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Islam the “Peaceful Religion”

DR.PASHA | March 12, 2007 | Section: Articles | 1857 reads

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Does international law? Do any of the other religions and legal systems of the world? Of course none of them do.

Does Islam condone or sanction torture? Of course it does not.

Does international law? Do any of the other religions and legal systems of the world? Of course they do not.

In the end, is Islam then a “peaceful religion“?

First of all, Islam is not a “religion.”

Second, Islam is totally, absolutely and completely all about peace – and truth – and justice.

Third, at the same time, Islam is behind no other system of laws and government in the world, including the Charter of the United Nations, in protecting and guaranteeing the inherent right of individuals, societies and nations to self-defense. And to justice. And to equality and fair and equitable treatment. And to self-determination and freedom from tyranny.

Why should it be?

As for Aggression, It Is an Absolute No, No in Islam

But what about using force as a means of committing aggression? That in Islam is an absolute no, no.

I have not come across, nor am I aware of, anything as clear or forceful – I don’t mean the pun in that expression – in any culture, language, constitution or religion, against using force as a means of aggression, as in Islam.

“Allah does not like those who commit aggression or use excessive force,” says the Qur’an.

Innallaha laa yuhibbul mu’tadeen.

The Qur’an asks people to “cooperate with one another in every kind of good thing. But when it comes to committing an act of aggression and excess,” the Qur’an clearly says, “no, don’t cooperate with anyone on that basis and for that purpose” (5:2).

Wa laa ta’aawanoo ‘alal ithmi wal ‘udwaan.

Even as the Qur’an allows the right of self-defense and retaliation, it clearly warns against aggression and excess, even in that context and even against that background.

The Qur’an says:

“If you were to retaliate or visit retribution on someone for any wrong done to you, then do so in strict proportion to what was done to you. But if you were to show restraint and patience then it may be even better (16:126).”

Wa in ‘aaqabtum fa-‘aaqiboo bi-mithli maa ‘ooqibtum bihi.

Wa la-in sabartum, lahuwa khairul lis-saabireen.

Here is another one in a similar context:

“When you are faced with aggression against you, then resist that aggression with similar force, but fear God Almighty, and clearly understand that God is with those who fear him (2:194).”

And yet another one:

“Let not your anger and displeasure at those who kept you away by force from the protected mosque cause you to commit aggression or use excessive force against them (5:2).”

So, which part of any of these luminous and self-evident passages of the Qur’an the Muslims or the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim propagandists don’t understand?

I don’t know about you folks. But there is nothing like this anywhere in the world.

Nothing with this much clarity and with this much emphasis and forcefulness.

What Should Muslims Say Then?

What should Muslims say then, when they are hounded by people who want to brand them as violent and irrational and blood thirsty? People who have filled the air and God’s world with so much vicious falsehood and propaganda against Islam and Muslims that a rational and sane person cannot even take a normal breath any more?

Muslims should simply tell the truth. For Islam is all about truth. Muslims should simply say that Islam is about peace, which is what Islam is all about.

At the same time, Muslims should also point out that Muslims have as much right to self-defense as any Christian, Jew, Hindu, Atheist or anyone else in this world.

That is the truth and it is only the truth that will set the Muslims free. Even as truth is what will set the whole world and everyone else in the world free.

Muslims of the Qur’an:
A Thinking, Reasoning, Smart Kind of People

I wish Muslims were a smart, reasoning, intelligent and thinking kind of people – the kind of people the Qur’an talks about. Not the kind of dull, senseless, clueless automatons most of us have ended up becoming.

How I wish Muslims were really the smart, thinking kind. How I wish they were the kind of Muslims the Qur’an so methodically and meticulously describes.

Then they would be able to see who they really are. What their real mission on earth is. And how they should go about accomplishing that mission.

They will then understand what their Deen – their way of life and their culture – really is, and how they should live it in practice.

They would then know who their Rabb or master really is, and what he wants from them.

Then they would also know and understand who their Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, really was. And what his life – what his Sunnat – was really all about.

They would then know what that book – Dhaalikal kitaab – the Qur’an, is really all about. The book that he brought from God as a guide and blessing for all of humanity.

And they would know and understand what their own role in this world really is. In this place on earth where God Almighty sent them – with the rest of humanity – as his own personal representatives and managers, with a clearly stated mission.

Muslim Mission on Earth

A mission that specified in the most clear terms that the job of the Muslims – and their responsibility – on earth was:

  • To encourage, foster, facilitate and promote all that is good, nice, decent, kind, compassionate, caring and noble.
  • To discourage and curb all that may be bad, evil, inhuman, cruel, dangerous, unjust, unfair, unkind, abusive, exploitative and harmful.
  • To work ceaselessly and tirelessly to end all forms of tyranny, as Thomas Jefferson once put it, over the mind and body of all men, women and children.
  • To treat everyone, without any distinction of race, color, gender or nationality, with respect, justice, equality and fairness.
  • To protect the earth and all that it contains from all harm and waste.
  • To serve all of God’s creation in all forms and shapes in every possible way.
  • To spread the message of love, kindness, compassion, niceness, equality, justice, fairness and decency everywhere.
  • To guarantee the most basic and fundamental rights to everyone, especially the weak, the oppressed, the powerless, the disadvantaged, the dispossessed and the voiceless.
  • To be compassionate, caring, generous and charitable toward all, regardless of color, caste, status, race, religion, gender, language, nationality or some other marker of difference.
  • To place God Almighty, their maker and master, and the maker and master of everyone and everything else in this world, first, second and last in their life – and invite everyone else in this world to do so.
  • And to be, at all times, devoted to and mindful of God Almighty more than to and of anyone or anything else in this world – and to preach that message to everyone else in this world.

Islam Is About Tomorrow

So, in reality, some of what I said earlier is some of what or who the Muslims are supposed to be. The kind the Qur’an talks about. That is their true profile – in the Qur’an.




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