoon” here refers to the graduates of Azhar, Deoband, Nadwah or Darussalam Omerabad, who generally pass for “scholars” among Muslims. 

Even though in most instances these wonderful people have no clue as to the composition or functioning of the cosmos in which they live and function.

Therefore, while not excluding all these amazing graduates of Islamic Madrassahs, all the Mowlanas I mean, we need to go beyond them and look to real scholars of science and cosmology and physics and chemistry and stuff, when it comes to answering questions about the DNA, the working of the universe and things of that nature. 

For, they are the true scholars -- Ulamaa’ -- of our time when it comes to these matters, regardless of their race, religion, gender or nationality.

But don’t forget that the ultimate “burden of proof” lies squarely on your own shoulders -- or inside your own soul and mind, and it does not devolve on external sources, scholars or no scholars.

And that is precisely how God seems to want it.





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