But who in the World is or was Iqbal?

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So, to the Muslims of the world, but his message is not limited to the Muslims, Iqbal sang:

Muslim Hain Ham Watan Hai Saara Jahan Hamaaraa.


“We are Muslim,
And the whole universe is Home to us.”

In that one half of a Couplet – what should I call it, a Singlet? In Urdu it is called Misra‘, whereas two couplets together are referred to in Urdu, Farsi and Arabic as a Shi’r – in those few chosen words, no more than eight words if you count them, Iqbal has summarized Islam’s entire philosophy of land, territory and country. And laid to rest the entire evil and obnoxious philosophy of Rabid, Destructive and Diabolical Nationalism.

And of human beings’ National Identity. And in doing so, Iqbal has summarized all of Islam, if you want to put it that way.

For, a Muslim is not a slave or prisoner of a country, or land, or territory, regardless of whether it is a Muslim-Majority country like Pakistan or Iran, or a Non-Muslim-Majority country like India or France or Norway. Because a Muslim’s True Identity is defined by his Choice of Belief and Behavior, and by his Universal Human Fellowship, and not by Accidents of Birth, Color, Race or Gender, over which you have little or no control.

For, to be a Muslim is to be a slave of Rabbul Aalameen — the Master of All the Worlds. And not a slave of a little piece of land regardless of whether you were born on that land, or you immigrated to it, or you are just visiting it and passing through it.

See how effectively and how beautifully Islam nips in the bud so many Deadly Social Diseases and Evils of the World such as Rabid and Toxic Nationalism, Parochialism, Fanaticism, Chauvinism, Jingoism, Racism, Fascism, Nazism and the rest.

Blind Love of Land and Country: An Unfailing Recipe for Unlimited Wars and for Eventual Destruction of the Human Race and Human Civilization

Historically, human beings have used every pretext and every excuse to kill and destroy each other. And one of the most effective and powerful excuses humans have always used for mutual self-destruction has been, and continues to be, the supposed love of one’s own land.

In modern times, it is called Country. And every human practice that was considered bad evil at one time or another throughout history, human beings today justify it in the name of Country.

Killing is bad — except when you do it in the name of your Country

Raping Women is wrong — except when you do it in the name of your Country.

Marauding and Pillaging other people’s wealth and resources is wrong — except when you do it in the name of your Country. 

Subjecting innocent and unsuspecting human beings from other lands and cultures, and poor people from your own land and culture, to all kinds of dangerous and deadly scientific experiments, is wrong — except when you do it in the name of your Country. 

Killing Innocent and Unarmed Civilians and Bystanders in any War is wrong and forbidden by all the norms and canons of Civilized Warfare — except when you do it in the name of your Country. 

Torturing People is morally reprehensible — except when you do it in the name of your Country. 

And so on and so forth!

That is as high as the Curve of Human Civilization has reached today. Just mention the word “Country” today and every Wrong becomes Right and every Evil becomes Good.

And every Buck stops there! At the Altar of Land and Country!

No more talk, no more discussion, no more argument. Just say Country and keep moving. That is how powerful, how deadly and how disastrous, the poison of blind, fanatical and senseless love of one’s land and Country can be.

And if everyone in the world thinks the same, and claims the right to the same fanatical worship of one’s own land and Country, then it does not take a genius to figure out that the result will be Every World War that the world can imagine, and some that no human mind can even contemplate or comprehend at this time.

If the World is mad enough to fight another World War then there will be no winners, losers or survivors left at the end of that war.

Now, here is my definition of World War: It is everybody in the world killing everybody else in the world. That is what a World War is.

And my definition of War itself is this: Killing Or Getting Killed. That is what a war is. Every war has only two outcomes: either you kill your enemy; or your enemy kills you. There is no third possibility.

What people call Injury is just another name for an Incomplete Job. An Injury is simply a Killing that was left unfinished.

Now imagine this. With the roughly 6000 nuclear weapons that Russia has, and another roughly 6000 nuclear weapons that America has, and with all the hundreds upon hundreds more nuclear weapons that Israel, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan and North Korea all have, once these bombs start flying all over the world, what do you think will be left of this World?

What human beings and animals?

What trees and forests and what rivers and oceans and what mountains?

So, you see how dangerous, and how Evil, this Fanatical, Blind Love of Land could be?

And don’t forget when one country, nation or society claims that right — to love its land without limits, beyond all reason, and not subject to any worldly or divine yardsticks of Right and WrongGood and EvilTrue and FalseJust and UnjustFair and Unfair, then everybody else is going to claim the same right for themselves.

So, what do you think is going to happen to you, to me and to everyone else, and to our world as a whole? Do you see this madness of Limitless and Rabid Nationalism — Love of Land as it were — taking over our world already? And do you see our world already hurtling in a most inexorable way toward total global carnage and self-annihilation?

So, it was this Global Human Evil of Blind Patriotism that Iqbal was raising his voice against.

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