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World Day of God 2010/1431

DR.PASHA | October 10, 2010 | Section: Articles | 226 reads

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“Believers of the World Unite!”

Hot on the Heels of World Day of Fasting,

Dr. Pasha Issues Call for World Day of God!


Hajj 2010/Eidul Adha 1431

Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

Dr. Pasha


World Day of God

Believers of the world unite!

Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims and others! Let all of us unite to do something together: something all of which is good and none of which is bad.

Let us all come together to jointly celebrate the World Day of God 2010 on this Eidul Adha, 1431.

That will coincide with Hajj 2010.

And that, I think, is Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

For, that is the right thing to do.

For, that is the spirit of the Qur’an, which is God’s own immortal word in this world – in our mortal hands.

That is right! World Day of God!

On Tuesday, November 16, 2010: Eidul Adha, 1431.

Jews and Christians Say They Believe in God

Let me explain why and how.

Perhaps – all I am saying is perhaps, nothing more. Perhaps, there is nothing more common or more popular in this entire world than belief in God – One God.

That is to say: God the Almighty; God the Creator; God the Maker and Master of the World.

And God the One Who Gives and Takes Away Life.

And, ultimately, God the one and only!

Jews say they believe in God – One God.

And they have said that forever. And, if you ask me, they have paid quite dearly for saying it.

Christians claim they believe in God – One God. And it doesn’t matter how they come to that point.

Over and above all things, they say, Christians I mean, that is their core belief: One God.

I say, let us take the Christians on their word.

Hindus Say: Aikam Sat!

Hindus argue they too, in their own way, believe in God – One God.

No matter how many other smaller gods they may appear to pay homage to.

And no matter how many different temples they may have set up for each one of them.

For, they say: Truth Is One.

Aikam Sat, they say.

Over and above all these idols, images, statues and deities there is a God, they say: One God.

God of gods, they say: God the Almighty!

The one and only supreme God of all, they say, and they say they refer to him by different names such as Paramatma.

And Isvara.

And Brahman.

And Bhagavan.

And all those different names, they say, mean one and the same thing: God the Almighty!

God the Supreme!

God the One!

And by that we mean, they say, the one and only God that is over and above everything and everyone else.

Aikam Sat, they say.

And that means: “Truth Is One.”

And I say: Let us take the Hindus on their word too.

We are not going to lose this one without a mighty fight: the fight to proclaim that God is one.

And unite humanity on that noble basis, if we can.

We will take from everyone what each can give and then build on it.

If the Hindus say that is what they mean, we are going to take them on their word.

And we are going to proclaim to the whole world that that is what they mean.

And go from there.

Muslims Say They Too Believe in God

Now, here is what I say: Let us take all these people on their word. No matter how they couch, phrase and articulate that word.

Hindus, Jews, Christians, all.

If they all say it is God they believe in, let us all say: Okay, it is God you believe in.

Period! End of discussion.

Who are we to question the veracity of their belief?

And let us proceed from there.

Now, I should think, that is well over 2,000,000,000 (Two Billion) human beings you are looking at, don’t you think so?

And that is close to nearly a third of the human race.

And they all seem to be saying one thing: God Is One.

That is, one way or another they all seem to suggest that they believe in God – one God. Although, we must admit, they seem to be saying it in several different ways.

Some seem to say it loudly, clearly and without any ambiguity whatsoever: There is no God but God.

And they say it in the original Arabic language of the Qur’an – the language and words of God: Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allah!

Those are the Muslims.

Right behind the Muslims come the Jews. But as a matter of historical truth, in chronological order, the Jews come before the Muslims – way before the Muslims.

In fact, the Jews come even before the Christians.

So, we have got to give Jews the credit and honor of historical precedence. And let them fight it out with the Hindus which one of them came first and who came second.

And now let us add to this mix of believers of the Jewish, Hindu and Christian variety, the world’s 1,500,000,000 Muslims.

Because Muslims too claim they believe in God – One God.

And they too, just like the Jews, take quite a bit of pride in their clear-cut, strong and unyielding Monotheism – belief in One God.

Half of Humanity Believes in God

So, here it is: Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians, all believe in God.

At least so they all say.

And let us take all of them on face value and do some crude head counting.

Now then, at the end of all this tallying and analysis, what do you have?

You probably have well over one-half of the entire population of the world – 50 percent of the entire human race. And that is, I am quite confident, not a soul less than 3.5 billion people (3,500,000,000) spread in practically every corner of the world.

That is a pretty impressive tally, wouldn’t you say?

Every single one of them repeating, in one form or another, in one language or another, in every nook and cranny of this world, the same single slogan: We Believe in God.

That to me is the greatest and most spectacular wonder that this world has to offer.

That means you can pretty much close your eyes and declare God the winner of this contest, if there ever was a contest: More than half of humanity believes in him. And always has.

God Wins, Hands Down!

No contest.

God has won. Hands down, I must say.

And contrary to the lies some people concocted some years ago with book titles such as God Is Dead, all to sell some books and make some money, contrary to that perverse and evil assertion, God lives.

As he always has and will.

God is alive and well. For, he is God – al-Hayyul Qayyoom: ever-living, perfectly free from all dependencies, infirmities, needs and weaknesses.

For believers in God, I would say, that is not a bad handicap to start out with. Not a bad set of runs on the Big Board – all 3,500,000,000 of them – before you even showed up on the crease or the plate or held a bat in your hand or pretended to swing it.

Not bad: For all these believers in God, not a bad day at all.

Believing in God: What Does It Mean?

Let me now summarize what it is these folks are saying.

They all, mind you in one way or another, as the saying goes, believe God exists.

They believe he made them. They believe he made and owns and runs the world in which they live and operate.

They also believe everything they have was given to them by God, and when the time comes he shall take it all away from them.

So, in principle, they would all like to be on the right side of God – and keep him pleased.

I don’t think anyone would want to dispute any of what I have said thus far. I don’t think so, but who knows – people being people. So up to this point, let us say, we all agree. More or less.

But right at this point we may also say: Let the Fights Begin.

You can have two matches going at the same time – on two different courts if you are thinking of tennis. The Jews and the Muslims can fight it out which one of them is a better believer or a stronger Monotheist.

On the other court, Hindus and Christians can go after each other trying to establish who can get to God faster in the midst of all the icons and images they both have set up in such joyous abundance.

An Easy Way Out

But I have a simple test: a really easy way out. If you say you believe in God, you are a believer in God – period. That is it. That should end the debate.

There isn’t going to be any trial by fire here. Your word is good enough.

Also, there is something else that is important. How good or bad a believer you are. And, whether or not, your actions bear out your beliefs.

But at least for the time being, we must leave that stuff to be sorted out between you and your God.

So, given the fact that at least one half of the world believes in God, I say let us all join hands to celebrate a World Day of God.

That means I am calling on all the Jews, Christians, Hindus and Muslims of the world to jointly declare a common day of celebrating God Almighty – the Maker and Master of the World.

And let us do it on this coming Hajj day – which is celebrated as Eidul Adha all over the world on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

Hajj Unites Us All

Hajj, as well as Eidul Adha, is a celebration of Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael. They are all important Biblical Prophets.

And, guess what, they are all important not only to Jews and Christians, but also to Muslims. And that means every Muslim everywhere.

How is that as a basis – or an excuse if you wish – for a common cause or for some kind of a coming together or meeting of minds as they say?

So, none of them can say no, right?

As for the Hindus, they are some of the most accommodating people in the world when it comes to reaching across the aisle. So, they will be happy to oblige.

What to Do on World Day of God

Here is what I suggest we do on that day: On World Day of God.

  • Wake up in the morning – as much before sunrise as you can.
  • Brush and clean and wash up.
  • Shower and bathe as convenient.
  • Wear clean clothes.

You don’t have to, but if you want to put on a new shirt or tie, or wear a new jacket or a new pair of pants, or sport a new skirt or blouse or dress or anything else, just go for it.

Feel good about yourself and about what you are doing: Stepping out of yourself, as it were, to meet your God.

Don’t throw a lot of money getting anything new and expensive, but, hey, if you can afford it why not indulge within the limits of moderation.

And don’t forget, whether you are a Muslim or not, Islam came to teach us all moderation – in practically everything we do.

Find a Clean Place – and Concentrate

Once you are clean and once you have put on fresh, clean clothes, here is what you do:

  • Find a clean, quiet and peaceful place.
  • Sit or stand in that place for the next 20-30 minutes.

If you can do it before sunrise, that is great. If not, do it whenever you can.

Make sure there are no pictures, images, icons, idols and other such distractions where you are standing.

All the stuff the Bible says you should not have and should not bow down to.

Just a clean place, with a clean floor covering as you see fit – a sheet; a rug; a carpet.

Basically, any type of flooring including cement, tile, wood or something else will do so long as it is clean.

After that:

  • Start emptying your head and your heart of all bad things.
  • Things such as lust and greed;
  • Hate and hostility;
  • Anger and covetousness.
  • And try and keep all distractions and intrusions at bay.
  • And begin to concentrate.
  • Concentrate on the name of God: GOD ALMIGHTY!
  • The One and Only.
  • Concentrate on him, on his name.

Or concentrate on Allah if you prefer it in Arabic.



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