A Leader of This Work Reacts to Dr. Pasha's Health Industry Article [Quote - 829]

Professor Kalamazad Mohammed reacted in an e-mail to Dr. Pasha's recent article on American Health Industry. Below is a paraphrase of his reaction:

I gave Dr. Pasha's Health Industry article a quick read. My reaction is something like this:

Muslims came!
Muslims saw!
Muslims joined in!

And those Muslims from whom it was expected that they would know better, and therefore would help to correct the situation, decided to make themselves ''holy" instead and became priests and pundits and shaikhs and Imams.

As Dr. Pasha pointed out in a piece titled Commitment to La ilaha illa Allah, "those Working for Allah should train themselves to define their life and identity by this work, Allah's Work, not define this work -- Allah's Work -- by their situations in life and the complications and needs that life unleashes upon them, both good and otherwise."

But, speaking generally, it seems to me Muslims are still at the point of fitting "Working for Allah" into the convenience and requirements of their own personal lives, instead of fitting their lives in and around "Working for Allah."

This is yet another concept about Islam that Muslims seem to be having trouble fully understanding. As a result, it becomes a moot question to what extent Muslims will be able to share this concept with non-Muslims as they are supposed to.

Where is the surprise, then, if Muslims are generally unable to meet their obligation of "Taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it?"