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Dr. Pasha Calls for
Four Special Annual Days for the World to Observe!

DR.PASHA | June 23, 2015 | Section: Articles | 952 reads

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Dr. Pasha Calls for
Four Special Annual Days for the World to Observe!

This Ramadan 1436, as well as for all Ramadans to follow, Dr. Pasha has issued a call for the Muslims and non-Muslims of the world to observe the four special Annual Days listed below.

Dr. Pasha says to get the best results, those observing these special annual days, and participating in them in any form or fashion, must do so with the best of motives and intentions:

To serve and please God Almighty and to promote the best interests of humanity everywhere on earth.

Those four special Annual Days suggested by Dr. Pasha are:

1. World Day of Peace.

On this day, peace will be promoted at all levels, from individual to national to international, using all lawful and morally sound means, and violence and aggression will be shunned, disowned and discouraged.

2. World Day Without Interest.

On this day, individuals, organizations such as banks, nations, societies and governments will transact all business and lend money without interest.

3. World Day Without Alcohol.

On this day, everyone everywhere will completely abstain from the sale, promotion, transportation and consumption of alcohol.

4. World Day Without Tobacco.

On this day, everyone everywhere will completely abstain from the sale, promotion, transportation and consumption of tobacco and tobacco products.

Dr. Pasha says observing these days will make God’s earth a better place for all to live.

“It will please God Almighty,” says Dr. Pasha. “It will cause God’s mercy to descend on those individuals, organizations, nations and societies observing these days. And its beneficial effect will spill over and saturate the entire planet.”

“It may even be a good step in the direction of controlling and reversing the damage done by so many generations of us to our climate and to our planet,” says Dr. Pasha.

Dr. Pasha predicts that those observing and promoting these days, and doing so with the best of motives and intentions, will see the blessings of Allah descend on this earth with their own eyes, and in their own lifetime, should that be the will of Almighty Allah.

“Do what Allah wants you to do,” says Dr. Pasha, “and then see with your own eyes what wonders Allah’s mercy unfolds in your own life and in the life of the entire world.”





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