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Some Serious Truth for Truth Tellers

DR.PASHA | May 22, 2013 | Section: Articles | 757 reads

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Some Serious Truth for Truth Tellers

Dr. Pasha


Truth and Truth Tellers

By Truth Tellers I mean those who say they work for Allah. For, they are charged by Allah to do two things:

  1. Know the truth.

  2. Tell the truth.

Truth is what Islam is all about. And Islam calls it Al-Haqq.

Therefore, commitment to the pursuit, discovery, verification and validation of truth, and to the fearless telling and sharing of truth with the world, is the divine formula for personal Najaat in the next world and for the success of what we call Da’wah in this world.

And for the Tajdeed of the Deen and Ummah of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

In fact, pursuit of truth is a basic mandate from the maker and master of humanity to all of humanity.

As a result, Truth (Haqq) is a key concomitant, and a defining characteristic, of Iman.

Compromising Truth Is Playing Games with Allah

And compromising truth for expediency purposes is playing games with Allah.

And it is betraying Allah’s trust in us, which could lead to disastrous consequences, including the following: punishment of disgrace and humiliation.

Alyawuma tujzawuna ‘adhaabal hooni bimaa kuntum taqwooloona ‘alallahi ghairal haqqwi.

Here is the Qur’an on the subject of getting to the Truth and telling it and on how Truth and Iman are close correlates:

Illalladheena aamanoo a tawaasawu bil haqqwi wa tawasawu bis-swabr.

Laa talbisul haqqa bil baatili wa taktumul haqqa.

Wa taktumoonal haqqa wa antum ta’alamoon.

Conspiracies Are Part of Human Life on Earth

Here is a simple and universal fact about human life on earth: Life on earth is full of conspiracies – all kinds, colors and categories of them.

To deny this basic truth is naïve and silly.

It is self-evident, and most logical, that Islam – which is Al-Haqqu Min Rabbika, and which is Truth in all its forms and manifestations – has always been, and shall always be, as it should be, the target of all kinds of the most serious and deadly conspiracies.

To deny that is to deny Sunnatullah – Allah’s way in the world.

Here is my question to everyone. Was it a joke what the Qur’an quotes Shaitan as saying: La-Aq’udanna Lahum Siratakal Mustaqweem?

Was it an empty threat on the part of Shaitan? Or is the Qur’an, Ma’adhallah, misquoting him?

Minimizing and Pooh-Poohing Conspiracies Is Serious Business

And to minimize and downplay that fact – the serious role conspiracies play in human life at all levels – is a serious denial of reality and a great disservice to Islam, Muslims – and the world.

Wa makaroo makran kubbaara, says the Qur’an.
Wa in kaana makruhum litazoola mihul jibaal, says the Qur’an.
Istikbaaran fil ardwi wa makras sayyi-i, says the Qur’an.
Bal makral laili wannahaar, says the Qur’an.

Which one of these and many other similar Aayaats of the Qur’an, do the Muslim deniers of conspiracies have issue with?

Colonialism and Conspiracies

Colonialism was a part of those great big conspiracies against Islam and Muslims on the one hand and against all of humanity on the other hand. Colonialism completely changed the world and turned Muslim societies upside down.

While Colonialism receded from some parts of the world in the middle of the 20th Century, and morphed into something equally diabolical in some others, it perpetuated and further strengthened its deadly hold on Muslim lands, societies, cultures, resources and treasures in the form of puppet Muslim governments and paid mullahs everywhere.

The main purpose and role of these colonial agents, hirelings and wards – both sacred and secular – is to contain and co-opt Islam and fight and destroy and enslave Muslims in the service of their colonial masters, mentors, protectors, owners and puppeteers.

A deeper, fuller and clearer understanding of this phenomenon of colonial puppets and stooges with Muslim names dominating and controlling Muslim lands to keep Islam and Muslims at bay is an essential requirement for successful and proper Da’wah work.

A Language that God Gave

Allah gave the world not only the Qur’an but also the language of the Qur’an: Arabic. And he called that language Lisaanun Arabiyyun Mubeen.

And there is only one Arabic language and it is called Al-Fusw-ha. And today too many Muslims are trying to dilute and distil that language of God out of its original shape and form in every way they can think of.

Therefore, preserving and propagating that language – Lisaanun Arabiyyun Mubeen – in its purest and noblest forms throughout the world is also a central requirement – Fardun Min Faraa-idid Deen – of Da’wah work and of the revival of Islam in the world.

In fact, let me go one step further and state that the day Muslims dilute and dismantle Qur’an’s Lisaanun Arabiyyun Mubeen, that will be their last day on earth. It will also be the end of humanity’s tenure on earth.

Truth about Allah and Truth about the World

Therefore, among the most serious and fundamental requirements of training Workers for Allah (for Al-Haqq that is), or for Da’wah work as some may call it, is to bring them up on a steady diet of two things:

(A)  Truth about Allah and his Deen.

(B)  Truth about Allah’s world – the way it is and the way it works.

Consequently, truth is what Islam is all about. And commitment to the pursuit, discovery, verification, validation and fearless telling and sharing of truth is the way for personal Najaat as well as for success in Da’wah work.

And for the eventual Tajdeed of the Ummah – and for the uplift of the whole world.





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