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From Two Feet of Snow to 10 Feet of Dirt

DR.PASHA | November 21, 2016 | Section: Articles | 236 reads

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From Two Feet of Snow to 10 Feet of Dirt

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Today is Monday. 

The date is November 21, 2016.

And, where we are right now, on God’s Big Beautiful Earth, that Allah the Almighty prepared for us before we were even born into this world, we are buried under two feet of pure, driven, virgin snow.

Some may call it a blizzard!

After all, arctic is not too far off, does anyone think?

There are those who bad-mouth the weather. 

And there are those who use foul and abusive language about the weather.

But little do they realize the enormity of what they are doing. The crime they are committing. The gravest of grave sins.

But the Hadith quotes Allah as saying what could be roughly interpreted as: 

I am the Weather
I am the Master of Time.
I am the Universe.
I change days and nights how I wish.

Those of you who know how to do it, and have the ability and the skills to do it, please check the words of the Hadith Sharif and see if they come anywhere close to what I am citing below:

Anad Dahr!
Bi-Yadiyal Amr!
Uqallibul-Layila Wan-Nahaar!

And may Allah, Rabbul Izzat, forgive me if I got even a single letter of the Hadith Sharif wrong!

Is this part of the same Hadith Sharif that starts out with the words: 

Yu’dheenee Ibnu Adam!

Can someone help us with this Hadith Sharif?

In the meantime, here is something I want all of us to know and to think:

This time around, 
it may be two feet of snow we are buried under! 
But a time will come, 
who knows how soon or how late,
but as sure as there is breath in our body, 
when we will be buried in a cylindrical dark hole,
under 10 feet of dirt.

The good news is this: 

The Snow Will Melt! 
It Always Does!

The other news is this -- I do not want to automatically call it bad news: 

The dirt stays.
It generally does not melt away when Winter passes into Spring
and when Spring turns into Summer,
as snow does.

This other news, the one about the Narrow Cylindrical Dark Hole, 10 feet deep, and the 10 feet of dirt on top, can be Good or Bad, depending on who you were, and what you did, during the life that you lived on this earth.

And, of course, depending on to what degree God Almighty’s Boundless Love and Mercy embrace and envelope you -- such as you are: a flawed and sinful individual!





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