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[Audio] Dr. Pasha at Quran Camp 14 – Sept 19 2010

DR.PASHA | Section Qur'an Camp, Qur'an (Audio Programs) | 414 reads

Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.  – Sept 19, 2010 (Qur’an Camp 14)

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Session 1


Session 2


Featured index:

  • Every word you say is part of the Dhikr of Allah,  so is every thought you think.
  • Miracle of Wudu. Miracle of Tayammum. A miracle in our hands.
  • Essence of Niyyat, let Allah in and let two things out (1) shaytan and (2) the self.
  • Shaytaan is the default.
  • Just one wudu done right, should clean you from inside and outside,
  • Wudu done right should clean you from shirk, riya (showing off).  Clean body and mind spirit and soul.
  • Shaytaan talks to you through you.
  • Second guessing leadership.
  • The feedback loop, losing the barakah.
  • Commitment to the Qur’an: Taking the Qur’an to every home and heart, working with the leadership and jamaat.
  • World day of God – theory and methodology.
  • Dhikr session


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It is education at its best -- for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

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