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Peaceable! Positive! Simple! Sensible! Elegant! Civilized! Constructive! Hopeful! Contemporary! Pragmatic! Problem-Solving! Moderate! Modern! Balanced! Just! Fair! Compassionate! Truthful! Nice! Easy! Fun! Global! Divine! Authentic! Original! Free! (Dr. Pasha)

Author’s Reaction to a Reader of the book Islam: New Frontiers
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Quote-Unquote: Dr. Pasha on Islam,
Muslims and the World


“It was Allah’s blessing to write it. It is Allah’s blessing to have you read it. It is Allah’s blessing that we were all guided to the Qur’an in one way or another. May Allah make his blessings last on us forever.

And may Allah bless you for reading and reacting to it in such a wonderful manner.

And may Allah bless all those who in any form or fashion helped with the editing, printing, promoting and distribution of this book.

May Allah grant it acceptance and open the hearts and minds of people for it and to his Haqq — Truth — through it.” (Dr. Pasha)



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