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Did You Say “Christian Islam”? Sorry, Does Not Compute!

DR.PASHA | December 27, 2007 | Section: Articles | 2048 reads

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The result is a new birth of faith and freedom in your bosom; a new direction to your life; a new organization of your priorities and preferences; and a redefinition and realignment of your relationships and dealings with the rest of God’s creation.

It is a deliberate and determined move from bondage to a multitude of false loyalties to the freedom of devotion to one true God.

What a Powerful Miracle:
Positive-Negative Charges Produce Light
and Male-Female Pair Produces Life

It is no different from the mixing of the pair of negative and positive electrical charges. Either one, without the other, leaves you in the dark. Wandering, groping, bumping against everything and often risking your life and limb.

But combine the two, and you have light.

So also, you combine the rejection of the plethora of false deities – Ilaahs – that burrow in all human hearts and minds with the affirmation of faith in the one true God, you turn on the light of faith in your soul and in your life. It illumines your whole existence and illumines the whole world for you.

You then become a beacon of light for all others.

How beautifully the Qur’an captures this concept and this imagery!

Qur’an: Kullamaa adaa-a lahum mashau feehi, wa idhaa azlama alaihim qaamoo.

Paraphrase: Whenever there is a spark of light, they move with it. But when darkness envelops them, they have no choice but to stand still.

So, you combine positive and negative electrical charges and you have light.

And you combine the male and female in creation, new life is born.

Allahu Akbar, what a powerful miracle this Miracle of the Pairs is!

Yet another Amazing Paradox:
The More Islam Takes Away from You,
the More It Gives You

Yet, an amazing paradox awaits new converts to Islam.

Many of them have marched away from Christianity or Judaism, only to find themselves on the horns of a new dilemma.

Except that now their challenge is not to reject but to accept. Not to walk away from, but to run toward.

Islam now sings a very different tune, which in reality is the same old song that Islam ever sang. A song that reverberated from mountain tops as God’s beloved Prophet David – May God Bless Him! – sang it.

The eternal and undying song of Islam.

You want Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, it seems to say, well, you cannot have him unless and until you are willing to wholeheartedly and without reservation also embrace Jesus, God bless him.

And Moses, and David, and Solomon, and Abraham, and Jacob, God bless them all.

Nor can you lay any claim to Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, without also asserting a blanket love and loyalty to all his other brother prophets and messengers of God, regardless of where or when they came – in what land or culture; amid what people, tribes, nations or societies; and at what particular period of time – before the advent of Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

But Now You Do Things the Islamic Way,
Not the Old Christian or Jewish
or Hindu or Atheist Way

But now it is no longer holding on to your old love that is important; it is no longer doing things the old way; but it is learning to love Islam and do things the Islamic way – the new way.

So also, you want the Qur’an?

Well, you cannot have it without your opening your heart and mind and the very depths of your soul to the Torah of Moses, to the Injeel of Jesus and to the Zabur of David, may God bless them all.

That means to the extent you move toward Islam, to that extent you move away from their moorings in Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or Atheism or something else.

This they must do even though they will find in Islam an echo of some of the core teachings of their own former faiths in their original form, in the pristine state they should have been.

Thus, Christian converts to Islam will discover that Islam teaches them to love Jesus and his mother Mary more than their own parents; that they cannot be Muslim without first believing in Jesus as a prophet and messenger of God; and that they must also affirm the miraculous virgin birth of Jesus, son of Mary, may God bless them both.

But they will do this not because they brought in snatches of their former faith of Christianity with them, but because that is what their new faith, Islam, has offered them. Thus, their love for Jesus or Mary now is not their leftover Christianity but their newfound Islam. And they must embrace and execute their love of Jesus or Mary now not their old Christian way but strictly using the new guidelines of Islam.

Converts to Islam from Judaism, Buddhism,
Some Other Faith – Or from a Background of
No Faith at All

So also, Jewish converts to Islam will find that Islam wants them to be even stronger in their age-old monotheistic belief in one God. Not because it is a legacy of Judaism, but because it is a blessing of Islam.

So also, Hindu converts will be encouraged by Islam’s emphasis on truth and devotion, while Buddhist converts will find Islam’s positive and caring approach to human suffering and worldly temptations quite refreshing and life-giving. Not because that is what their old faiths taught them, but because that is what their new faith of Islam offers them.

Even Atheist and Agnostic converts to Islam may be pleasantly surprised to see that Islam, far from being a rigid, closed and doctrinaire system, is quite open in inviting human beings to vigorously pursue the path of personal investigation and scientific analysis and inquiry with regard to all things.




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