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God-Human Reciprocity and Symmetry

DR.PASHA | December 29, 2016 | Section: Articles | 209 reads

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God-Human Reciprocity and Symmetry

Dr. Pasha

Sometimes — I don’t even know what that expression “sometimes” means, especially in this context — the relationship between your actions and the actions of your Rabb, your master, God Almighty, is one of symmetry and reciprocity.

You do things that will please him, he is sure to do things that will make you happy. Joy and good news and bonhomie will descend upon you in ways you can’t even fathom.

Min Hayithu Laa Yahtasib!

On the other hand, you do things that will displease him, and about which he has repeatedly and clearly warned you, then, he is very likely to set in motion a train of events that are sure to get your goat, as it were, and roil and annoy you, and make you distressed, and cause you grief and pain and unhappiness and suffering.

All this he does, even though he is most kind (Rahmaan).

And he is most compassionate (Raheem).

And he is most generous (Kareem).

And he is most tolerant and forbearing and patient (Haleem).

And he is most forgiving (Ghafoor and Ghaffaar and ‘Afuww).

Not only that. He is also most appreciative of every little good thing that you do. 

For, Shakoor is how he calls himself elsewhere in the Qur’an. 

Inna Rabbanaa La-Ghafoorun Shakoor!


Innallaha Ghafoorun Shakoor!

And also Shaakir:

Fa-Innallaha Shaakirun ‘Aleem!

And Shakoor is a word in Arabic, as is Shaakir — in the Qur’an — the only way I know how to translate is: 

Grateful, Most Grateful and Appreciative.”

A Most Grateful God? I don’t know what that means. But that is what the language of the Qur’an is. And that is what it means in the Arabic language. 

Beyond that, you got to figure that one out on your own. I cannot even venture a guess.

But if you repent, and say sorry, not just with your mouth, but with every fiber in your being, and with all of your heart, mind and soul, he is also quick to accept your apology and your repentance. 

For, he is also Tawwaab.

And of course he does let go a lot:

Wa Ya’foo ‘An Katheer!

And that is God! 


The Almighty! The one and only! 

And his blessed name, chosen by none other than himself, and immortalized in the eternal words of the Qur’an, is: Allah!

Nothing looks like it. Nothing sounds like it. Nothing means the same thing.


“That is Allah!”

As in the following Aayat Karimah:

“Innallaaha Faaliqul Habbi Wannawaa!

Yukhrijul Hayya Minal Mayyiti, 
Wa Mukhrijul Mayyiti Minal Hayyi! 

Fa Annaa Tu’fakoon?”

That, then, is your God, ladies and gentlemen!

Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum!

And your true and only God indeed:

Fa-Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum al-Haqqu!

And that is your master!

Huwa Mawulaakum!

And what a wonderful master he is!

Fa-Ni’mal Mawulaa!

And what a helpful master too!

Wa Ni’man Naseer!

People, what should I say more? Words fail me!

All I can do is wonder aloud, like the Qur’an itself does: 

“Is this the Qur’an that people have gotten into the habit of 
playing games with?”

A-Fa-Bihaadhal Hadeethi Antum Mudhinoon?





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