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Bernie Sanders is not Fighting the Good Fight [Quote – 994]

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In South and North Carolina, Bernie Sanders should have hit the Black Question out of the Park. He did not. He should have thundered mightily about all the Injustices the Blacks have suffered over the past 400 years. And that they continue to suffer to this day.

For the Black People in America, it is not just Medicare for All. It is the Basic Issue of Life and Liberty.

Bernie came out glaringly lacking.

In Virginia, Sanders should have addressed black issues, and also suburban issues, vigorously and imaginatively. He did not.

Old People Issues are critical for this country. With the virus going around, he has a great opportunity. Can he come out swinging on that one in his next debate?

I am not sure.

Trump dropped the ball on Coronavirus. Can Sanders hold him to account? And can he link that failure on the part of the Administration directly to Old People, and to the rest of America, young and old alike?

I doubt it. 

Sanders is a great man. I am almost tempted to say, God Bless Him. But American Presidential Campaigns are not about being a Noble Warrior. They are about Winning, pure and simple. They are about Going for the Jugular.

And Sanders simply does not seem to have that Killer Instinct in him.

I am a Campaign Specialist. I know what I am talking about.

Can I expect Sanders to say in the Sunday debate something like:

I am fighting for all of you. 
I am fighting for Blacks and Whites. 
For Old and Young. 
For Men and Women. 
For the Sick and the Healthy. 
And for the Elderly and the Infirm as well as for those in the Prime of their Life.

I am fighting for the future of All of You. I am fighting for America.

Help me Win, So, I can continue to fight for you, and make You win!

And make America come out a Winner!

I wish I could stoke my hope. But I tread warily. 

For, Bernie, it seem to me, would rather be a Noble Loser, as someone put in, than be a ruthless and vicious winner.




March 14, 2020 | 27 reads
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