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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim!
In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Merciful!



08 Safar 1427/08 March 2006
From the United States of America

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)


  1. These E-Letters!
  2. Nothing But Personal Reflections
  3. God Almighty: The Only Subject
  4. It Is All Talk About Him
  5. Pining for Sanskrit: A Language I Never Met
  6. A Qur’anic Truth in Sanskrit Language?
  7. Making a Mess of Allah’s World
  8. Khair Ummat: The Great Muslim Disconnect
  9. Helpless Spectators, Hapless Victims
  10. Who in the World Is or Was Iqbal?
  11. Who in the World Are You?
  12. Motionless Majesty of the Mountains – Their Imperturbability as Jawahar Lal Nehru Called it
  13. Do You Love Islam and Muslims – And Allah’s World and Your Fellow Human Beings?
  14. Then Iqbal Is Your Man!
  15. A Lover of Humanity
  16. Superman
  17. A Heart on Fire
  18. That Book — Dhaalikal Kitaab
  19. A Lover of His Land — and His People
  20. A Muslim — Plain, Pure and Simple
  21. Breathing a New Life in Muslim Ummah
  22. All Deen, All Dunya: All at the Same Time
  23. Muslim Parents, Brahmin Roots: Gathering All of Humanity Under the Shade of a Giant Tree
  24. Islam and Muslims: Feeling the Pain of All of Allah’s Creation
  25. Voice of the Qur’an
  26. Admirers and Friends of Iqbal
  27. Iqbal: A Thumb-Nail Sketch
  28. So, Tell Me Now Who You Are and Where You Stand
  29. You and Iqbal
  30. A Beacon of Light — And a Nation Unto Himself
  31. How Sad and Embarrassing!
  32. What Is Your Excuse?
  33. I Am Glad You Are with Us
  34. Feel Free to Share the Good News
  35. Write Back
  36. Nothing but Drafts
  37. Don’t Forget Us in Your Du’as!


Assalamu Alaikum!

I hope you are in good health and spirits.

These E-Letters!

Well, here we are again. Another one of our E-Letters to you. Letter # 13, I suppose.

I say Al-Hamdulillah. I don't know what you will say.

Personally, I consider it a privilege -- and a blessing from Allah, for, what could be a greater privilege than to be blessed by Allah -- that I am able to reach you this way. It is entirely up to you to take it how you want. If it is an unwanted encroachment, forgive me, and may Almighty Allah forgive me too. If you find it useful in some way, make Du'a for me, my parents, teachers and my family.

Nothing But Personal Reflections

As I have said before, there is no theme or topic to these E-Letters. Nor is there, generally speaking, any continuity to them in terms of the subject matter they discuss -- taking one topic and talking about it till it is "completed." That is not what these E-Letters do.

Often, it is one theme or topic scattered over several E-Letters. Sometimes, revisited and repeated, maybe with some variation here and there.

They are nothing but the personal reflections of a man who has tirelessly tried to learn a thing or two about Allah's world. And who, by the blessing of Allah, has been able to see and observe a thing or two in this world.

That is why these E-Letters have no special topics or themes of any kind. They are just a collection of thoughts -- random and quite possibly disjointed.

But if you ask me, these reflections are all about that one overall subject that truly matters -- matters to me; should matter to you; and matters in and of itself: Almighty Allah, Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala.

In fact, it is the only subject that there is in this world. Except that people talk about it in different ways and at different levels.

God Almighty: The Only Subject

God Almighty -- he is the only subject. And the total focus. As someone said: A-Laa Kullu Shai-in Maa Khalallaha Baatilu. If you insist, I will give you the name: Labeed, I think.

Paraphrase? Everything other than Allah is null and void. And you know what Allah's beloved Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, said about that quote? He said it is the truest thing any poet ever said.

So, no matter how and in what language or using what title, topic or heading you talk, it is still talking about him: about his existence; about his attributes and their manifestation in the universe; about his varied and limitless creation; about those who believe or don't believe in him; about those who play games with him; about his forgiveness and retribution; about good or bad actions as judged by him; about the reward or punishment structure he has prepared for all of us; about life and death and multiple shades and combinations of those two states; or about anything and everything else in the universe created, owned and run by him.

It Is All Talk About Him

So, talk about any of it is still talk about him, one way or another.

That is why the whole universe talks about him -- everyone and everything in Allah's kingdom: Yusabbihu Lahoo Maa Fis-Samaawaati Wal Ard! They all sing his praises -- everyone and everything that is in heavens and earth. What else can or will they do -- knowing what they know and having been created and programmed the way they have been?

How beautifully the Qur'an puts it -- I am paraphrasing it here broadly. Say: "Call Allah or call Ar-Rahmaan! Surely, all beautiful names and attributes belong to him!"

What a statement! Subhaanallah! What a declaration!

Pining for Sanskrit: A Language I Never Met

But it is not just the Qur'an that makes that statement. Other sources and documents do too. For example the Hindu scripture. Oh, how I pine for Sanskrit -- the language that I never met.

Allah bless my young friend, the Brahmin gentleman whose mother tongue is Sanskrit and who became a Muslim recently. What a rare expertise he has, Mashallah. I hope he will be able to teach me, Inshallah.

But why would a fairly average Muslim like me pine for Sanskrit language? That is because I lament my lack of proficiency in it, that is why. But where are we Muslims -- generally speaking that is -- in relation to Sanskrit? Even those who may be born, brought up and laid to rest, as they say, in India?

Well, what can I say? That is just Muslims being Muslims I guess -- a lot of them, that is. They have lived in India for so long and yet how many taught themselves and their children the most important religious and cultural language of the majority of the population in their land -- today numbering nearly one billion people around the world?

A Qur'anic Truth in Sanskrit Language?

Here are the Sanskrit words I am talking about -- the words that seem to reflect the eternal truth of the Qur'an: Ekam Sat, Viprah, Bahudaa Vadanti.

Did I say that right? Did I spell it right?

If I had a measure of grounding in Sanskrit I would not be asking you that question, would I? That is why I say I lament my lack of knowledge of Sanskrit. As a fairly average Muslim who spent a fair amount of his early life in India, I should have learned Sanskrit. May Allah forgive me. And those who were responsible for my education.

Paraphrase of those Sanskrit words: "Truth is one, those who know call it by different names" -- the wise would you say? The Cognoscenti? The Gyanis?

Allahu Akbar! What a beautiful rendering of that beautiful Aayat of the Qur'an it is -- and to me all Aayats of the Qur'an are beautiful: Qulid-Ullaha Awid-Ur-Rahmaan, Ayyam Maa Tad'oo, Fa-Lahul Asmaa-Ul Husnaa!

Making a Mess of Allah's World

Muslims, Muslims, Muslims! Dear, dear Muslims! Our colossal ignorance of things that are important to us, that are vital to our interests -- in both Deen and Dunya! As I said, it is just Muslims being Muslim I suppose. They call themselves Allah's representatives on earth, but so many of them are so sadly oblivious of and indifferent to the state and realities of this world.

With such colossal lack of knowledge as their preparation for life, and with such near-total indifference to the affairs of the world as their attitude to living, I wonder how Muslims manage to run the affairs of Allah's world as Allah's Khaleefah on earth.

Because that is who the Muslims are: Allah's Khaleefah on earth. Of course all human beings are Allah's Khaleefah on earth -- Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, everyone. But Muslims are the ones who say they accept their charge from Allah.

Muslims are the ones who have actually signed the contract with God -- the contract that says that they accept him as their true owner and master and which further says that they accept to live their life and run the affairs of his world based on his instructions and directives.

Khair Ummat: The Great Muslim Disconnect

I also wonder how Muslims -- generally with such monumental ignorance about and indifference to the world of Allah -- keep repeating that they are the best people in the world -- citing the Qur'an that says Kuntum Khaira Ummatin. Especially the "better" ones among them.

How are we the Khair Ummat? By what definition? I am not saying we are not. That is a different argument -- and I have made that argument elsewhere: saying why we are indeed the Khair Ummat. And I also know the Qur'an's definition of it.

But what I am asking here is something entirely different. I am asking if you really think that we look, talk and behave like the best and finest people in the world? If not, then what do you think is going on? Do you think we have our heads buried in sand like the ostrich?

Do you think somehow there is a disconnect with reality on the part of the Muslims? A phenomenon that I call The Great Muslim Disconnect?

Do you think somehow we are really not who we proclaim ourselves to be? Forgive me, but what we so often pretend to be?

Do you think somehow, as a result of all this, we made a mess of Allah's world -- the world that he left in our care and custodianship for a very long time -- instead of turning it into an earthly Paradise for all his creation?

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