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It Is Always One Man that Makes the Difference!
And Changes the World!

DR.PASHA | October 16, 2017 | Section: Articles | 103 reads

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It Is Always One Man that Makes the Difference!
And Changes the World!

Dr. Pasha

I know humans hunt in packs. And I know people need people. And I know people like people. 

At least many of them do. And they need them for all kinds of purposes.

To live, maybe, a truly meaningful and rewarding life.

And to work and to be truly productive.

And to play and have fun and truly enjoy life.

In most cases, most people’s lives are incomplete, and often seriously lacking, without other people in their lives.

And yet, here is a seriously misunderstood fact about human life, and about the nature of this world — something most people don’t realize, and don’t even know about: 

All It Takes to Change the World Is One Man!

One single human being. That is it.

One David Beckham changes a game: “Changes the World,” if you will. Soccer of course, which, the world, mistakenly, calls “football.” For, football is played with your hands, not with your feet, if you know anything about football that is.

As does one Pele. The world of soccer still.

So, does a Michael Jordan, if you are talking basketball. Using a more recent example, you can substitute Lebron for Michael. 

Or even Stephen, as in Curry of Golden State Warriors.

One Babe Ruth can do that same thing to a baseball game.

But if you are the kind who doesn’t care about sports, let me cite some other examples.

Siddhartha Gautama was one man — before he became Buddha. And he changed the world. 

And how!

And today the world dances to the tune that Siddhartha sang more than 3000 years ago I guess. More than one billion people around the world today lay some kind of a claim to following the path he blazoned.

Jesus, Alaihis Salam, was also basically a One Man Show. One solitary man from Bethlehem wandering the hills and dales of Syria and Palestine preaching the message of One God, and of respect for God’s Law — the Divine Shari’ah that Moses brought down the mountain.

When people asked him which Commandment in God’s Law was the most important one, Jesus, Alahis Salam, said — without a moment’s hesitation: 

“The one that says: ‘There Is No God But God!’
That is the most important commandment of all.”

And he taught a tough, dry Jewish Rabbanical Community that was more driven by the letter than by the spirit of the Law, to Love!

He said:

“Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself!”

And today, after 2000 years to that most amazing message, more than a billion people around the world, chant his name, and profess to follow his message of love and peace, no matter how inadequately and imperfectly they may practice that message in their own lives.

And in their social, political, military and economic encounters and dealings with other individuals, groups, nations and societies.

So, that is how it was, always: One Man Changing the World





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