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Battling the Nafs:
A Million Encounters and Skirmishes [Quote – 1082]

Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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Battling the Nafs:
A Million Encounters and Skirmishes

Continuing to Create New Literature for New Times!
One Single Concept at a Time!

For most people, Battling Nafs is an Ongoing War.

And a War is a Multiplicity of who knows how many Battles.

And a Battle is a Complex Construct made of who knows how many encounters, attacks, counterattacks, raids, deceptions, infiltrations, outcomes.

And Trojan Horses.

And Casualties.

For our Battle against Nafs to be credible, and have any appreciable chance of success, we must first identify the EnemyWhat aspect, or manifestation, or symptom of our Nafs, are we going to go into battle against?

Which one of the Seven Deadly Sins, for example, are we going to target -- first?

And which one next?

How carefully did we study the fairly long list which was posted on IslamicSolutions.Com?

And the list Ibn al-Qayyim wrote so clearly and eloquently about?

And did we ever sit down and study the Enemy. Who he is? 

Did we identify and name the Enemy?

And how seriously did we analyze and study and understand his strategy: Where and How and When he launches his attacks on us.

Using what specific Weapons of War?

And who may be his open and secret allies.

So, People, that is where and how the Battle against Nafs begins.

a) Identify the Enemy.

b) Study his Strategy and Tactics.

c) Identify your own Defensive Strategies and Tactics.

d) Monitor every maneuver, every skirmish, every encounter, and every battle.

Otherwise, you will be like a child standing in front of an oncoming Battle Tank. The results will be exactly what we see all around us.

Mangled and crushed bodies of people who Wish and Want and Claim to Be Muslims. And end up being who knows what?

Hadith calls them Ghuthaa-un Ka-Ghuthaa-is-Sayili.

Debris washed away by raging flood waters.




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