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According to the Qur’an:
Knowledge Is a Key Requirement for Power [Quote – 766]

Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World

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What are the key concomitants and requirements to power in this world? Answers could be many. 

Some theoretical. Some empirical -- based on an analysis of historical data.

For much of the world, it is wealth. That is how the world generally looks at wealth and power. They go hand in hand.

Even today, November 2016, Wall Street and its Big Money hold Big Power

And the Big Media are a part of that equation. Five mega-media conglomerations controlling roughly 90 percent of what over 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) people around the world see and hear on a daily basis.

Thirty-two-year old Mark Zuckerberg (Big Money Estimate: over $50 billion) has more people visiting his Facebook than there are human beings on this planet!

And Big Money in all its forms and variations exercises enormous power and leverage on the lives of the American People and the people throughout the rest of the world.

But according to the Qur’an, the key qualification of leadership is something different. It is Ilm -- knowledge, understanding.

Earlier people, the Jews if you want to call them that, Jews after Moses, Alaihis Salaam, had trouble accepting the man God appointed as their leader: Because the man did not have Big Money.

Let us follow the story in the Qur’an:

Wa Qaala Lahum Nabiyyu-Hum.

“And their Nabiyy -- prophet -- told them.”

Innallaaha Qad Ba’atha Lakum TalootaMalikaa.

“Allah has appointed this man Taaloot your leader.”

Qaaloo Annaa Yakoonu Lahul Mulku ‘Alainaa? 

“They said how can he be our leader?”

Wa Nahnu Ahaqqu Bil Mulki Minhu?

“When we are more deserving of leadership than him?”

“Wa Lam Yu’ta Sa’atam Minal Maali?” 

“And the man doesn’t even have enough money?

Qaala Innallahas-tafaahu ‘Alaikum, 

“Allah said the fact is God has chosen him over the rest of you.”

Wa-zaadahu Bastatan Fil ‘Ilmi …

“And God has granted him vast knowledge and understanding.”


Qur’an, all you people out there?




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