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God’s Earth Awaits the Muslim Response!

DR.PASHA | October 19, 2015 | Section: Articles | 1006 reads

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God’s Earth Awaits the Muslim Response!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Finest People on Earth: 
Khair Ummat 

God’s earth is ready for God. It has always been.

God raised up the Muslims to take his book, the Qur’an, to every home and heart on God’s earth that needs it -- and which one does not.

For doing that, God called Muslims the Finest People on earth. He called them Khair Ummat.

Initially, Muslims did their work. They were quite active in taking Allah’s book, and the message of Islam, to every home and heart that needs it. 

Reward Was Leadership

As a result, Allah made Muslims leaders of the world. 

And gave them power and wealth.

And Allah gave them everything they ever needed or possibly could ever want.

Wa Aataakum Min Kulli Maa Sa-altumoohu, Allah said in the Qur’an.

Then Muslims Got Busy!

Then Muslims got busy with other things. They let Duniya happen to them. 

Muslims got busy with the trivialities of life on earth, such as job, and family, and government, and business, and forgot why it was that God had placed them on earth in the first place. 

And declared them the Khair Ummat -- the Best Nation on God’s Earth.

Muslims forgot God and forgot their Mission of Mercy on earth: the mission of taking the Qur’an, God’s Book of Mercy, to every home and heart that needs it -- and which one does not!

Muslims Neglected Their Farm: The Duniya!

Muslims failed to turn their Duniya into a pathway to their Aakhirah.

The Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, had said:

Duniya is where you sow the crop that you will reap in Aakhirah.”

And the way to do that is by turning your jobs, your businesses, your governments, your families, your personal lives and everything else that you touch in this Duniya a reflection of the best that God commanded. 

A radiant and doable model for all to see -- and to adopt and to imitate.

Muslims Abandoned Their Da’wah Mission

And the Muslims stopped telling others about Islam. They refused to share the blessings of God Almighty with their fellow human beings. 

Muslims abandoned their Da’wah Mission on earth.

In what was the greatest tragedy to hit God’s earth, Muslims became instruments in hiding the light of God from the Khalq-- the creation -- of God.

And in doing this, Muslims became part of the problems that beset God’s earth, instead of being the solution to those problems, as God meant and commanded them to be.

 Humiliation and Loss of Leadership was the Result

As a result of Muslims abandoning their mission on earth, God Almighty took away from Muslims the leadership role he had given them. 

God then sent Muslims down to the gutter of life to live out a life of disgrace and humiliation.

And God’s earth suffered all the injustices and cruelties that humans are capable of perpetrating on fellow humans when they abandon the fear of God and the expectation of Aakhirah.

Humanity’s days turned into long dark nights and life on earth became a never-ending nightmare for its inhabitants.

All because Muslims abandoned their Mission of Mercy to Humanity -- and to the wider Khalq (creation) of God Almighty.

A Hungry and Thirsty Earth

In the meantime, God’s earth went hungry and thirsty. 

God’s earth was starved for God’s guidance -- Huda! -- to illumine its path to Paradise.

And God’s earth was thirsty for the downpour of God’s mercy and pardon and love -- Rahmat.

But Muslims refuse to pay heed. They stubbornly refuse to give God’s earth what it needs, and what it is hungry and thirsty for: God’s Guidance and Huda and God’s Mercy and Rahmat.

Muslims Have Forgotten The Real Purpose of Their Earthly Life

Muslims have, by and large, forgotten that this is the job for which God Almighty raised them on this earth in the first place. 

They have lost sight of the fact that this was the reason he called them the Best People and the Best Nation on Earth. Their Raison d’etre, as it were: their reason for being or existing. 

Lost and Confused Smaller Fractions

However, there are among Muslims of the world smaller fractions who have not entirely abandoned their mission mercy on earth. They are doing what they can. 

But they seem lost and confused. As a result, they are doing what they are doing, not the way it should be done, but the way they want to do it: However they can.

So, a little bit of Hawa (everybody doing things their own way and for their own reasons) has seeped into the mixture.

So much so that some of them seem to be falling prey to the same temptations of greed and power-hungriness with which Shaitan misled those before them.

They seem unable to navigate the waves of challenges surrounding them with the same ease and velocity with which Noah’s Ark sailed through the storm.

Allah’s Quota of Martyrs

No one told you about this? Too bad. 

But it is true: Allah does from time to time take a certain quota of Shuhadaa‘ -- martyrs. These are people whom Allah claims to fill his quota of Shaheeds -- those who worked so mightily for God that they laid down their lives in his path -- in every time and in ever place.

Hazrat Hamza was one such man. Just when we thought the world needed him most -- and Allah’s Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, needed his services most, Allah’s Rahmat reached out and took him away from us, on the battlefield of Uhud

And in what a seemingly cruel and gut-wrenching way, due to the hate and grudge one of the enemy women bore him.

Husain Was Another

Husain was another. 

When Madinah’s people-centered Islamic government was about to turn into hereditary kingship, Husain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, stood in the way. Allah took him away in the battlefield of Karbala.

This time around, it was people with Muslim names and credentials who were the worldly instruments of doing that.

Fast Forward Our Own Time

And then we saw it all in our own time. And we saw it all with our own eyes.

The poor, poor people of Egypt, had been crushed for over 60 years under the most brutal heel of military dictatorship.

Then, all of a sudden they produced an Islamic revolution and elected the first democratic government Egypt had ever seen in its entire history.

The whole world thought this was one of the best elections anyone ever had anywhere.

But this was too much for all the Shaitans of the world -- the Jin Shaitans as well as the Ins Shaitans-- the human Shaitans that is.

There was panic everywhere. And conspiracies galore.

Just like the Qur’an said there will be: Wa Makaroo Makran Kubbaaraa!

The former White Colonial Masters and their native lackeys in the so-called Muslim-Arab world, and elsewhere, with Muslim names and “Islamic” garbs and appearances, and so many with even so-called “Islamic” degrees and education, conspired together mightily to physically annihilate an entire generation of the finest Muslims Allah had raised in a long time.

And they did.

The Ikhwan of Egypt were no more -- after taking the book of Allah to every home and heart that needed it throughout the whole earth of Allah for close to 100 years.

And Allah claimed his quota of martyrs -- Shuhadaa’ -- one more time.

Time for Muslims to Return to Work

It is, therefore, time for Muslims to return to their work.

It is time for them to report to duty. The most fundamental Islamic duty of taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it -- and which one does not.

In every part of the world: from India to Africa and Europe, and from the Americas to Russia, Japan, China and everywhere else.

In the meantime, God’s earth continues hungry and thirsty.

And it silently awaits the Muslim response.

And as the silent and not so-silent cries and wails of millions of widows and orphans and oppressed people everywhere rend the sky on their way to the Arsh Mu’alla -- the mighty throne of Allah.

Not “Collateral Damage,” as some would call it. But the direct consequence of Muslims abandoning God’s earth to people whose sole motivation in life is raw greed and brute power and whose hearts know neither fear of God nor compassion for their fellow humans.





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