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Integrity of Islamic Work
And Personal Integrity of those Working for Allah

DR.PASHA | March 18, 2014 | Section: Articles | 1822 reads

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Integrity of Islamic Work
And Personal Integrity of those Working for Allah

Dr. Pasha

That is what we call “Working for Allah.” It is nothing more or less than what some others may call “Islamic Work.”

One of the most important elements of this work is its Integrity: Integrity of the Work and the Personal Integrity of Islamic Workers.

Once that is compromised, all else is lost. 

That is why all those involved in Working for Allah must always be concerned about their own personal integrity as well as the integrity of the work they are doing for Allah.

Any relaxing of standards on either one of these fronts is a death knell to the workers as well as to their work.

It is the end of the road for both: Work and Workers.

It was the unassailable Personal Integrity of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam, and his Most Noble Companions -- the Sahaabah Kiram -- that won the day for Islam and Muslims at Makkah.

It won the day for them on the streets of Makkah, when ruthless persecution of Muslims was the order of the day. 

People like Bilal, Radiyallahu Anhu, happily allowed themselves to be dragged on the burning sands of Arabia rather than allow their Personal Integrity to be called into question.

It was the Personal Integrity of Muslims, including Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam, that won the day for them at the court of the Roman Emperor, when the Emperor asked Abu Sufyan what kind of men Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam, and his followers were.

Abu Sufyan could not find a single negative thing to say that would in any way compromise the Personal Integrity of Muslims.

It was the Personal Integrity of the Muslims that saved the day for them at the court of the Abyssinian Emperor.

A high-powered delegation had come to Abyssinia from their enemies at Makkah, laden with gifts, and demanding the extradition of Muslims back to Makkah where to stand trial and be punished for heresy.

Hazrat Ja’afar, Radiyallahu Ainhu, told the truth about Muslims, about Islam and about Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, to the Emperor.

And that included a most excruciating moment of deciding what to say about Jesus, Alaihis Salam, and his mother Mary, Alaihas Salam, to this Christian King and his Christian Court and Clergy.

Hazrat Ja’afar, Radiyallahu Ainhu, told the truth about Jesus, Alaihis Salam, and about his mother Mary, Alaihas Salam, regardless, causing quite a stir among the Christian Clergy present.

But the King returned the gifts of the delegation from Makkah and refused to extradite the Muslims whose Personal Integrity he found so compelling and unassailable.

It was the Personal Integrity of Hazrat Husain, Radiyallahu Anhu, that made his martyrdom at Karbala such a momentous event in Islamic history.

It was the Personal Integrity of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, that made the wealthy non-Muslims of Makkah leave their valuables in his safekeeping, even as they were plotting to kill him to put an end to the message of Islam that he was preaching.

The examples never end. But the story is simple: Once those Working for Allah compromise their Personal Integrity and the Integrity of their Work for Allah, they lose everything.

There is nothing left after that.





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