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All Work Is Allah’s Work – And All Work Is Jihad

DR.PASHA | September 15, 2012 | Section: Articles | 697 reads

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All Work Is Allah’s Work

When you are one of Allah’s people, one of those, that is, who have committed to work for him, all work you do is Allah’s work. Provided, of course, it is lawful (Halal), and it is not illegal and unlawful (Haram).

And provided you do what you do keeping God Almighty and his pleasure before your eyes – as your goal and objective.

And, at the same time, keeping before your eyes, also, the teachings and example of God’s beloved Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam before your eyes – as your guide, model and method.

Single-Minded Pursuit of Human Good

And, also, at the same time, provided you pursue vigorously and single-mindedly the good, the wellbeing and the service of humanity – and of all of God’s creation.

When you do this, all work you do is Allah’s work.

And what a beautiful and noble concept this is!

And how and where could something so noble, so profound and so full of joy, beauty and hope have come from, except from God and through his messengers, may God bless them all.

In Islamic culture, there is a lovely name for it: Jihad.

In Islam, It Is Called Jihad

So work in Islam is called Jihad.

Jihad is God’s own descriptor for the fundamental human striving and struggle, if you will, for survival and success in this earthly life.

Jihad in Islam is the name for tirelessly seeking the sweet successes of life, for self as well as for others, while facing manfully and undaunted the perils and challenges of adversity.

It is a divine term that God himself bestowed upon human beings as a gift from on high.

Jihad, therefore, is this most noble of divine gifts to humanity, and it is this most beauteous of all words in the human lexicon, that enemies of God and enemies of humanity have taken, of late, and turned into one of the dirtiest and nastiest expressions in the English language.

God and His Enemies

Enemies of God, whoever they are and wherever they exist, should know that God the Almighty catches up with his enemies within the blink of an eye, which, according to our own calculations, calendar and language, we describe as “sooner or later.”

Otherwise, in terms of cosmic time, and in the context of the operation of the universe, divine retribution of his enemies by God the Almighty is swifter and sooner than the smallest unit of time known to man, regardless of what you call it: milli-, micro– or nano-second.

Or you call it Yoctosecond, which, I am told, is one septillionth unit of a second.

Or simply describe it, as they seem to do in Physics, Planck Second – named after Max Planck, the man who proposed it first.

A Vengeful God – in the Bible

So, the enemies of God can run as fast as they wish, and they can hide in any place they want, a Vengeful God’s Wrath, quoting the Bible, overtakes them before they even know it.

It did Pharaoh and his hordes.

And, throughout history, it did all the others who behaved in the same arrogant and Godless manner that Pharaoh and his hordes did.


 © 2012 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
AOL [dot] com or




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