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A “Muslim” Did It?
But Then What Did the Other Muslims Do?

DR.PASHA | April 02, 2017 | Section: Articles | 202 reads

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Is This Press Report True or False?

The lines below are what I read this morning in one of India’s more respectable English dailies – again, Indian journalism being what it is.

Having read these lines, my simple question to India’s Muslims is whether this story is true, and if it is, then what are they doing about it?

And if the story, on the other hand, is malicious and fraudulent, then how are they planning to deal with it.

For, these stories in the press, true or false, have profound consequences for both the Muslims of India as well as the Indians in general.

And they have serious implications for Muslims around the world, even though world Muslims may be caught up in their many silly, foolish or perverse pursuits to pay any attention to them or to react to them in a truly effective and meaningful way.

And ignoring or downplaying these stories, whether they are true or false, can only be done at one’s own peril.

And, as anyone with eyes can see, “peril” is what defines the condition of Muslims around the world today.

The Fatal Lines from the Press I Read This Morning

Here are the fatal lines from a leading English daily newspaper that I read this morning:

“A 22-year-old woman was gang-raped by a group of four men in Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district on Thursday night.


The victim’s friend managed to record the number of the motorcycle on the basis of which the police traced and arrested (a very much Muslim sounding name).


Some Questions Muslims of India Must Answer

Here now are some questions Muslims of India must urgently answer, especially the leadership-type among them. And it does not matter a bandicoot’s brain whether that leadership is so-called religious or so-called secular.

Questions Muslims of India must urgently answer:

Is this Sheikh fellow one of your own or not?

If he is, what are you planning to do about him – and all the others like him that may be around?

Have you started a mission to identify the deviants and perverts among Muslim youth?

Have you thought of starting any campaigns to educate, train and reform them?

Have you launched any mass movements highlighting the seriousness of the crime of rape and gang-rape within the circles of your own community or even outside it?

Is rape and gang-rape one of the topics your Imams bring up in Jum’ah Khutbah?

Do you have any counseling missions and projects in place to help disturbed young Muslim men and stopping them from committing crimes of this nature – or any other crimes in general?

Have you taken steps to organize Muslim youth in every city and community into a Rape and Gang-Rape Prevention Citizen Militia of some sort?

Not the End, Just the Beginning

No, this is not the end of my questions to the Muslims of India, but only the beginning.

And the same questions I address to Muslims around the world and say to them:

While you rightly shed copious tears for the pain Muslims are so wrongfully suffering around the world, what steps are you taking to address any of the wrongs Muslims themselves may be guilty of, whether it is in India or elsewhere?

A Distant Cry Called Khair Ummat

Muslims of India – and the world!

God made you the Best People. And he did so for the following reasons:

  1. While everyone else’s main concern always was and predominantly remains themselves, your main concern was supposed to be the wellbeing of the world – the entire world, Muslim and non-Muslim.

    You are a People Ukhrijat Linnaas – created or raised up for the sake of People – all people; other people; and not just for yourselves.

    You are supposed to be continually concerned with and working for the betterment of the lives and destinies of every man and woman – Hindu, Christian, Muslim and all others – around you.

    That is why God called you the Best People. Because you work for the People of the World all the time.

    And now you are acting as the Worst People, because you are raping the same women whose honor and safety you were charged to protect with your own lives if necessary?

    And there is not a single decent and powerful voice among you being raised against this atrocity – this Zulm – that you are committing against your own mothers and sisters and daughters, regardless of whether they are Hindu, Muslim or Christian?

    As the Qur’an puts it:

    A-Laisa Minkum Rajulun Rasheed?

    “Isn’t there a single decent human being among you?”

Loving Muslims of India

Muslims of India! I love you. Not a question about it. Just as much as I love everyone everywhere – Muslim or non-Muslim.

But loving someone to me means stopping them from being run over by a bus. And Muslim youth whose names appear in the media in association with rape acts are throwing themselves in the path of a Shatabdi Express.

Anyone who loves them must stop them.

From Condemnation and Punishment to Reform and Education

But the story needs to move beyond mere condemnation of the acts of rape and gang-rape which dot the Indian landscape like pockmarks, no matter how absolute and unconditional these condemnation may be of these most heinous and barbaric crimes.

And the story needs to move beyond the swift arrest, prosecution and punishment of the guilty.

It needs to move to a most immediate, urgent and massive movement of education and reform throughout the length and breadth of India.

A movement in which both Hindus and Muslims need to lock hands and march forward for a common and most noble purpose:

Saving the lives and honor of our mothers,
daughters and sisters.

The crying need of the hour, as they would say in India, is to press into service all moral, legal, educational, social, religious and secular means and methods to transform the entire Indian society from one in which rapes and gang-rapes are almost a daily occurrence to one that has Zero Tolerance for Rape, whether the perpetrators and victims are Muslim or non-Muslim, high- or so-called low-cast.

Muslims and Those Who Love India

For those who love India, there is no better or nobler course of action. Or a more patriotic and “nationalistic” one if you ask me.

My simple challenge to them is this:

Love India?
Save India from Rape and Gang-Rape!

And it does not matter who the perpetrator is, and it does not matter who the victim is.

As for Muslims, their situation is much more stark – even critical I should say. For, the very reason God created them is to save India – and the world – from the scourge of Rape and Gang-Rape.

Among all the other things that God raised them up for, depending on which part of the world he situated them and when.

This is the most sacred and urgent mission of the Muslims of India – and of the world.

And if the Muslims of India – and the world – turn their back on this most sacred Call of Their Destiny, they will answer for it – both in this world and the next world.

It is that clear.

And it is that simple.





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