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Health, Wealth, Leisure,
And Whatever Other Blessings of This World You Crave! [Quote – 960]

Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World


There is nothing more powerful in this world than Allah’s own words, in the Qur’an, in the original Arabic Language in which they were sent down to Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

Allah calls them, in the Qur’an, Aayaat, plural for Aayat, which means Miracles or Signs or Markers. Two syllables, both of them long syllables: AA and YAAT.

These perfectly Divine Aayats of the Qur’an guide you to a perfect and everlasting life of the most unimaginable Joy and Bliss in the Hereafter.

But at the same time, they also help you to live a most wonderful life on earth, in a worldly sense, with health, wealth, happiness, peace, tranquility, DeenIman, and every other conceivable Worldly Blessing

The following are Aayats from the Qur’an. They are packed with every conceivable benefit for anyone who reads and recites them.

(A) First, for all kinds of Health Issues, Situations and Challenges

The following words of Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam, directly quoted by Allah in the Qur’an.

Wa Idhaa Marid-tu, 
Fa-Huwa Yashfeen!


“And when I get ill,
He restores me to full health!”

(B) For all kinds of Difficulties, Problems and Challenges in Life in general.

  1. Sa-Yaj’alullahu Ba’da Usrin Yusraa!


“Allah will soon, replace all difficulties 
with easy circumstances.”

  1. Fa-Inna Ma’al Usri, Yusran.
    Inna Ma’al Usri Yusraa!


“Surely, better times will follow hard times. 
Surely, better times will follow hard times.”

Well, there you have it! 

A direct and most emphatic assurance from your God that Better Times Are on Their Way. Right on the heels of bad times.

Read and recite these Aayats any number of times you can, millions of times if you want and if you can, and then wait and watch Allah’s blessings, help and mercy pour down on you and yours.




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