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Time to Talk Shari’ah: A Biblical Judaeo-Christian Tradition

DR.PASHA | January 08, 2012 | Section: Articles | 671 reads

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Time to Talk Shari’ah:
A Biblical Judaeo-Christian Tradition

Dr. Pasha

Much water has flown down many a river in the so-called Middle East since a cowardly and spineless Ben Ali of Tunis stole the wealth of the Tunisian People and ran away to hide in a rent-free mansion in Jiddah nearly a year ago.

The expectation was he would do the needful: run tanks over the protestors and turn Tunis into a vast Golgotha, full of Muslim gore and crushed bones. Like the Algerian military and its foreign Colonial Masters had done in the 1990s with the innocent Algerian Muslim masses.

Instead, Ben Ali panicked and fled.

Protests and elections in Egypt followed, with Mubarak down and Muslims in the ascendant.

Libya saw the televised lynching of Qaddhafi and coming to the fore of an amalgam of Muslim groups.

The king in Morocco very quickly gave local Muslims some electoral sops and told them to go form a semi-toothless government of some kind.

The fact is nothing is really certain in the so-called Middle East, but the writing on the wall seems to be clear: Muslims, they are a-coming!

Or, maybe, they are already here – Shari’ah and all.

Islam and Muslims have fed many a mouth over the centuries. Wealth plundered from Muslim nations past turned Europe into a land of power and plenty.

And oil – Muslim Oil – shaped and reshaped the world endlessly and fueled its economies and lifestyles over the past 100 years.

Gratefulness has never been a European virtue. And, of course, Western stooges and puppets and other assorted thugs, tyrants and playboys lorded over Muslim lands and people dare not ask for so much as a “Thank You!” from their former and present Colonial masters and minders.

In the meantime the fact remains that things are a-changing in the yet-to-dismantle slave colonies of the so-called Middle East and Muslims, they for sure are a-coming.

At the same time also, two-bit mercenary hacks, flacks and talking and blogging heads from former Colonial Mother Countries have filled the world mile-high with rubbish on such fundamental pillars of human civilization as “Shari’ah.”

I said “human” and not Muslim or Islamic civilization. That is because Shari’ah is a common human heritage and not an Islamic or Muslim innovation.

There is a strong likelihood that Tunisia, Egypt and quite possibly Libya and Morocco will see the rise of some form of Muslim governments in their long-oppressed and much abused lands.

Maybe, just maybe, the time is fast approaching when these Western Colonies and slave coops will be able to repeat Martin Luther King’s Ode to Liberty: Free at last; free at last; thank God Almighty we are free at last!

And with freedom, real or illusory, full or partial, they are likely to make stabs in the direction of instituting on their newly liberated lands – if they get liberated at all – governments that would be run based on the notion of Rule of Law.

The Arabic name for that most glorious of human achievements – for the establishment of which throughout the world Islam came into the world – is Shari’ah.

Nothing more, nothing less: Shari’ah = Rule of Law.

But that memo never reached the two-bit mercenary hacks and flacks and their shameless and conscience-free talking-and-blogging-head clones.

As a result, over the past several years, they filled the world, and the brains of the unwary and unsuspecting, and the naïve and the gullible, with all kinds of non-sense about what they thought Shari’ah was and how backward, uncivilized and, yes, diabolical they thought Shari’ah was.

Whereas all that the Shari’ah really was was a reference to the supremacy of the Rule of Law in the land, as opposed to Rule of Men, that too of the most brutal and barbaric kind, as has been the case thus far under Colonial tutelage and foreign stewardship of these Muslim countries.

The fact that the Islamic Shari’ah is a continuation of the Biblical Judaeo-Christian Shari’ah tradition escaped these masters of deceit.

But anticipating their evil anti-Islam propaganda, the Qur’an had set it in stone a long time ago. Hear the Qur’an say it:

Shara’a lakum minaddeeni maa wasswaa bihee Noohan, walladhee awuhainaa ilaika, wa maa wasswainaa bihi Ibraheema wa Musa wa Isa, an aqweemuddeena wa laa tatafarraqoo feeh.

Let me paraphrase that for you:

“We outlined for you the same Shari’ah that we required of Noah, and that we revealed to you, and required of Abraham and Moses and Jesus, saying make the Law prevail and be not divided therein.”

How is that for tracing the true roots of Shari’ah?

That is why I have often said that the Muslims cannot hope to take their societies and cultures to the next stage of growth and transformation till they first master the White Man’s law and culture.

In the meantime, the mealy-mouth anti-Islam propagandists have got one on the naïve and star-struck Muslims – and others: the more recent use of the expression “Islamists” to label those who would turn to their Islamic heritage for guidance in mapping out a legal and political future for their newly- or hopefully- liberated lands.

It is the same kind of evil, wicked and perverse racial, religious and Colonial Rudyard Kipling type slur and insult they have been hurling at the Muslims for centuries: like Mohammadans, Mahomatens, Moslems, Fundamentalists, Islamic Terrorists, Saracens, Turks, Moors and everything else.

This new slur “Islamists” too will find its way to history’s landfill as the rest of them did.


 © 2012 Syed Husain Pasha 

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at]
AOL [dot] com or




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