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Archive for September, 2003

[Audio] Dr. Pasha’s All-Day Islamic Camp and Community Clean-up

Sep 6, 2003 | Section: Articles | 480 reads

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Oldham, 2003 [Read more]

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Islam Is to Carry Humanity’s Burdens on Your Shoulders [Quote – 02]

Sep 6, 2003 | Section: Articles | 412 reads

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“Be responsible for everyone and everything – from the nearest to the farthest neighbour. And all humanity is your neighbours. From the closest relative to the one who is a total stranger and only related to you through the common drop of Adam’s blood. For, that is what humanity is: your blood family.

Learn to care for them; learn to be accountable for them and to them; work for them; sacrifice and suffer for them. Learn to treat all universe as one integrated unit. You will then know what it is to be a Muslim. For, that is what Islam is all about! And you will then be on the verge of knowing God, your creator.” (Dr. Pasha)

Taken from: Dr. Pasha’s All-Day Islamic Camp and Community Clean-up at Oldham 2003

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Oldham Clean-up Response

Sep 6, 2003 | Section: Articles | 794 reads

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“Your leadership and clear example to others will, I am sure, have struck a chord with local residents and visitors ….
… we are grateful for your interest and involvement and hope that you will visit us again when you are in our country.
…You have rung a bell that is sounding through Oldham and that must be answered!!!”
Peter Rafferty
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council [Read more]

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