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Some Ideas on How to Reach Out to People

DR.PASHA | December 22, 2011 | Section: Articles | 687 reads

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Some Ideas on How to Reach Out to People

Document designed and prepared by Hashim Muhammad
Document revised and edited by Nabihah Muhammad

December, 2011

The world needs new literature in English language on Islam, Muslims and the World. Alhamdulillah, Dr. Pasha has helped to produce a fair amount of it and it is now available in both printed and CD format as well as digitally on www.IslamicSolutions.Com.

The challenge is how to get this groundbreaking material in the hands of the people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, around the world.

Obviously, one way to do it is by establishing contacts in local Masjids, Communities, Business outlets, and other similar places for sale or free distribution of this literature.

A)  Here are some pointers on how to distribute the literature:

First of all, some general points:

  • Give a copy of Islam: A Quick Introduction to Muslims & non-Muslims wherever and whenever you are able to do so.
  • Give a copy of the Yusuf Ali translation of the Qur’an with Dr. Pasha’s introductory note in it mainly to non-Muslims.
  • But give it also to Muslims should they ask for it.
  • Offer a copy of Islam: New Frontiers to those who you feel will buy a copy.
  • Do not hesitate to offer it free as a gift to those who you strongly feel will benefit from it.
  • Place a Pasha Hour International call card in each book or booklet or CD packet.

B)   There are three levels of distribution:

1. At Masjids for Jum’ah or normal Salaah:

  • Position yourself at a convenient spot displaying the books in a prominent way.
  • Offer the books to people as they pass by you.
  • Offer the free booklets first.
  • Then ask them if they would be interested in buying a copy of Islam: New Frontiers.
  • Hand them a copy and let them look at it. Tell them it is by the same author who wrote the free booklets.
  • If they are interested they will buy it. But remember they may not have money at that time.
  • If you know the people personally, let them have the book.
  • Take their telephone number and address and tell them you will collect the money later.
  • And set a time for it and then go and collect the money.
  • If there is a table or a bench available, use it to display the books on it. It is always better that way.

2. To Individuals wherever you meet them:

  • Always walk with some free booklets and a few copies of Islam: New Frontiers for sale.
  • Try also to keep a boxful of them in your car.
  • While shopping or waiting in a line at food outlets and other such places, don’t forget there is almost always a person in front of you and behind you.
  • So, take advantage of this opportunity to engage them.
  • It is easy to give each a free booklet and strike up a conversation with them.
  • If anyone else is looking on, offer them one too.
  • Muslims have been generally shy to give our literature to non-Muslims.
  • Just try it and you will be amazed how exciting and rewarding you find the experience, just as Dr. Pasha used to show to us nearly 40 years ago how to distribute some of the more classic literature in those days such as Towards Understanding Islam.
  • That book, Towards Understanding Islam, is still a most amazing and powerful book to this day. So, get hold of a few copies and find a way to distribute or sell them.

3. Drugstores, business places, eating places, newsstands, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, schools and whatever and wherever else:

  • In many of these places, management generally will not say no if you ask them for permission to distribute free literature to the public.
  • Ask the cashier or receptionist if you or they can place a few copies in a prominent and convenient place for customers to pick up and read.
  • When you pass back a day or two later, you may be pleasantly surprised to see how most if not all of those books are gone: people have taken them.
  • Your efforts have been blessed by success from Allah.
  • Thank Allah for his mercy and help.
  • Keep your motives and intentions pure.
  • Redouble your efforts.
  • God will reward you with even more wonderful results as you go along.





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