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Muslim What?
Muslims in Search of a Name! [Quote – 874]

Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World


Allah says:

Huwa Sammakum Al-Muslimeen

“It was he who gave you the name ‘Muslims.'”

Some may say it means Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam. But the general intent is the same. Regardless of whether it is Allah or Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam, the official title conferred upon us is: Muslims.

And now Muslims of America and Europe have found all kinds of names for themselves, and for their wards through whom many make their living.

Some of those names include: RevertsChaplainsImams; and what have you.

Fellows even use the title: “His Eminence” for people they think occupy an especially exalted position in some kind of an Islamic “Religious” hierarchy. Little do they seem to know or care that Islam came into this world to sweep it clean of all artificial human distinctions and hierarchies whether secular or religious.

How can “His Holiness” be far behind then — after “His Eminence,” right? After all, we have “Holy Book.” And“Holy Prophet.” And “Holy” everything else. So, should we all then get ready for the arrival of a “Muslim Pope”?

Of course, the title “His Majesty” used to be a common one. But for some reason it seems to have faded just a trifle.

In English it may not sound so terrible, this Majesty thing. But try it in original Arabic, as in Jalaalatul Malik, and then, if your soul does not quake to the core upon hearing it, maybe you should order a brand new soul for yourself — and for all those within earshot of that vile and banal expression when applied to humans. 

For Allah Almighty, that expression Al-Malik (Jalla Jalaaluhu) is apt and right. But for humans? It is nothing but the stench of a rancid and corrupt soul and a decaying slave society.

But “Royal Highness” is well and alive. Basically, Muslims are grateful for whatever Shaitan supplies and they take it and run with it.

I ask myself: What is next for Muslims?

And then why do Muslims complain when Allah’s wrath descends on them from every direction?




December 28, 2017 | 106 reads
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