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Love, Not Hate Is The Answer!

DR.PASHA | November 08, 2015 | Section: Articles | 1374 reads

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Love, Not Hate Is The Answer!

Dr.  Pasha

Muslim Response to Atrocities against Them:
Love, Not Hate!

Considering all that is being done to Muslims by their enemies right now, and considering all that has been done to them historically, nothing could be more “natural” than for the Muslim bosom to burn with hate.

If Muslim hate and fury had reached the limit, and touched the sky, no one with a rational mind, or with even a modicum of justice and decency in their heart, can blame the Muslims for it.

For, no one had stronger and more justifiable grounds to be angry and resentful than Muslims.

And yet, and in spite of all this, the proper Muslim answer to all their problems and issues is love, not hate. That means Muslim response to all that is being done, or has ever been done, to them can only be Love, not Hate, universal compassion and not blind fury.

That Is Because God Is Love

It is not because Muslims are, or should be, nice – loving – people, and it is “good” for them to be so.

Nor is it because “Love Is the Best Policy” – to coin a parallel to the old saying: “Honesty Is the Best Policy.”

Nor is it because Love is what will give Muslims their ultimate victory – whatever that kind of nonsense may mean.

It is so purely and simply because God is Love. And Muslims are people who have chosen to align themselves with God. The God of Love!

Slaves of God of Mercy – and Love

Muslims are a strange bunch. They are people who have chosen to be slaves – and not free men and women.

And the slavery Muslims have chosen for themselves is one of God Almighty, and not of money, power, ambition, greed, lust, alcohol, sex and drugs, like a good bit of the rest of the world.

While so much of the rest of the world wallows in open slavery to these Ilahs – gods – Muslims have chosen to be slaves of God Almighty, the God of Love, Compassion and Mercy.

Thus, the Muslims have their eyes on the Next World and not merely on This World.

A Leader that Is Love

Not only that. Muslims are also people with an equally binding second commitment. And that commitment is to the Messenger of God, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, who is also Love.

So, with regard to the entire creation, if God Almighty is Love, so is God Almighty’s Messenger, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

Just like God, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, is also Love, Mercy, Compassion, Benevolence and Beneficence.

He is all that personified. That is why the Qur’an calls him Rahmah!

How beautifully and simply a poet states this concept:

Who Nabiyon Main Rahmat Laqab Paanay Waalaa.

That means if God Almighty is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem for all his creation, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, is Rahmah: God’s Love and Mercy Personified for all of God’s Creation.

Muslims Must Obey God’s Messenger,
Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam

And Muslims must choose to obey Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. There is no choice for them but to do that.

And they must do that – obey the Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, I mean – not only in some of the more routine matters of life like whether or not to eat with their right hand, or how high they should wear their trousers, but also in some of the bigger and broader issues of life such as family, society, politics, economics, administration, law, government, trade, commerce, diplomacy, military affairs and such.

A Messenger Called Mercy!

And in each and every one of these contexts, the Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was nothing but Love.

And nothing but mercy, just as God sent him, and just as the Qur’an said he was:

Wa Maa Arsalnaaka Illa Rahmatan Lil-Aalameen!

So much so that when people urged him to curse some of his most lethal enemies, he chose to bless them!

He prayed:

“God Almighty, Guide them – and bring them to me!”

“Allahumahdi Dawusan – Wa’ti Bihim!

Mercy and Clemency to an Entire Nation Sentenced to Death

And when angels of God, bearing the power of death, came to him seeking permission to destroy an entire nation of his enemies, he told them to give his enemies another chance.

“Let them go,” he said, even as blood oozed freely from the wounds inflicted on him by the same enemies who, earlier in the day, had let loose street urchins to pelt him with stones and rocks.

“Maybe,” he said, “their offspring will be more open to God’s message.”

War Is Not Forbidden in Islam

All this does not mean war is forbidden in Islam. Nor does it mean that Muslims will not or should not fight, when and as they have to.

But every war Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, fought, was what today would be called a Defensive War. They were wars imposed upon him by his enemies.

Every one of these wars was, in the language of Christian and other theologians, a Just War – a war that had to be fought because that was the right thing to do.

And these wars were fought mostly against enemies who had ruthlessly persecuted him and his followers for 13 long years in Makkah – and then for 10 more interminable years in Madinah.

Not Merely a Just War, But a War Mandated by God

And those wars were fought because they had to be fought. And they were fought the way all wars ought to be fought.

And they were fought not so much because Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, wanted to fight them, but because God Almighty himself had mandated them.

Read the Qur’an and see how clear and emphatic the Qur’an is on this subject.

Each war was a model of how to fight, and of when and where to fight, and of when not to fight.

And these wars of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, showed the world how to treat the enemy both on and off the battlefield.




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