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    Muslims Must Know They Are on Candid Camera — All the Time! [Quote – 933]

    Posted: Sep 09, 2018 | 1 month ago.

    Muslims must know that they are on Candid Camera

    All the time! 

    And with regard to everything that they do. 

    And that means with regard to every breath they take; every word they utter; and every gesture they make. 

    Or fail to, when they must and when they are supposed to.

    And get this, and that includes every thought they think, even though Allah does not punish people till their thoughts are pushed to take the form of words.

    And, thereafter, words are made to morph into actions.

    And what eyes are those that are fixed on the Muslims, as Muslims go about their daily, hourly, minute-by-minute, second-by-nanosecond routine of living life on God’s earth, free of rent or charge, and with all things provided, and every need taken care of? 

    How about turning to God Almighty for at least part of the answer? How about this Aayat Karimah?

    Wa Kuli’Maloo! (Go, do what you have to do!)

    Fa Sa-Yarallahu ‘Amalakum(God Almighty shall see what you are doing).

    Wa Rasooluhu(And so will Allah’s Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam).

    Wal Mu’minoon! (And so shall the believers — of all kinds everywhere).

    That means, among those watching the Muslims, before and during and after everything, is Almighty Allah himself. 

    And then Allah’s angels.

    And then Allah’s Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

    And then Allah’s people, the Muslims: The Human Believers!

    And then the whole world — Muslim and non-Muslim; human and non-human.

    So, Muslims, decide how you want to be seen. By whom? 

    In what condition and situation?

    And doing and saying and thinking precisely what.

    That is right! Thinking precisely what thoughts? And entertaining what ideas?


    Na’oodhu Billahi Min Shuroori Anfusinaa!
    Wa Min Sayyiaati A’maalinaa!



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    The Untranslatable Qur’an
    And the Contradictions in My Writings [Quote – 932]

    Aug 12, 2018 | 2 months ago.

    “You should let Allah handle things for you.
    You really don’t need an advocate or agent other than Allah to handle your affairs for you.”

    Now, this is a paraphrase — only one among many that could be attempted — of the aayah karimah that says:

    Wa Tawakkal Alallah.
    Wa Kafaa Billahi Wakeelaa!

    Others have translated this most amazing Aayat, and every Aayat of the Qur’an is most amazing, in all kinds of other ways. And they are all within ballpark as translations go. 

    Except for one thing: No Translation of the Qur’an is really a Translation, whatever that expression may really stand for, but only a Paraphrase masquerading as Translation.

    I have been saying things about the fundamental untranslatability of the Qur’an that may strike some as contradictory. And, on surface, they are.

    I say Transliterations of the Qur’an are Haram. Transliteration of course means writing the original Arabic of the Qur’an in English (Roman) script. I have argued that this is an impossibility and a nullity.

    And yet I use Transliteration in my writings for the Aayaat (plural for Aayat) I cite — often as my only reference.

    I have also argued quite vehemently that the Qur’an cannot be translated in English language. And yet every time I produce an Aayat in my writings, I also provide what looks like a translation.

    The only thing is that I call my translation a Paraphrase, which is a lot more liberal and broad-based than what most people would consider a Translation to be.

    But I will repeat what I said earlier: All Translations are Paraphrases.

    This is my home-made Linguistic Theory of sorts if you will.

    As for the contradictions in my writings, the only reason I resort to them is necessity. Short of using Transliteration and Paraphrase in my writings, I have no means to communicate to my readers in the English language a sense of what I am trying to say. 

    Either about how to make an attempt to say the aayat as best as you can or with regard to getting a grasp of the basic meaning and thrust of the aayat.

    None at all.



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    Islam Is Excellence!
    Call It “Human Perfection” If You Wish [Quote – 931]

    Aug 09, 2018 | 2 months ago.

    Islam is active engagement. Serious, painstaking, deliberate, total engagement — in everything we do. 

    It is mindfulness at its best and fullest.

    Islam is doing everything we do well and to the best of our human ability.

    And Islam is about acquiring all the education, all the training, all the know-how and all the wherewithal to be able to do everything we do the best way it can be done.

    Islam and sloppiness do not mix. Islam is not doing things in a perfunctory, cursory, halfhearted, lackadaisical manner. 

    And that is the essence of the Sunnah of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam,if you ask me.

    For, Allah’s RasulSallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, produced the last word of excellence, elegance and “Human Perfection” in everything he touched.

    And then he said: 

    “Allah has made it a requirement for you that you do well and wonderfully everything you do.”

    “Even to the point of slaughtering your animals,” he said.

    And he called it Ihsaan

    The Hadith Sharif, which is recorded in Sahih Muslim, reads in part as follows:

    Innallaha Katabal Ihsaana Alaa Kulli Shayi.



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    Muslims Should Tell Themselves [Quote – 930]

    Aug 09, 2018 | 2 months ago.

    Muslims should tell themselves, those of them who read and write, that they cannot live with typos in the text to which they have access any more than they can live with gaping holes in the walls of their homes. 

    Or with missing Carburetors in their cars if cars still use Carburetors, which most cars don’t. Or, maybe, I should say with defective Fuel Injection Systems.

    Typos are that serious.

    For, Islam is “Human Perfection,” right here on this earth, even though perfection is a Divine Attribute, and not attainable by “Man,” as the Christian-Jewish-Western writers would say.

    And even though the expression “Human Perfection” is an oxymoron.

    But one thing should be clear: Making, reproducing, condoning, accepting and ignoring typos in our texts is a sin. 

    That is right: A SinA typo is a sin.

    And I repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness for all the typos I have been instrumental in producing, causing, condoning, ignoring or tolerating.



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    Hadith Is the Only True History in the World [Quote – 929]

    Jul 16, 2018 | 3 months ago.

    There are times when to be a Muslim is to be a stranger in one’s own land. And among one’s own friends, relatives and people. For, that in many ways is the nature of Islam. 

    That is the basic nature of TruthTruth often has few friends in this world.

    The fact is, Islam came into this world as a stranger. Ghareeb is the word the Hadith Sharif uses. 

    The words of the Hadith, if I recall them right, are:

    Bada-al Islamu Ghareeban.

    Islam started out as a Ghareeb: as a stranger; as an alien; as a foreigner; as an outsider; as an unfamiliar entity.

    And here is the other part of that same Hadith Sharif“Islam shall return to being a Ghareeb.” 

    Islam shall become a stranger, in our midst, one more time; or from time to time; or at the end time, when the world is about to end.

    When that happens, Islam shall have few friends. It shall have few among people who will be able to recognize its true contours and dimensions; and understand them; and articulate them; and stand up for them, champion them and defend them. 

    Here is how that same Hadith Sharif phrases that notion:

    Wa Sa-Ya’oodu Kamaa Bada-a.


    “And Islam shall return to how it began.”

    What a Hadith! Allahu Akbar!

    Like all the most glorious Ahaadeeth — plural for Hadith. Each and every one of them.

    The world has no literature like the Hadith. And certainly no better or more authentic or truthful or accurate account of any period or culture or time or individual or group or nation or society or event in the world.

    Hadith is the only true History that exists in the world. While all that the world refers to as History is guesswork and speculation and patchwork of truth and non-truth. 

    Hadith is the only true eyewitness and participant account of historical reality. While that which we call History is generally a hit-and-miss account of things by individuals three, four or ten times removed from reality.

    And there are still people in this world who question whether Islam is true and that it came directly from Allah — God Almighty?



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    How Generous and Gracious We Humans Can Be! [Quote – 928]

    Jun 06, 2018 | 4 months ago.

    I absolutely, positively love us humans.  Not the least for our most amazing generosity and graciousness when it comes to Working for Allah.

    To begin with, Allah says we are his property. And without a doubt, we live on Allah’s earth. And we use the body that Allah gave us to do everything we do in this world. 

    And then, all through our life, we get super busy doing the work of everybody else, including our own. 

    And then in flashes of the most amazing generosity and graciousness, we, from time to time, try to find some “spare” moments in which we can do Allah’s Work.

    See how cute we humans can be? Now, do you blame me for loving us humans the way I do?



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    How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too [Quote – 927]

    Jun 06, 2018 | 4 months ago.

    Your journey to God begins when your preoccupation with your own self begins to taper off.

    That means the more ascendant and salient you make yourself in your list of priorities, and in your own scheme of things, and the more prominent your child, spouse, job or business is in the calculus of your life, the slower and more arduous and fitful your journey to God. And the farther and more uncertain your destination.

    Even though God Almighty is near. He is close by. By his own testimony. In his own words. Hear him says so in the Qur’an:

    “Fa-Innee Qareeb.”


    “I am close.”

    Closer than one’s own jugular vein in fact. Again, just as the Qur’an says:

    Wa Nahnu Aqrabu Ilayihi Min Hablil Wareed.

    Unless, of course, you master the true Islamic technique of doing things, under which you love God first and foremost; you love him unconditionally; and you love him above all else.

    And then, thereafter, you compress and derive all your worldly loves, whether it is your love for your family, career, country or even yourself, from that single most dominant and all-consuming love and passion in your life – Unconditional Love of God.

    That total and single-minded devotion for God then validates, legitimizes, blesses and consecrates every other lawful love you may have in this world, whether it is love of a child, parent, sport, business, spouse, career, nation, society, culture or place.

    This is a Divine Formula, designed by God to help human beings find true and complete success in their life. When you embrace and implement this formula without reservation, you gain everything. And you lose nothing.

    There never was a better way to have your cake and eat it too.



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    Said This Before, Saying It Again! [Quote – 926]

    Jun 05, 2018 | 4 months ago.

    Imagine a household.

    Imagine a household in which the father works hard to provide for the family. There is a daughter in the family and she works very, very hard to give herself the best education she can.

    And the mother, she breaks her bones and burns her brains everyday to keep the entire household running as smoothly as possible.

    Imagine such a household. And then ask yourself: How far can such a household be from Islam?

    From that most amazing system of belief and behaviour that God called Islam and that he sent down into this world to help human beings live a good life on earth. Both as individuals and as groups and societies.

    All you need to do thereafter is to throw into this family’s equation of life some of the staples of Islam such as Belief in one GodBelief in Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, as the last and final messenger of God; and Belief in the Day of Judgment as a reality and a certainty.

    You do that and you have built a solid foundation of Islam around such a household.

    All that remains to be attended to after that are some practical requirements of daily living such as Prayer (Salaah) and Fasting (Siyaam) and Cleanliness (Tahaarah) and you have got yourself as complete a picture of Islam as you may wish.

    That is right. That is what Islam comes down to in terms of day-to-day living right here in this world.

    So, why should not all the nice and wholesome households of today, in every part of the world, from every culture and background, look to Islam to help them fill and complete what is missing in their life?

    And thus help turn their success in This World into a passport for even greater success in the Next World.



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    Clarifying the Deen of Allah to the World of Today [Quote – 925]

    Jun 05, 2018 | 4 months ago.

    For a Muslim, the way I see it, there is no greater duty than to clarify the Core Concepts of Allah’s Deen to a world that seems to be so steeped in confusion and mired in mystery.

    Allah made his Deen simple and clear. But the world is bent on making it complex and obtuse. 

    And most Muslims appear to have become partners in the process of mystifying Islam. And, as a result, in rendering Islam less accessible and less hospitable to most ordinary human beings around the world.

    In times such as these, every Muslim is called upon to do all he or she can to dispel the mystery and to remove the cobwebs from the fundamental precepts and practices of Islam.



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    For this Month of Ramadan
    Some More Adhkaar (Plural for Dhikr) [Quote – 924]

    May 23, 2018 | 4 months ago.

    Dhikr in this context means repeatedly reciting Allah’s name and his word multiple times. As many times as you can can. How you can and where you can.

    To talk about Allah is also Dhikr

    And so is thinking about Allah. And about Allah’s Creation. 

    And about your own duties and responsibilities in the world of Allah.

    All that is Dhikr. And there is nothing more important or more powerful in life than Dhikr of Allah.

    My preference is NOT to change the Kalaam of Allah as he has used it in the Qur’an. But to use it the way it occurs in the Qur’an — without any changes whatsoever.

    So, here are some more Adhkaar (plural for Dhikr) to read and to recite, especially when faced with difficulties and challenges in life.

    And not the least during the month of Ramadan.

    It helps to read Darood Sharif several times, preferably odd times, before and after. 

    Of course, Darood Sharif is your Life Jacket in navigating the turbulent waters of life — anywhere, anytime, in any situation or context. 

    All the time!

    1. “Hasbunallahu wa Ni’mal Wakeel.”

    2. “Ni’mal Mawulaa wa Ni’man Naseer.”

    3. “Wa Kafaa Billahi Waliyyan wa Kafaa Billahi Naseeraa.”

    4. “Wa Kafaa Billahi Wakeelaa.”

    5. “Sa-Yaj’alullahu Ba’d ‘Usrin Yusraa.”

    6. “Fa-Inna M’al ‘Usri Yusran, Inna Ma’al ‘Usri Yusraa.”

    7. “A-Laa Inna Nasrallahi Qareeb.”

    8. “Hasbiyallah.”

    9. “Hasbiyallahu Laa Ilaaha Illaa Huwa Alaihi Tawakkaltu Wa Huwa Rabbul ‘Arshil ‘Azeem.”

    10. “Ujeebu Da’watad Daa’i Idhaa Da’aanee.”



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    Things That Move Mountains [Quote – 923]

    May 22, 2018 | 4 months ago.

    Qur’an is what keeps this world going. It is not a matter of one’s faith to say that. It is things people with eyes can see.

    One single word of the Qur’an will outweigh the entire universe in the scale, if there were such a scale in place.

    And there is.

    Didn’t Allah say:

    “Lawu Anzalnaa Haadhal Qur’ana Alaa Jabalin 
    La-Ra-Aytahoo Khashi’an Mutasaddi’aa.”


    If this Qur’an were to be set at a mountain, 
    the mountain will crumble to pieces.”

    So, here are some Aayaats from the Qur’an that will move mountains. If you are inclined, feel free to recite them. Especially, if you are facing some kind of a difficulty. And who among us does not?

    That is called Dhikr.

    1. “Hasbunallahu wa Ni’mal Wakeel.”

    2. “Ni’mal Mawulaa wa Ni’man Naseer.”

    3. “Wa Kafaa Billahi Waliyyan wa Kafaa Billahi Naseeraa.”

    4. “Wa Kafaa Billahi Wakeelaa.”

    5. “Sa-Yaj’alullah Ba’d ‘Usrin Yusraa.”

    6. “Fa-Inna M’al ‘Usri Yusran, Inna Ma’al ‘Usri Yusraa.”

    7. “A-Laa Inna Nasrallahi Qareeb.”

    These are all aayaat (plural for Aayat) taken directly from the Qur’an. Their Dhikr has the power to move mountains. And to crush adversities to dust.

    If you can, and if you care, feel free to recite them. As often as you can.



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    This Ramadan, a Wish, a Prayer [Quote – 922]

    May 18, 2018 | 5 months ago.

    May Allah make this Ramadan a source of all kinds of worldly and other worldly blessings for all of you and your families.

    And to all of us and our families too, whatever the difference.

    And to the entire Khalq of Allah, which I somehow believe is part of my family too: Allah’s entire creation

    It is worrying about the world of Allah — Allah’s Khalq — that keeps me up at night. And rings torrents of pain and grief out of my eyes during the day. 

    As I watch helplessly Allah’s world burn and smolder right before our eyes, and writhe and cry in agony and torment, as we, the Good Muslims, go about our business and our “worldly concerns” — jobs, education, family, business, profession, vacation and everything else — with perfect equanimity and indifference.

    So, what can I do but to say: May we all be better Muslims this Ramadan than we have been in all previous Ramadans and in all other months and days.



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