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Malja’a Man Laa Malj’a-a Lahu!
Recourse of Those without Recourse!
Hope of Those without Hope!
Refuge of Those without Refuge!
Support of Those without Support!

DR.PASHA | February 05, 2019 | Section: Articles | 78 reads

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Malja’a Man Laa Malj’a-a Lahu!
Recourse of Those without Recourse!
Hope of Those without Hope!
Refuge of Those without Refuge!
Support of Those without Support!

Dr. Pasha

Of course, that is Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’alaa. He is the recourse of those without any recourse.

Allah is Malja’a Man Laa Malja’a Lahu!

That means Allah is the Refuge of those without a refuge! Of those without any place to go to. And those without anyone to turn to.

And Allah is the only source of help and support for those without any of those things in this world.

And what will life be like if we did not have Allah as a recourse and as a resource. And if we had to traverse the vast and daunting prairies of life without that flicker of faith that Allah is always there for us as a recourse — and as a resource?

Closer to us than our own Jugular Vein

Wa Nahnu Aqrabu Ilaihi Min Hablil Wareed.

Close enough to us to respond to our calls and cries for help and to answer our prayers when and as we call him and cry out for him. In desperation and in panic and in need.

Wa Idhaa Sa’alaka Ibaddee Annee, Fa-Innee Qareeeb.
Ujeebu Da’awatad Daa’i, Idhaa Da’aanee!


When my slaves ask you about me, tell them I am close.
I answer the calls and prayers of those who call me,
And pray to me, when and as they call me,
And pray to me.

But the thing about Allah is that he is hidden in your heart, and in your minds, and in the deepest recesses of our faith. You do not meet or see him in the real world.

Even Allah’s Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, is no longer with us. At least in an ordinary, physical, worldly sense. 

Even though we address him everyday directly over and over over in our Prayers, or Salaah, or Namaz, by saying: Greetings To You O Allah’s Nabiyy!

Assalamu Alaika Ayyuhan Nabiyyu,
Wa Rahmatullahi,
Wa Barakaatuhoo!


Salaam to you O Nabiyy,
And Allah’s mercy,
And Allah’s blessings and bounties.

And there will be no Namaz or Salaah for us if we fail or forget to give this direct greeting to Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

Even though his Kalam is with us: Hadith Sharif. As pure and perfect today as when he uttered those immortal words 1400 years ago.

And the Ka’bah is with us that Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, rebuilt and restored with his own hands after his father Abraham, Alaihis Salam, laid its foundation and built it with his son Ismaa’il, Alaihis Salam

And that Ummat is with us that he created with his toil and tears, and with his pure and fragrant sweat and blood, taking and training and molding and shaping one individual Sahaabi at a time. So, this Ummat will be the guide and teacher and role model for all of humanity for all times to come.

And over and above all this, This Qur’an — Inna Haadhal Qur’an — is with us. 

That Book is with us.

Dhaalikal Kitaab!

A book without error. A book without doubt. A book that is pure radiance and light from beginning to end. A book that is a guide for all those looking for a way out of life’s difficult and complicated labyrinths.

And a book that is a companion for those without a friend or an associate or a kindred soul.

That book, the Qur’an, is with us. And we can see that book with our physical eyes. 

We can feel it. We can touch it. And we can hold it. And kiss it. And embrace it. And put it on our heads. And on our eyes.

And we can read and recite and chant it. 

And we can read it alone, and in groups. And we can carry out individual and group completions — Khatms — of it, when and as God Almighty allows us and makes it possible for us to do.

And then, whenever we read it, and whenever Allah Almighty allows us to do a Khatm of it, we make Du’a. We turn to Allah and ask him to grant us all that we need and want.

We fall down in Sujood and cry our hearts out. We beg him to remove all our ailments: for us and for all those we love. 

And to cure our diseases. 

And to make all our hurt and pain go away. To give us a new lease of life, better than ever before.

For us and for all those we love.

And to remove all our difficulties in life and to make life better and easier and more profitable and enjoyable for us, in every way, whether in our jobs; or in our businesses; or in our homes and neighborhoods; or in our communities and societies.

Our tears do not stop. And our cries do no cease. 

Just the mere thought of this Qur’an, Allah’s Immortal Word in our weak, tremulous, mortal hands, makes our hearts melt and our tears cascade.

That is just a reflection, a thought, about this most amazing of all books. 

A book that changed the world. And continues to do so every day. And will not stop doing so till the world ends.

What will life be without That BookThe Qur’an?

What will we do? 

And where will we go?

For, we do not see Allah. For, it is not given to us in this world to do so. And all we see is Allah’s book: This Most Amazing Qur’an.

How can we imagine, leave alone, live life without it?





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