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Running & Hiding from Allah [Quote – 795]

Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World


There is no running from Allah. And there is no hiding from Allah. Except maybe to him and with him.

Those of us, Good Muslims, who run and hide, and won’t even bother to write and help and encourage each other, on a regular, systematic and sustained basis, the Qur’an has some choice things to say about them.

The list includes me, except that I am not part of the list of Good Muslims. I am quite possibly the worst there is or could be!

So, here is the Qur’an Karim:

“In Tahris Alaa Hudaahum, 
Fa-Innallaha Laa Yahdee Man Yudillu, 
Wa-maa Lahum Minnaasireen.

And then down the road in the same Surah: ….

Liyakfuroo Bimaa Aatayinaahum,
Fatamatta-oo Fasawufa Ta’lamoon!

Paraphrase some other time maybe! But what paraphrase is there really?




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