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[My Log – 6] A Perfect Muslims-Islam-Qur’an Whodunit

DR.PASHA | January 08, 2011 | Section: Articles | 5148 reads

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My Log – 6

Dr. Pasha

A Perfect Muslims-Islam-Qur’an Whodunit

Truth is what truth-tellers tell.

And who are the truth-tellers of our time? They are the ones with their fingers on people’s purse-strings, mental make-ups and heartbeats.

And what is the truth? Why, of course, truth is what they tell – the truth-tellers I mean.

Sounds a bit circular? Well, that is how most life is.

Begins with a chicken. Ends up as an egg. Which then morphs into a chicken.

Ad infinitum, as they say. Meaning forever.

Or, to tell you the truth, it could be perfectly the other way around. You know: first the egg; then the chicken; and then of course the egg and so on.

That is how it seems to be when it comes to all the terrible things attributed to Islam and Muslims.

Who attributes these terrible things to Islam and Muslims?

Why, of course, those with the power, the ability, the means and a reason or two to attribute them to Islam and Muslims.

Allow me to mention a few of them here:

  • Those in politics, for example. They have both the reason and the motivation as well as the power and ability to do it. Islam and Muslims are Manna from Heaven for any number of them.
  • Those in the media: newspapers; magazines; radio; television; blogs; the Internet as a whole. Many of them can and do also build their careers doing it.
  • Those in the academia, meaning professors and all kinds of scholars and researchers.

When the government and the rich and powerful in a society want to demonize and destroy a people or culture or faith or religion, many in the card-carrying academic community are ever-ready to tell them what exactly to do and how precisely to do it.

  • Those in the Think Tank Industry and in other research and investigative arms of the rich and the powerful.
  • Those in Religion Business: the zealots, leaders and activists who see in Islam and Muslims a threat to their own respective religion franchises.
  • Those in the Lobbying Business: representing all kinds of countries, organizations, individuals, businesses, interests, corporations and associations who fear and hate Islam and Muslims for whatever reason.
  • And all kinds of others.
  • You name it.

Here is a real-life Whodunit in the form of a perfect chicken-or-egg circle: Is it Islam or is it the Muslims: Who is the real culprit when it comes to all the terrible things that are going on in the world?

And at whose door should the blame be placed: Muslims as good-for-nothing people, or Islam as a failed philosophy and religion? Or the Qur’an where all this stuff is supposed to come from?


Everybody is asking that question.

The political mealy-mouths are. The media mercenaries are. The sundry traffickers in their own as well as other people’s bodies, minds and souls are.

They are asking that question even as they shake their heads knowingly.

So, why shouldn’t we ask that same question ourselves? I suggest we join the fun.

But we will do it just a tad bit different. We will ask: What do they want? I mean the Anti-Islam, anti-Muslim crusaders. What are their real motivations and secret desires?

Is it Muslim Land they are after?

Is it all those Natural Resources including oceans of oil Muslims are sitting on that they covet, even though the Bible teaches we should not covet anything belonging to our neighbor?

Is it the mortal fear they have that should Islam become known in its true form around the world then many other contenders may have to close shop and go home?

Is it the trepidation that should Islam be allowed to succeed in informing and empowering the lives, cultures and societies of a billion and a half people around the world, then there will be hell to pay in many quarters?

And then one wonders what is it that they really hate? I mean these anti-Islam and anti-Muslim crusaders? Is it Islam they hate or Muslims? Or is it both?

Sometimes it is not really clear, as the lines blur after a while, and as anti-Islam and anti-Muslim all run into one another.

Often the twain doesn’t really seem to part. And to tell you the truth, it shouldn’t.

So, is it Islam, or Muslims, or both?

Is it the chicken, or the egg, or both?

It is an argument you can never really lose. I could pick the correct answer out of a hat 100 times out of 100.

That is because I have figured out the answer – the Truth – to the Chicken-or-Egg question.

And that answer is: It is “and” and not “or.” It is both and not one “or” the other.

That means it is a conjunction, as some of these academics would say and not disjunction. And they were both brought into this world by God.

Let me explain how.




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