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How We Approach and Recruit People for Allah

DR.PASHA | April 21, 2017 | Section: Articles | 92 reads

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How We Approach and Recruit People for Allah

Dr. Pasha


Those working for Allah have as their mission the task of taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it — and which one does not.

As a result, our main goal is people. And our secondary and tertiary goals also are people.

But what kind of people? We need to develop a sense of who the people are we are dealing with. And who the people are we are really after.

We work with extremely limited worldly resources: time; money; energy; helping hands; skills. So, we need to conserve those resources and not fritter them away blindly tilting at windmills.

Just because somebody is white or black, or rich or poor, or whatever else, does not and should not make that person an object of our attention and focus and efforts. We need to look for something more.

We need to see if that person gives any indication of a genuine interest in Allah, Rasul, Qur’an, service to Allah’s creation and Truth: Al-Haqq.

And a modicum of baseline human decency.

If those indications don’t exist, then we need to ask: What is the point in pursuing this person?

And then there is another important criterion to consider: How are they reacting to our mission and to our methodology? And how are they responding to our literature, both audio and print?

If they show a lack of interest in our work, or express reservations about our methods, then clearly they are not the people we should worry about.

If they refuse to look at our literature, or listen to our programs, or our ideas, then they are not potential recruits for us.

They are generally people with all kinds of agendas and priorities of their own on their mind.

This should be clear in our mind as we go about doing our work — and looking for people to recruit.

Then, why do some of us insist on pursuing these false trails, and tilting at these windmills? Can’t they see that it is a waste of time and effort? And of precious resources? 

And we are accountable before Allah for our time; for our effort; and for our resources?

So, why do we do it? Well, there are all kinds of reasons why this happens. Here is one of them: It makes them feel they are doing something important.

What can I say about this book, the Qur’an? It covers that situation too.

Allah says that such people think they are doing a great job.

Hear Allah’s words and see for yourself how clear and how precise and how much on target those words are:

Wa Hum Yahsiboona Annahum Yuhsinoona Sun’aa!

Paraphrase is exactly what I said before:

“They are under the illusion that they are doing a great job.”

A lot of times, people do that to get something for themselves such as name, fame, personal satisfaction and so on. They do it because it makes them feel good.

They should know that they are wasting their time. For, the only giver of those things is Allah.

Yabtaghoona Indahumul Izzah. 

They should know that their approach does not work. For, all Izzah and honor and dignity and respect and prestige and name and fame is in the hands of Allah. They all belong to Allah. 

Fa-Innal Izzata Lillahi Jamee’aa!

And Allah gives those things to whom he wants. And Allah strips those things from those he decides.

Tu’izzu Man Tashaa-u
Wa Tudhillu Man Tashaa-u.


Wa Man Yuhinillahu Fa-Maa Lahu Min Mukrim!


If Allah decides not to give any of those to you, 
then there is no way you can ever have them.”





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