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To Our Visitors, A Most Cordial
and Grateful Welcome!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

We Are Honored You Are Visiting

Islam is nothing if not a lesson – and a drill – in good manners.

And honoring one’s guest is part of the defining attributes of Islam.

So, while you are our guest at WWW.IslamicSolutions.Com, we want you to know how honored and wonderful we feel that you are visiting us.

Age, Race, Gender Mean Nothing to Us

We do not ask whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim; friend or foe; man or woman; rich or poor; black or white; from the East or from the West – or anything else of that kind.

All those bins and categories in which human beings have cabined and cribbed themselves, as Shakespeare would say, mean practically nothing to us.

We take you for who you are – a visitor and a guest from God Almighty to our, as they say, humble abode – and we bid you a hearty welcome. Make no mistake: You honor us by your visit.

You Come Bearing Gifts

And you come bearing gifts – the priceless gifts of the manifold blessings of your maker and master, God Almighty. How can we not be grateful to you?

We are grateful to you for taking the time from your busy and important schedule to make us a part of your life.

So, walk in, make yourself comfortable, relax and read away – partaking, as one of our friends, Allah bless him, would say, of whatever modest fare we have been fortunate enough to prepare for you.

Listen to Pasha Hour International

Oh, yes, also, while you are at it, listen to some of what may be out there – whether it is part of the archive of Pasha Hour International: Live From America! A Program about Islam, Muslims and the World!

Or whether it is part of a Qur’an Program, or an old speech somewhere, or a poetry session from as many languages as God makes accessible to us, or something else.

We Are Nothing, We Have Nothing

And as you do all this, please bear in mind, we are nothing; we have nothing; and we seek nothing, except maybe, very respectfully, to whisper a word or two of God’s word in your ear.

And use that as a means of turning this world of God into a better place to live for all of God’s creation: Muslim and non-Muslim; human and non-human.

And Yet, We Offer You the World

And yet, we offer you the world. Not just this world, but also the next world.

We bring to you the Qur’an, and the divine formula that the Qur’an embodies to make this world a better place for all of God’s people, irrespective of whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims; Black or White; rich or poor; male or female.

And – make no mistake about it – whether they belong to the animal and plant kingdoms or to the human species.

And, at the same time, we also offer you success and glory in the next world – in life after death. For, what use is this world – wonderful, sweet and thrilling as it may be – if it will end in a life of never-ending anguish in the next world?

We Give You Salaam – the Greeting of Paradise

If nothing else, right here in this world, we give you Salaam – the Greeting of Paradise.

You may be used to people wishing you Good Evening, Good Morning, Good Day or Good Night. But we wish you the best and finest each and every milli- and nanosecond of your life – day or night – when we give you Salaam.

But Salaam is more than a greeting. It is also a prayer and a blessing, all at the same time. It is a remedy for what ails our world today.

But that is not all. There is much, much more where this came from. We will be happy to talk to you about it when you are ready.

The market offers you something better, you say? Go get it, we say to you most respectfully, and never look back. Hurry, we say, lest someone else walk away with it, leaving you behind.

Point Out Our Errors to Us

We are full of holes and limitations and shortcomings – and quite likely errors of all kinds. For, as they say: It is human to err.

And it is also a reflection, to a significant degree, of our lack of resources to be able to do what we do.

So, do not hesitate to point out our errors to us. We will do our best to correct them to the extent we can or need to.

Tell Others to Visit Us

And also, while you are at it, and if you will, tell others about www.IslamicSolutions.Com. Ask them to pay us a visit.

Tell them we cannot wait to welcome them.

And tell them about Pasha Hour International: Live From America!A Program about Islam, Muslims and the World.

Tell them to stop by and take a peek at some of what we do.

Truth, Justice and Service: Say a Prayer for Us

And also, if you are the believing and praying kind, and even if you are not, do say a prayer for us: Ask God to keep us – and you – on the straight path: his path.

Ask him to keep us – and you – firmly on the path of truth and justice and service, which is his path and the path of all the prophets and of all good people in all times, places and cultures.

For, truth, justice and service – and prayer – are the signposts on human beings’ journey to God. They are home to humanity, regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender or social status.

That, we hope – and pray – is the little abode we have tried to set up at www.IslamicSolutions.Com. And in everything else that is part of our work.

Many Things Are Wrought by Prayer

While it will be wonderful to have all kinds of worldly resources to do better what we have undertaken to do with nothing but love of God and his creation in our heart, your prayers and good wishes mean a lot to us.

As Tennyson said – I think that is who said it – many things are wrought by prayer.

Who knows, maybe through your prayers, God will open for us the doors of his largesse and bounty, which we can then use to further improve the quality and scope of our work.

Help and Support Us

And if there is any way you can help and support us to move this work forward, and to advance it further than we have taken it thus far, help us in doing it.

Support us. And be a part of our effort to take the message of truth, justice and service to every home and heart that needs it – and which one does not.

We Love You: Welcome Home!

Again, welcome home to truth, justice and service – and to www.IslamicSolutions.Com. And to Pasha Hour International: Live From America!

Enjoy your visit and do forgive us our shortcomings and any hurt or offense that anything we have said or done here may cause you.

We love you, even though we haven’t a clue who you are. But we love you, nevertheless, because of where you come from: from God Almighty.

We love you, such as we are and such as you are, in the name of your master and maker, and our master and maker, God Almighty!

Dr. Pasha

Read the Qur’an Campaign Committee

July 15, 2010