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Ramadan is the Month of the Qur'an.

For this Ramadan, 1437/2016, and thereafter, a simple and easy way for Muslims around the world to restore, revive, rebuild and strengthen their relationship with the Qur'an could be to use the Qur'an Scale given below:




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    Islam Is Not the Place for Charlatans and Social Misfits [Quote – 709]

    Posted: Jul 23, 2016 | 1 day, 4 hrs ago.

    Islam should not be the last refuge of scoundrels, charlatans, misfits, adventurers and nincompoops. 

    And of those who may find or invent all kinds of excuses for cutting corners and compromising the integrity of the Islamic ideals of excellence in everything one does.

    If Islam is the finest system of life, designed by the Most High God, who is free from all blemish and imperfection, that excellence and beauty and perfection should percolate to the level of human life on earth.

    That means those claiming allegiance to Islam must reflect that beauty and excellence in their appearance, demeanor and conduct.

    And that means those claiming to be Muslim must dress the best; appear the best; and act and behave the best, at all times, in all places, and under all circumstances.

    That to me is Islam!



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    As Goes the Jum’ah Khutbah,
    So Will Go the Ummah -- The Islamic Nation [Quote – 708]

    Jul 20, 2016 | 4 days, 12 hrs ago.

    Jum’ah Khutbah is one of the most visible, and easily measurable, signs and indicators of the Islamic Nation‘s --Ummah‘s -- social-psychological-spiritual health and wellbeing. 

    And an accurate barometer of its rise and fall.

    For, as the Jum’ah Khutbah goes, so is the Nation of Islam -- the Ummat -- likely to go.

    And so are specific individual Muslim communities -- in each time and place.

    As a result, saving the Jum’ah Khutbah in each and every community from decay and degeneration is not a luxury. It is a dire and urgent necessity. 

    Therefore, it is not a Fard Kifaayah to work to save the Jum’ah Khutbah, and to work to make it better in every conceivable and measurable way, it is a Fard Ayin

    Meaning, it is the personal and individual responsibility --Fard Ayin -- of every Muslim to work to make Jum’ah Khutbah the best it can be in each and every community.

    And to work tirelessly to ensure that, in each and every community, the best Jum’ah Khutbah is delivered, by the best and the most capable people, in the best and most effective and eloquent language, and with the best and strongest content and style.

    In other words, the bottomline is this:

    Let Muslims in each and every community make the Jum’ah Khutbah rise from the dead -- 
    from an empty ritual where it has now ended up in most places -- 
    and Allah will breathe new life and vibrancy in this Ummat -- 
    and in that community.

    As surely as a downpour of rain from God Almighty 
    makes the parched earth rise from the dead and produce 
    the most lovely vegetables and fruits and flowers and grass.

    Inna Dhaalika La-Muh-yil Mawutaa!

    So indeed will God Almighty bring back to life
    those that are dead!



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    Slaves Don’t Get No Medal of Honor!
    Slaves Just Do Their Duty! [Quote – 707]

    Jul 19, 2016 | 5 days, 9 hrs ago.

    Slaves don’t get Medal of Honor for service.

    If they are lucky, it just may save them some extra whipping -- if we are to go by the rather sad, tragic and most reprehensible standards of 300 years of slavery in the Western Hemisphere: America, North and South and Central and the Caribbean.

    What no one should forget is that we are all fully owned slaves of Allah. As a result, what we do -- and what we must -- in the service of God, and God’s Creation, is nothing but a tiniest fraction of what is really expected and required -- and needed -- of us.

    Wa Quli’maloo
    Fa-Sayarallaahu ‘Amalakum 
    wa Rasooluhu


    Just tell them to keep on working!
    Allah and his messenger and the believers will all
    watch and observe and keep track of what you do.



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    People Reacting with Pain and Empathy to Disastrous World Events: 
    Is A Sign of Our Iman! 
    And of Our Islam!
    And of General Civilized Conduct!
    And of One’s Basic Humanity! [Quote – 706]

    Jul 16, 2016 | 1 week, 1 day ago.

    Last night, July 15-16, 2016. There was an attempted coup d’é·tat in Turkey. 

    Thank God Almighty that evil and wicked coup appears to have failed, leaving behind, at the time of writing, a debris of nearly 1000 dead and 2000 wounded.

    Everyone, everywhere, I am sure, watched on every TV and Social Media channel as the Coup played out.

    The question is how do we react?

    In words, in gestures, in actions, in feelings and emotions -- or in whatever other legal, civilized, noble, normal way possible?

    This will be the crucible -- the true test -- of our Deen as well as of our Iman as well as of our membership in the civilized human race: Western or Eastern.

    That means our reaction to the events unfolding in Turkey in full public glare -- on TV and on every other media portal -- will be the true measure not only of our Iman and of our Islam, but also of our basic humanity, of our core moral fiber, of our religious and humanistic conscience, and of our civilized human conduct in general: Western or Eastern.

    Does anyone think some Muslims somewhere, maybe, should be doing a Khatm of Qur’an for Turkey -- and making Du’a for Turkey; and for its democratically elected government of President Erdogan and others; and for its brave and free people who faced bullets with bare chests and took on mutineer military tanks with empty hands -- and made them turn back?

    Let us look at it this way -- those of us (in the West and in all other parts of the world) who value and cherish freedom, democracy, Islam, God, morality, human decency, and common compassion and “charity” (to use a Biblical expression) in this world?

    God forbid, if our own child, or wife, or husband, or parent, or brother, or sister, or friend, or someone else of that kind, were involved in a serious car accident last night, and we watched it all on live television in real time, is this how we will react?

    That should tell us, and that should give us, a true measure of who we are -- as individuals; as a people; and as members of civilized societies in the West and around the world.



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    God’s Greatest Gift to Humanity [Quote – 705]

    Jul 14, 2016 | 1 week, 3 days ago.

    God’s greatest gift to humanity is not merely the fact that God showed humanity the pathway to God, but also the fact that God Almighty ensured through Islam the right, the freedom and the liberty, for all human beings, both as individuals and as societies, that human beings require in order to choose God and follow the path shown by him.

    Or not to do so, should they so choose, and follow a different path, which may be at variance with God’s own chosen path.

    I don’t know who says what on this subject. But this is what the Qur’an has to say on the subject of choosing, or not choosing, God and his path:

    Wa Hadayinaahun Najdayin.


    “And we blazoned before him two different paths.”



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    Did You Know that All It Takes to Change the World 
    Is One Single Human Being? [Quote – 704]

    Jul 14, 2016 | 1 week, 3 days ago.

    Do you know that one single human being is all it takes to change the world of Allah? 

    When I say “change,” I mean to produce good, positive, noble, nice, sweet, wonderful change that will make life on earth better, not only for the human race as a whole, but also, at the same time, better for all of God’s creation on earth, whether that creation consists of plant, animal or human life.

    Examine the history of humanity on earth. You cannot fail to see that it was almost always individuals who appeared on world stage and spearheaded change in the world.

    So, don’t ever think you are one person, but a single individual, so what can you accomplish?

    Don’t forget, you are an individual human being. That is who you are. 

    You are someone whom God created in the finest mold:

    Fee Ahsani Taqweem!

    And you carry in yourself the might and majesty of the entire universe. 

    And you have behind you all the power and all the resources of God Almighty -- your maker and master. 

    Don’t for one moment forget who you work for. You work for Rabbul ‘Aalameen -- the master of all the worlds.

    So, you can change the world, if only you would set your mind to it. 

    And if you would do what it takes to make it happen -- by systematically proceeding to acquire the following:

    All the knowledge you need to know and understand Islam as well as the world; 

    All the skills and techniques you must possess for effective communication and persuasion; 

    All the resources that must be available to you to do your job well; 

    And all the support systems and coalitions that you must build in order to achieve your goals and purposes on earth.

    When you do all this -- and do it all for no other reason than to please Almighty God, and not in the pursuit of your own personal goals and agendas, and you do it with your heart and mind filled with charity and love for all and with malice and hate toward none -- you will change the world for the better as surely as the sun fills the the world with daylight and as the rain floods the earth with life-giving water.

    And when the time comes for you to leave this world, the world would be a better place for your having passed through it. 

    And there is no other thing you could have done in your life that would have been more compelling, or more rewarding, or more consequential than this.



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    Random Thoughts on the Amazing Nature of Islam [Quote – 703]

    Jul 11, 2016 | 1 week, 6 days ago.

    Islam is all about caring and kindness. Regardless of who it is you care for: a human being or an animal.

    And Islam is about family and social and personal responsibility. It is about doing all that needs to be done to help everyone everywhere.

    And Islam is about scholarship and about excellence and hard work in one’s daily life. 

    And Islam is all about being the best you can be in the field of your choice, whether it is science or education and whether it is carpentry, rocket science or manual labor.

    And Islam is about keeping an open mind; and about continually seeking to improve one’s mind; and about inviting and helping others to do the same. 

    And Islam is about getting to know other cultures; and it is about learning new languages, whether the language is Spanish or Arabic, German or Russian. 

    Islam is about wanting to learn new things all the time.



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    A-Laa Lahul Khalqu Wal Amr! [Quote – 702]

    Jul 06, 2016 | 2 weeks, 4 days ago.

    Let us get this sorted out.

    God made us, right? Well, if you are not an atheist, then that is your position, correct? God created us all?

    So, if God did make us, then who do we belong to? Who owns us? Whose property are we? Who has patent rights on us?

    No mumbo-jumbo, religious or otherwise. Just plain, simple, direct answers, please.

    If our creator, or maker, is not our master, our owner that is, then who is?

    OK, if he is our maker and master, then, who should tell us how to behave? Whose writ or mandate should run our lives?

    I say God Almighty’s. What do you think?

    And that is precisely what the following Aayat means -- the passage from the Qur’an that I started out with:

    A-Laa Lahul Khalqu Wal Amr!


    He made us. Created us, that is.
    So, it is his right to run our lives.
    And our world.”



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    Islam Is about Caring about Others [Quote – 701]

    Jul 03, 2016 | 3 weeks ago.

    Human nature may be mostly about caring about oneself and about one’s own. It may be mostly about promoting self-interest.

    Islam, however, is mostly about caring about others.

    And that is largely because there is a perfect equation in Islam, given in a Hadith, that quotes Allah as saying -- in my broad paraphrase:

    So long as an individual is engaged in helping other human beings, 
    and promoting their wellbeing, God Almighty will be engaged 
    in helping such individuals and promoting their wellbeing.



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    Saga of Human Life: From God and To God! [Quote – 700]

    Jun 21, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    Humans have a predictable trajectory in life. Some a bit different than some others in some minor details no doubt. But the basic process -- and the basic beginning and end -- is all the same.

    We are all born weak and vulnerable, just as the Qur’an says.

    And then we grow to great strength and resourcefulness and accomplishments, many of us, again just as the Qur’an states.

    And then the curve inflects, and we return to a new state of feebleness and dependence as life fades and as strength drains from our limbs and muscles and bones. 

    We increasingly become a slave of time and tide, doing things only as we are able to do them, if do them at all. 

    As always -- we should not forget this, as always -- suddenly the mind and body seem to have their own calculus by which they operate. And the Law of Diminishing Returns comes increasingly into play. 

    That means it now takes more time and more effort and more resources to do what at one time seemed effortless and instantaneous.

    The arrogance of personal self-sufficiency and omnipotence falls by the wayside as we turn to everything and everyone in sight for help and support and assistance.

    The flame inside flickers for many for a while and then eventually dies.

    Life returning to the life-giver!

    There are minor variations to this theme in some of the details. But the fundamentals of the story have not changed over time. 

    Nor are they ever likely to.

    The Qur’an sums up the entire human saga -- a saga for which there are no exceptions -- in the following words:

    Innaa Lillahi Wa Innaa Ilaihi Raaji’oon!

    “God is the origin -- of all. 
    Just as God also is the end -- of all.”

    We -- see how personalized this is -- all come from God. And indeed we all shall return to him.

    No truer words were ever spoken.

    And no human being, in their right mind, can possibly miss being a live and active witness to this unfolding of the invariant saga of human life on earth, episode after episode after episode.



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    Sir! You Ain’t No Imam! [Quote – 699]

    Jun 18, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    This morning, my Inbox delivered this mail. Sender’s name said “Imam …” 

    Could not read the actual name. Just that word “Imam.

    When clicked open, the mail revealed the name of a Muslim of some prominence, associated with the work of a Muslim organization of considerable history and repute. 

    The mail was sent to me in official capacity of that Muslim organization and that individual.

    The sender’s name said: “Imam XXXXXXXXXXX

    {The actual name of sender is omitted}

    The following was my response to that mail that I sent out to the sender:

    Assalamu Alaikum,


    The greatest kindness you can do to me -- and quite possibly to a lot of Muslims -- is to drop the prefix “Imam” from your name.

    Just use your name: XXXXXXXXXXX.

    {The actual mail I sent gave the name of the sender}

    And let “Imam” adorn names like Imam Malik, Imam Bukhari, and such.

    {Then I signed my name}

    Muslims, should I give a Fatwa that this abuse and trivialization of the highly honored title of Imam may actually -- I am not saying it does, I am saying it “may,” but that should be scary enough for most people -- constitute a sin of some serious proportions and unknown consequences?



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    Islam is about Respecting Authorship [Quote – 698]

    Jun 15, 2016 | 1 month, 1 week ago.

    My humble request to one and all is: If they are not my words, do not associate them with me and my work.

    And always resist the temptation to change something I may have said or written and then put my name on it. No matter how foolish, or wrong, or stupid my words may sound to you.

    The proper way -- the Islamic way; the Western way; the civilized way -- of doing things is to first cite accurately what I may have said or written and then to criticize or attack it or to agree with it.

    This was the way of our Aslaaf.

    What goes for me also goes for all others -- Muslim or non-Muslim.

    It is to teach these things that Islam came into the world. And this is how the civilized world operates today.

    Anything else is intellectual dishonesty. And it is not Islam.

    And it is a product of flawed character. 

    And, make no mistake, a cause for the downfall of Islam and Muslims.



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