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Here Maybe Why They Hate Dr. Zakir Naik?

DR.PASHA | August 09, 2016 | Section: Articles | 444 reads

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Here Maybe Why They Hate Dr. Zakir Naik?

Dr. Pasha

Only recently I wrote an article that if Dr. Zakir Naik of India is preaching Islam to the masses, and if he uses Hindu and Christian religious texts to convince his listeners that Islam is a better alternative, then that is bound to unleash an avalanche of hate, hostility and rabid propaganda against him and his work by all sorts of vested interests.

Even after writing that article, I know practically nothing either about the man or his activities. Nor do I have any interest in finding out.

The only reason I wrote that article was because as a Muslim – albeit a very bad one – I feel duty-bound to speak the truth: to the extent I can; whenever and wherever I can – if at all I can.

My own goal in life is a very simple and straightforward one. You may even call it a rather limited and focused one. And it is:

To provide an interpretation and explanation of Islam, at the most fundamental level, to native speakers of the English tongue, using Islam’s primary sources such as the Qur’an and the Hadith.

And this is work that I have carried out over the past several decades now.

A good bit of our output in relation to this work, in the form of both speeches and written material, can be found on the website www.IslamicSolutions.Com.

But earlier today, all of a sudden, I found something in my mailbox that caught my attention. I chose to look at it.

It seems to provide a perspective on the vicious anti-Naik crusade that seems to have sprung up all of a sudden among those who for some reason seem to hate Islam and Muslims almost instinctively.

The essence of what it is saying seems to be this:

“This fellow Naik is too good, too effective, too frank, too fearless and, in one word, too successful.

He is making us all look silly and foolish and backward.

He is boldly and loudly claiming that Islam is the best and the most perfect system that human beings can have.

And he uses Hindu and Christian Scripture to prove his points.

This is diabolical stuff. It must be stopped – basically by any means necessary.”

Now, let us look at some words, phrases and passages from that material that my mailbox delivered today. I am quoting these things verbatim just as I found them, with some omissions here and there.

It seems to me, these passages quoted below, taken together or individually, are sufficient to indict Naik of whatever heinous offense you want to lay at his door.

These charges are enough to make Shaitan and his minions and friends and agents hate Naik with a passion and to declare him Public Enemy Number One.

The conclusion seems to be, the man is bad; he is dangerous to the point of being deadly; and he must be gagged and stopped. And that needs to happen now.

So, below is the litany of charges against Naik – each charge, in its own right, a most unforgivable one from the point of view of Shaitan and his agents, friends and minions – that I found in my mailbox just a little while ago.

1. Naik Expounds “Islamist Supremacism”

“The discussion around Zakir Naik should have debated this notion of Islamist supremacism which he expounds. In the garb of comparing and debating religious traditions, all that Zakir Naik has to tell the audience is how Islam is the best religion in the world.”

2. Naik Makes Monotheism Look Perfect and
Polytheism Look “Regressive

“However, there are many ways of doing this. Zakir Naik chooses to do this with the worst of all methods: polytheism in itself becomes regressive when compared to monotheism while Christianity and Judaism become deviant forms of monotheism as compared to Islam.”

3. Naik Calls Islam “the Most Perfect of All Religions”

“The message is loud and clear: Islam is the most perfect of all religions.”

4. Naik Says Qur’an Is the “Uncreated Word of God”

“If one assumes that Islam is perfection, that Quran is the uncreated word of God, then perhaps there is no need for any introspection. Best of all, then perhaps there is no problem with Islam and by extension Muslims.”


5. Naik Is a “Champion of Supremacist Islam”

“There is not even a hint that Zakir Naik is interested in any kind of dialogue with other religions. Rather his sole motive seems to become the champion of a supremacist Islam.”


6. Naik Is “Converting Hindus and Christians on Live Shows”

“Converting Hindus and Christians on live shows goes on to show the brazenness and the disregard for political context of this missionary Islamic tele-Mullah.”

7. Naik Makes Muslims Believe Islam Is
The “Only True Narrative in the World”

“His audience, mostly Muslims who can at least understand English, lap his sermons not because he is convincing but perhaps because he is fulfilling a need and desire. This desire is perhaps to see Islam as the only true narrative in the world.”

8. Naik Makes Muslims Believe
Islam Can “Give a Befitting Reply to Its Critics”

“In a world where Muslims are increasingly besieged and called for explanations given the perceived backwardness of their religion, the figure of Zakir Naik reassures them that Islam is still alive to give a befitting reply to its critics.”

Now, tell me, which one of these offenses allegedly committed by this fellow Naik will you be willing to ignore or forgive if you were Shaitan or if you were working in cahoots with Shaitan?

Or if you had reason – whatever that reason maybe – to hate Islam and Muslims instinctively and passionately?

Fair questions, I think?





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