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Marrying Tech-Savvy to Deen-Savvy

DR.PASHA | November 13, 2016 | Section: Articles | 214 reads

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Marrying Tech-Savvy to Deen-Savvy

Dr. Pasha

We sometimes tend to think modern living is all about being Tech-Savvy

We think it is about owning the newest cell phone and acquiring the latest APP and living life in a cloud — as in iCloud

Downloading and humming the fanciest of iTunes.

I am not disputing or disparaging any of it. I am all for human progress.

How can I not be? 

When the children of Adam, Alaihis Salam, the man whom Allah fashioned with his own two hands, having shaped him out of clay, and breathed his spirit into him, and then continued his line of descent on earth through a kind of water, …, how can I possibly not rejoice at the progress that Adam Nabi, alaihis salam,’s children make in their life and on the face of this earth?

But to me Life, including the most modern aspects of it, is more than being merely Tech-Savvy in the ordinary and popular sense of that term. 

Life to me, old life as well as new life, past life as well as future life, is all about being Deen-Savvy

Call it Islam-Savvy if you wish. And here is my reason for it. 

Allah makes it crystal clear in the Qur’an:

Innad Deena Indallahil Islam!

So far as Allah is concerned, all talk about Deen is simply talk about Islam. For, that is what the real Deen is. The only Deen in fact that there is or could be. 

The only thing that can truly be called Deen. Real Deen, if you want to call it that using the English language.

And Deen — Islam that is — is all about technology. 

Some of it visible to the naked eye. Some beyond the ken of the most modern and sophisticated of what the world calls science and technology today.

The Qur’an is nothing but the Technology of Noor and Hidaayat from Allah. Powerful and transformative.

Access it and learn to use it. See what it does for you. See where it takes you. 

And the Qur’an in Mushaf — book — form is a visible, tangible object: you can see it; you can touch and feel it; and you can hold it in your hands or read it. 

Or you can simply pick it up and put it away on the shelf — to be forced to return to it, when someone near and dear dies.

So, Qur’an is divine technology to mend and instrumentize this life as well as to light up the path to next life.

But the way it came, from heaven, through the most trusted of angels, and to the least sophisticated of human beings at first glance, in the least modern and the least educated of places on earth, all that is science and technology and electricity and power and tool utilization of a very different kind. 

You cannot see any of it. What you need to do is to find the right switch, flip it and wait for the universe to light up.

So, being enamored of modern electronics is one thing. And shaving all kinds of time to service and worship that worldly technology is one thing. But keeping plugged to the old-fashioned heavenly technology of the Deen of Islam, now that is totally a different thing.

People make the choices they make. And their lives turn out to be the way they do.

And people have the reasons they have for making the choices they make. And those reasons and motives play a determining role in the way their lives turn out.

Just like Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, said:

Innamal A’amaalu Binniyyaat.


It is your intentions that will guide, 
influence and determine the worth, value, 
direction and outcomes of your actions.

You don’t like the word “actions“? Why don’t you look for a Lizard’s Hole nearby and slip into it and change it to “Deeds.” 

Talk to your Interfaith Friends. They might help.





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