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A Du’a for One of Our Khatm Al-Qur’an

DR.PASHA | December 16, 2011 | Section: Articles | 3951 reads

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Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem!

A Du’a for One of Our
Khatm Al-Qur’an

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)


First made at the start of Trinidad & Tobago National Qur’an Literacy Camp (TTNQLC)

June-July 2007

Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, tells us that Du’a that is made after reading the Qur’an is accepted.



Ya Allah!

Ya Rahmaan!

Ya Raheem!

Ya Hayy!

Ya Qwayyoom!

Ya Dhal Jalaali wal Ikraam!

Ya Dhat-Tauli wal In’aam!

Laa Ilaaha Illaa Anta!


Innee Kuntu Minaz-Zwaalimeen!

We have come forward to shoulder this mountainous burden of inviting your people – ‘Ibadullah – to your noble and glorious book – Kitabullah.

Where possible, in one of your blessed houses: Fee Baiytin Min Buyootillah.

We have embarked upon this mission of taking your most glorious Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it, Ya Allah!

And which one does not?

We have neither the knowledge, nor the experience; neither the strength, nor the wisdom, nor the courage; nor the means, nor the resources required for this work.

Nor do we have the skills, nor the abilities to fulfill this momentous responsibility, which even the mountains would not shoulder.

As you said in your book: Fa-Abaiyna Anyyahmilnahaa wa Ashfaqna Minhaa!

Ya Akramal Akrameen!

We are few in number.

We are weak in every way.

We are in need of support and resources.

We are fearful and full of doubt and anxiety.

But you called us and we came – because you guided us to come.

You said who will take my book to my slaves and we said “We will, Ya Allah, we will, if you will help us and show us how.”

And you did.

So, here we are Ya Allah!

Ya Kareem!

Men, women and children.

Saying “Labbaik” to your call.

Just like those blessed souls in Makkah who said “Labbaik” to the call of your beloved Nabi, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And we are here for one and only one reason, Ya Allah!

We are here because we love you, Ya Allah!

And we beg you to make it so, Ya Allah!

And we beg you to show us how to love and fear you, Ya Allah!

We said “Yes!” to your call because you guided us to say so; because you gave us the Tawufeeque to do so.

We did it relying, not on ourselves, but on your boundless and ever-flowing Rahmat, Ya Allah!

So, Ya Rabbal ‘Aalameen!

Ya Arhamar Raahimeen!

Ya Akramal Akrameen!

Ya Ahsanal Khwaaliqeen!

Ya Maaliki Yaumiddeen!

Ya Mujeeba Da’watil Mudtwarreen!

Ya Saa’mi-‘a Nidaa-al Makroobeen!

Ya Khairan-Nwaasireen!

Ya Liwaadhal Laajeeni.

Ya Jaaral Mustajeereen!

Ya Amaanal Khaa-yifeen!

Ya Malja-a Mal-Laa Malja-a Lah!

Ya Ma’waa Mal-Laisa Lahoo Ma’wa!

Ya Allah!

Bless us with your choicest blessings.

And bless, Ya Allah, our families.

And our friends.

And our relatives.

And our dependents.

And bless all those who come forward to support and help us sincerely, and to work with us faithfully and loyally, Ya Allah.

And shower upon us your finest Barakaat.

And your finest Khairaat.

And your finest Tahiyyaat.

And your finest Swalawaat.

And your most blessed Tharawaat.

And your choicest Hasanaat.

And your fullest Ni’amaat.

And your finest Tasleemaat.

Ya Allah!

Ya Wahhaab!

Ya Jawaad!

Ya Kareem!

Ya Latweef!

Ya Wadood!

Ya Hannaan!

Ya Mannaan!

Ya Dhal Joodi Wal-Ikraam!

Ya Swaahibal Manni Wal Karami Wal ‘Ataa-i Wal Ihsaan!

Bless us all, with health.

And with Deen.

And with Iman.

And with Your Noor.

And with life.

And with wealth and resources that we need for the service of your Deen.

And for taking your most beautiful Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it, Ya Allah, and which one does not?

Wealth and resources that will free us from dependence on others.

Often those Man Laa Yakhwaafuka wa Laa Yarhamunaa.

Right here in our beloved Trinidad and Tobago.

And throughout the world.

Bless us, Ya Allah, with Barakat in our time.

And in our energies.

And in our resources.

And in our arrangements.

And in those who help and support us.

And bless us, Ya Allah, with complete safety and security in our bodies.

In our resources.

In our properties.

In our homes.

In our vehicles.

In our roads.

In our schools.

In our businesses.

In our workplaces.

In our communities and neighborhoods.

And in our societies.

And in everything else associated with our life and work and play in this world, Ya Allah!

And protect us all, Ya Hafeez!

Ya Raqweeb!

Ya Mu’min!

Ya Muhaimin!

Ya Jabbaar!

Ya Mutakabbir!

Ya ‘Aliyyu!

Ya Jaleel!

Ya Qawiyyu!

Ya Mateen!

Ya Sattaar!

Protect us, Ya Allah, from all harm.

And from all evil.

And from all adversity.

And protect us, Ya Allah!

From the evil of all Shayaateen of Jinn and Ins.

The way you said you will protect your Dhikr, Ya Allah!

Ya Allah!

Ya Haadi!

Ya Qwaabid!

Ya Baasit!

Ya Allah, protect us from the front and from the back,

And from the right and from the left,

And from above and from below,

And from being ambushed from beneath us, Ya Allah!

Ya Allah, hold our hand.

Show us the way.

Direct our steps.

And be our guide.

And our light.

And our companion.

And our Waliyy,

And our Mawulaa,

And our Nasweer,

And our Naaswir,

And our Wakeel,

As you cause us.

And move us.

Out of your Lutf.

And your Rahmat.

To journey on your straight path.

Ya Allah!

Ya Allah!

Ya Rahmaan!

Ya Raheem!

Make our work with your book easy for us, Ya Allah!

As you told us in your blessed book.

That you have made the Qur’an easy.

Wa Laqad Yassarnal Qur’ana Lidh-dhikr, you said, Ya Allah!

And we believed you, Ya Allah!

You said that many times, Ya Allah!

But we believed you the first time you said it, Ya Allah!

And the last time you said it, Ya Allah!

And every time you said it, Ya Allah!

For, all your Qawul is Haqq!

And all your Kalaam is Sidq!

And where will we go for truth if not to you?

Wa Man Asdaqu Minallahi Qweelaa?

And then you called out, Ya Allah!

You said: Fa-Hal Mim-Muddakir.

You said: Is there anyone around who will pay attention?

You said: Is anyone listening?

And we responded.

And we said: Labbaika! Allahuhumma Labbaika!

And we said: Tadhakkarnaa, Ya Allah!

And we said: Iddakarnaa, Ya Allah!

And we said: Haa Nahnu Minal Muddakireen, Yaa Rabbanaa!

And we said: Allahummaj’alnaa Minal Muddakireen, Yaa Maalikal Mulki!

Yaa Rabbas Samaawaati Wal Ard!

And we said: Sami’anaa Wa Ataw’anaa, Ya Allah!

And we said, Of course, Ya Allah, here we are!

At your service and command, Ya Allah!

At your beck and call, Ya Allah!

So, Ya Allah, make our entire life easy for us, Ya Allah!

The way you made your Qur’an easy, Ya Allah!

With the Barakat of our association with this work.

And with your book.

The most noble and glorious Al-Qur’an.

Full of light and wisdom!

And make our work with your book fun and useful and profitable for us.

And for the whole world, Ya Allah!

And make our entire life fun and useful and profitable for us.

And for all those associated with us in this effort, Ya Allah!

And for the whole world, Ya Allah!

With the Barakat of our association with this work, Ya Allah!

And with your book.

As you taught us in the Qur’an to ask you, Ya Allah!

Ya Allah!

Ya Qawiyyu!

Ya Qwaadir!

Ya Qwadeer!

Ya Muqtadir!

Help us and grant us success.

Ya Allah!

Ya Fattaah!

Ya Naaswir!

Ya Nasweer!

Ya Maulaa!

Ya Kareem!

Ya Qareeb!

Ya Mujeeb!

Open our hearts.

And our minds.

And our souls.

And our bodies.

And our spouses.

And our children.

And our families.

And our homes.

And our workplaces.

And our communities and neighborhoods.

And our societies.

For your book, Ya Allah!

Ya Allah!

Ya Fattaah!

Open the hearts and minds and souls and bodies of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

And of the people of the Caribbean.

And of the people of the Western Hemisphere.

And of the people of the West.

And of all your other people and slaves in whichever part of the world they may be, Ya Allah!

Ya Fattaah!

Ya Muqallibal Quloob!

Open their hearts.

And their minds.

And their bodies.

And their souls.

And their homes.

And their workplaces.

For your work.

And for your book.

Ya, Allah!

So that they will flock to the Qur’an in droves.

And Ya Allah!

Open and cleanse and purify.

The hearts and minds.

Motives and intentions.

Plans and actions.

Of our beloved brothers and sisters in ASJA.

And in all other Muslim organizations.

And associations.

And communities.

And Jama’ats.

In Trinidad and elsewhere.

Throughout the world.

In every part and corner the globe.

And make them all come to your Qur’an.

Ya, Allah!

In complete surrender and submission.

With complete humility.

And openness.

And purity of heart, Ya Allah!

Ya Allah, purify our hearts.

And our minds.

And our souls.

And our bodies.

And our motives and intentions.

And our homes and workplaces.

And our communities and societies.

Ya Allah!

Cleanse and purify our Zwaahir, Ya Allah!

And our ‘Alaaiyah, Ya Allah!

And our Baatin, Ya Allah!

And make our Saraa-ir better, Ya Allah!

And make all our work, and all our efforts, purely and completely for your love and pleasure, Ya Allah!

Make it all Khwaalisatal Li-Wajhikal Karim, Ya Allah!

Alladhee Ashraqat Lahus-Samaawaatu Wal-Ard.

Ya, Nooras-Samaawaati Wal-Ard!

Ya Man Ashraqatil Ardu Bi-Noori Rabbihaa!

And forgive our weaknesses, Ya Allah!

And our failures.

And our shortcomings.

And our oversights.

And our mistakes and errors, Ya Allah!

And turn them all into strength, and success, and joy, and blessing and Hasanaat for all of us, Ya Allah!

And for all your Khalq, Ya Allah!

Ya Ghafoor!

Ya Ghaffaar!

Ya Tabaarakallahu Rabbul ‘Aalameen!

Ya Tabaarakallahu Ahsanul Khaaliqeen!

Ya Tabaarakal-Ladhee Lahoo Mulkus-Samaawaati Wal Ardi Wa Maa Bainahumaa!

Ya Tabaaraka Mam-Biyadihil Mulku Wa Huwa ‘Alaa Kulli Shaiy-in Qwadeer!

Ya Qwaa-ila “Ud’ooni Astajib Lakum!”

Ya Man Qwauluhu “Fadhkurooni Adhkurkum!”

Haa Nahnu Nad’ooka!

Wa Haa Nahnu Nunaadeeka!

Wa Haa Nahnu Nadhkuruka.

Wa Haa Nahnu Natadwarra’u Wa Nabtahilu Ilaika.

Wa Haa Nahnu Nabtadhilu Amaamaka.

Fa-Taqwabbal Minnaa.

Wastajib Lanaa.


Wamnun ‘Alainaa.

Wa’fu ‘Annaa.

Waghfir Lanaa.



Anta Maulaanaa.

Wa ‘Aafinaa.



Wa Waffiqnaa Limaa Tuhibbu Wa Tardaa.

Wa Khudh Bi-Nawaasweena Ilaa Deenika.

Wa Ilaa Kitaabikal Kareem.

Wa Ilaa Twaa’atika.

Wa Ilam-tithaali Awaamirika.

Wa Ilaj-tinaabi Manaaheeka.

And shower, Ya Allah!

Your choicest blessings, and your finest Swalawaat.

And your most beautiful Tahiyyaat.

And your most complete Tasleemaat and Barakaat

On our beloved Rasul, Sayyidinaa Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

And on all Anbiyaa’.

And Mursaleen.

And Sahaabah.

And Tabi’een.

And Auliyaa’.

And Swaaliheen.

And Shuhadaa’.

And Swiddiqeen!

And upon all his noble Ahlul Bait and his Dhurriyyat, At-Twaahireen Al-Mutwahhareen, Ya Allah!

And upon his Azwaaj, Ummahaatil Mu’mineen, Ya Allah!

And upon our parents, and relatives, and ancestors who departed this world with Iman, Ya Allah.

And upon our teachers, Ya Allah.

And upon all those who help and support and promote your Qur’an in this world in any way, Ya Allah!


Birahmatika, Ya Arhamar Raahimeen.

Walhamdu Lillahi Rabbil ‘Aalameen.

Wassalaatu Wassalaamu Ala Ashrafil Anbiyaa-i Wal-Mursaleen.

Rahmatil lil-‘aalameen.

Sayyidil Ghurril Muhajjaleen.

Haamili Liwaa-il Hamdi Bi-Yaumiddeen.

Maulaanaa, Maulath-Thaqalain.

Sayyidil Kawunain.

Nabiyyil Haramain.

Imaamil Qwiblatain.

Waseelatinaa Fid-Daarain.

Swaahibi Qwaaba Qwawusain.

Mahboobi Rabbil Mashriqwaini Wal Maghribain.

Jaddil Hasani Wal Husain.

Abil Qwaasim.

Muhammadibni Abdillah.

Sayyidil ‘Arabi wal Ajam.

Wa ‘ala Aalihi wa Sah-bihi Ajma’een.

Wa Alaa Man Tabi’ahum Bi-Ihsaanin Ilaa Yaumiddeen.

Birahmatika Ya Arhamar-Raahimeen.



(Document Revised: 14 February, 2012)




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