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Crime in Trinidad – An Instrument of Personal Protection

DR.PASHA | April 21, 2005 | Section: Articles | 1274 reads

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2. Cleanliness.

Know that cleanliness is indeed the pathway to Godliness. God does not look at bodies, minds, clothes, homes, habitats and souls that are deliberately and willfully unclean. So, make sure,

a. Your clothes are always clean.

b. Your body is always clean.

c. You clean yourself after you answer calls of nature either with toilet tissue or water or both.

d. As much as possible, you try to stay in a state of formal cleanliness by performing ritual ablution – washing your body parts in the formal way and order shown by the blessed Prophet Muhammad – starting out with the washing of your hands and ending with the washing of your feet.

e. You eat nothing but clean, good food, which would include avoiding pork and pork products.

f. You drink nothing but clean, good beverages, which would include avoiding alcohol.

g. You keep a generally clean lifestyle, which would include avoiding illicit sex, drugs and other sins and questionable practices.

h. If you presently have a relationship outside marriage, you end it or sanctify it through matrimony.

i. You keep your mind clean of all evil, negative, violent and antisocial thoughts that are sinful before the Almighty or that may be harmful or injurious to his creation.

j. Your home, habitat, workplace, playgrounds, streets, neighborhood and environment are as clean as you can make them.

3. Worship.

Worship is a most important part of human life. It is through worship that human beings are able to establish a direct and personal relationship with God Almighty. And it is to worship him – in the most comprehensive sense of that expression – that God Almighty created us human beings in the first place.

Worship in the broadest and most inclusive and informal sense means obeying God’s commandments and staying away from things that the prophets of God warned us against.


Try to worship God both formally and informally.

a. Worship God five times a day, as commanded by the Qur’an and as shown by the blessed Prophet Muhammad.

b. Be constantly mindful of God’s presence. And of your own dependence on him. And of your constant need for him and his protection. And of your accountability before him.

4. Special Prayers and Chants.

A poet once said – I think it was Tennyson – that many things are made possible by prayer, and how right he was! For, prayers are the cry of your soul to its maker. Nothing stops the anguished cry of a distressed and oppressed heart from reaching God.

But know that God responds to prayers in ways he sees fit. Sometimes you get right away what you want. Sometime your prayers ward off negative things that would have happened to you but for your prayers. Or else, if you are a believer, your prayers are stored up for you till after you die and meet your God.

And know that God Almighty has his own time scale and his own way of doing things. All his time is now and his way of doing things is to say to them “Be!” and there they are.

And know that all God’s actions are right. Right is what he does and wrong is doing what he told us to stay away from. A believer is one who, rather than looking at what God does and criticizing that, turns inside him or her and analyzes and corrects what he or she may be doing wrong.


1. Learn to recite the following prayers and chants as often as you can:

La Ilaha Illa Allah.
Tawk-kaltu ‘Alallah.
Aamantu Billah.

2. Attend Dr. Pasha’s International Qur’an program to learn more of these special prayers and chants in which God Almighty has put the power to protect those whose prayers proceed from a truly believing and faithful heart.

3. Bear in mind that prayers often go only as far as the purity and strength of your own belief and intention go. So, continually work to make your faith stronger and your intentions purer.

4. Never forget that in general prayers are no substitute for action, but only aids and incentives to action. Therefore, don’t turn to prayers as an escape from real action. But embrace prayers as an extra tool that God Almighty has placed in your hands, in addition to serious and concerted individual and collective action on your own part, to equip and empower you to deal with life’s challenges, including crime.

5. Attend our National Day of Prayer and Qur’an whenever it is held.

6. Attend Dr. Pasha’s International Qur’an Program whenever it is offered.

7. Join and support the Read-the-Qur’an Campaign.

8. Get in the habit of reading the Qur’an. For, the Qur’an is the revealed word of God Almighty, and it is a divine cure for all that ails the human hearts, bodies, minds and societies.

May God Almighty protect all of us and our families, properties, possessions, homes, streets, workplaces, neighborhoods, communities and societies from all harm and evil!



Allaahummah-Faznee, Ya Hafeezu!

Allaahumma A-jirnee, Ya Mujeeru!

Allaahumma A-ghithnee, Ya Mugheethu!

Allaahumma A-‘innee wa Laa Tu-‘in ‘Alaiyya!

Allaahumman-Surnee wa Laa Tansur ‘Alaiyya!

Waj-‘al Lanaa Mil-Ladunka Waliyyan,
Waj-‘al Lanaa Mil-Ladunka Naseeraa!

Waj-‘al-Lee Mil-Ladunka Sultaanan Naseera!

Allaahumma Innee As-alukal ‘Aafiyata
Fi Deenee, wa Dunyaaya, wa Ahlee, wa Maalee!

Wa Sallallaahu Alan-Nabiyyi,
Wa Ala Aalihi, wa Sahbihi, wa Azwaajihi,
Wa Dhurriyyaati-hi, wa Sallam Tasleema!


But do bear in mind, however, that our manuscripts are mostly drafts in need of further research and revision, which often we are unable to undertake or complete due to time and resource constraints.


Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or




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