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[My Log – 9] Why They Hate Islam – and Muslims

DR.PASHA | January 19, 2011 | Section: Articles | 1731 reads

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My Log – 9

Why They Hate Islam – and Muslims

Dr. Pasha


Muslims are so naïve they think the only reason “They” hate Islam is because “They” don’t know it.

Question: Who are “They”?

Answer: Those that hate Islam. If you hate Islam, you are one of them.

That is who “They” are.

First of all, let me explain a simple fact about life – and about science, to the extent I understand science, if I do at all: As a rule, a univariate model of reality is dead on arrival.

Meaning: Any attempt to understand or explain reality – any reality, meaning anything in this world – using only one variable or factor as its cause or explanation is almost always misleading – if not downright wrong.

So, there is not one single reason why “They” hate Islam – and Muslims. But there is a whole set of them: a whole lot of reasons and motivations why “They” hate Islam.

And often these reasons and causes work in concert with one another – work in tandem that is.

But Islam is nothing if not systematic – and from that point of view absolutely and positively scientific.

So, let me take first things first. And let me tackle them, one thing at a time.

Repeat Question: Who are “They” then – that “hate” Islam?

Answer: All those who “hate” Islam in any form or fashion and to any degree. That is who.

Whoever they may be. And whatever their reasons may be for hating Islam – and Muslims.

So, as I said earlier, if you hate Islam, you are one of them. Again, whatever your reasons may be for hating Islam – and Muslims.

Besides, the word “hate” here does not mean hate in all cases and in all its forms and manifestations.

The way I am using it here, hate is an omnibus expression to catch all forms of doubt, fear, suspicion, loathing, aversion, contempt and dislike.

And of course it also covers hatred as a lot of people understand hatred as strongly despising or loathing or detesting something.

That is why I put “hate” in quotation marks.

No, I don’t like the expression “Islamophobia.”

And I suspect it will die a natural death before too long through atrophy and disuse, even though many Muslims and non-Muslims seem to have clambered on its bandwagon post-haste.

I have my reasons for not liking it, not the least of which is how contrived and foreign it sounds to the English-speaking ear.

Also, its connotations could be misleading if etymology was ever a part of embracing it.

Etymology means the body of knowledge that deals with the roots, origin, history and development of words and expressions.

I think.

Muslims used to be kings of this turf once upon a not-too-distant time. Now they are not even camp followers.

More recently, many of them are happy to clean up other people’s garbage and pick from it what they think will address their immediate hunger.

But they have the albatross of Islam hanging around their neck that says: You are Muslims, and nothing will satisfy your need that does not measure up to the divine yardstick of not only Halal but also Tayyib.

And you thought Halalan Tayyiban (Qur’an: 16: 114) applied only to food!

Everything in life has a minimum threshold of Halal. And then, on top of that, it has a superstructure of Tayyib.

Muslims, having been fed on nothing but Halal, at least in a limited and narrow sense, for so long, should think twice before reaching for anything that is not also, at the same time, Tayyib. They should be extremely vigilant about not only what they put in their bellies, but also about what they throw into their systems of belief and behavior — Iman and ‘Amal.

And that includes their use of language and expression.

But Muslims are Muslims. And Muslims will be Muslims. Who can tell them anything?

Especially, in an age when every little boy – and many a little girl – among them wants to be a leader, sacred or secular?

Or make a pretty penny as they say selling Islam – and often also Muslims.

And wants to engage in power politics among Muslims. I am saying “among Muslims” because that is what their preferred turf is most of the time: fighting among themselves inside mosques and in Muslim organizations for grabbing and abusing power.

Therefore, what difference does it make, sacred or secular. The important thing is whatever works. That seems to be how many Muslims seem to operate these days.

And it is amazing how the sacred and the secular intertwine in the struggle for power and leadership among many Muslims and perform the nefarious function of perpetuating tyranny and domination on the bodies, minds, lands and resources of Muslims.

And on Muslim fates and destinies!

Hereditary Muslim kings and life-long potentates and dictators (secular leaders and tyrants) with Muslim names have legions of fail-safe Islamic sheiks (religious leaders and tyrants) at their beck and call that they deploy strategically to perpetuate and shore up their support among fearful, gullible and oppressed Muslim multitudes.

And many a so-called Islamic sheik or His Islamic Holiness has a go-to king or leader as their patron, financier and protector.

That is when they are not receiving money, support and patronage from such non-Muslim sources directly as maybe avowedly in the Islam-Muslim-hating camp such as the Tony Blair type British government sources for example.

As for Islam and Muslims, they go hand in hand. You sell one and the other is not far behind. It gets thrown into the bag almost automatically.

Also, that expression “Islamophobia” has interesting origins which may or may not suit the inner core of Muslim sensibilities.




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