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Eid Sacrifice: Sheep for Slaughter [Quote – 313]

Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World

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“Muslims are slaughtering sheep as sacrifice to God to celebrate Eidul Adha in commemoration of Abraham’s (God Bless Him) willingness to sacrifice his own begotten firstborn son to God.

Muslims, Christians and Jews all believe that story from the Bible and the Qur’an, even though Muslims say it was Ismaaeel, while others say, no, it was actually Isaac.

But do you know what I am thinking as I see all these sheep being led to the slaughterhouse?

As I see all these sheep huddle together and as I see Muslims pulling and dragging them by their horns and legs to kill them?

I am thinking of all those Muslim men, women and children that Muslims and their foreign puppeteers slaughtered over the years in the pursuit of wealth and power and land and possessions.

And in the pursuit of their petty little fiefdoms.

And, get this, yes, get this indeed: These so-called Muslims did a good bit of all that at the bidding of their foreign colonial masters and mentors.

That is how foreign colonial masters conquered, controlled and plundered much of Muslim lands and wealth: often using traitors and turncoats with Muslim names and Muslim garb to help them and to facilitate their work.

Not much has changed since the British conquered and colonized India by setting one so-called Muslim ruler and kingdom against another.

Today, individuals, organizations, countries and kingdoms with Muslim names and credentials do the same with equal glee.

Bulk of the Muslim masses lived in near-total ignorance then. They live in near-total ignorance now.

They were clueless then. They are clueless now.

They OD’ed on religion then as a substitute for real-life choices and action.

They OD on religion now as a substitute for real-life choices and action.

May God have mercy on those poor Muslims whom Muslim corruption, greed and naiveté slaughter like sheep to please their foreign colonial masters!

You may not have heard how the petty little Muslim kingdom of the Nizam of Hyderabad helped the British defeat another little Muslim Kingdom of the more nationalistic Tippu Sultan of Mysore.

That was the battle – the battle for Mysore at Srirangapatnam, India – that changed India’s destiny; sealed the fate of the Muslims in the subcontinent; and shaped the course of world history for the next two centuries.

Muslims get the credit for that one.

It was toward the end of the 18th Century, so there is no way you could have seen it.

But you saw with your own eyes, did you not, how Saddam of Iraq invaded Iran soon after a nationalist revolution broke out there and waged an eight-year-long war against that country, killing and maiming millions.

This was 1981-88. So, there is no way you could not have seen it.

You also saw what fate befell Saddam, right? And it happened right in front of your eyes: on television.

He was dragged like a rat from a hole and hanged like a thief from the gallows.

All that on TV!

So, on this Great Eid of Sacrifice, as Muslims slaughter their sheep, I think about how Muslim masses are led to the slaughterhouse by their leaders with Muslim names but with souls perhaps so dark that the Devil himself would envy.

If you don’t believe me, watch Iran and watch it very carefully. For, that is where the action is over the next 10 years.

That is where you will see Muslims use their foreign friends to attack, invade and destroy yet another independent Muslim country and slaughter hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of innocent Muslim men, women and children.” (Dr. Pasha)



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