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Who Done It?

DR.PASHA | April 03, 2016 | Section: Articles | 789 reads

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Who Done It?

Dr. Pasha

Look at the mess the world is in and ask: Who Done It?

Who is responsible for this mess?

In this case, you can rest assured, it certainly is not the butler, even if the American Mystery Queen Mary Rinehard may insist it is.

It is also easy to blame the Devil, partly because you never hear back from him. He does not challenge you on anything — so long as you do his bidding.

The Devil is so smart he does not waste his resources protesting — one of the favorite pastimes of Muslims. At least used to be until a few years ago.

Now, the poor Muslims are too terrified — and just plain intimidated — to even protest, no matter who says or does what attacking and mocking and insulting them. 

Or attacking, mocking and insulting God, the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and Islam.

And  there is not a doubt that the Devil is a clear and present danger — a mortal enemy — to the entire human race, and not just to Muslims.

Allah makes it quite clear in the Qur’an.

Allah says:

Innash Shayitaana Lakum ‘Aduwwun,
Fattakhidhoohu ‘Aduwwaa!


“The Devil is your enemy. So treat him like an enemy.”

But Muslims need to look a bit closer to home.

Muslims must examine their own role in making a mess of God’s world and in turning human life on earth into anything but an unalloyed blessing and boon: for themselves; for non-Muslims; for all of Allah’s creation.

And Muslims did it in two ways.

One, by “Omission.” That is, by not doing what they should have been doing — and what they should start doing even now.

Two, by “Commission.” That is, by doing things they should NOT have been doing to begin with.

As for the list of what these two things are — Muslim Omissions and Commissions — it goes on. It is a pretty long list.

And guess what. It is not what a lot of Muslims think it is. Not entirely anyway.

The real list is a very different one from what most Muslims carry around in their pockets.

For, the real list includes, right somewhere at the top, such things as the following:

  1. Muslims not having the best educational systems in the world in their societies.
  2. Muslims not having freely, fairly and democratically elected governments.
  3. Muslims being slaves to kings, sundry dictators and landlords.
  4. Muslims turning Islam into business.
  5. Muslims using Islam as a currency for wealth, power, name and fame and as a mercenary career path.
  6. Muslims being in the Robe Pockets of all kinds of half-baked Mullas, some of them with questionable backgrounds, connections and motives.
  7. Muslims reducing Islam to “Religion.”
  8. Muslims running around claiming Islam is “A Peaceful Religion” — meaning: We are nice people; don’t blame us for anything.
  9. Muslims running after jazzy things like “Interfaith,” rather than adhering to the tried and true Divine Mission of being the Khair Ummah presenting Islam to everyone everywhere and inviting the whole world to Islam — and embracing, as part of that same Divine Mission, the timeless motto of Universal Justice and Selfless Service to Humanity.

And so on and so forth.

So, Who Done It, do you think?





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