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"If the book is read with the seriousness and attention it merits, it has the potential to have as profound and far-reaching an impact on religion, society, government and human relations as Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species eventually came to have on scientific and social thought nearly a century and a half earlier." ISLAM: NEW FRONTIERS, Book Review

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 “Dr. Pasha Renews Call for World Day of Repentance to be observed on October 11, 2016” 

World Day of Repentance

Ramadan is the Month of the Qur'an.

For this Ramadan, 1437/2016, and thereafter, a simple and easy way for Muslims around the world to restore, revive, rebuild and strengthen their relationship with the Qur'an could be to use the Qur'an Scale given below:




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    Last and First, What Difference Does It Make? [Quote – 730]

    Posted: Sep 13, 2016 | 2 weeks ago.

    Sometimes I think what people may think is the last, may, in the life of a Muslim, may even be the first.

    Last of what, or first of what, don’t ask me what any of that means. 

    But I have heard educated people say, scientists and such, that many things in life, in this world, stretch from infinity to infinity, on either side of the spectrum of reality.

    One negative, maybe, and the other positive.

    So, where things begin and where things end may all be in the eye of the beholder as they may say.

    And then I open the Qur’an and my eyes hit the following words of the Aayat Karimah, describing Almighty Allah:

    Huwal Awwalu Wal Aakhiru!


    “He is the first!
    And he is the last!”

    Does anyone know what that means?

    “He was, when nothing else was.
    And he will be when nothing else will be.”

    How? That is not ours to fathom. 

    But is that the truth? Of course, it is!

    Kullu Man Alaihaa Faan,
    Wa Yabqaa Wajhu Rabbika,
    Dhul Jalaali Wal Ikraam!

    And what is that expression “else” doing in these two lines above? 

    I have not a clue!



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    We Use “History” To Understand the Present —
    And Illumine the Future [Quote – 729]

    Sep 07, 2016 | 3 weeks ago.

    This work is about Allah. And it is not about anyone of us as individuals or groups.

    And it is not about our kith and kin.

    And this work is not even about our community or society.

    This work is purely about Working for Allah — wherever and whenever we are on God Almighty’s earth.

    And doing it the best way we can possibly understand or know how.

    And to tell you the truth, as they say, nothing else matters: not us; not our friends and relatives; not anyone else; not our lives; or careers; or anything else.

    The only thing that matters is that we do the Work right — and well.

    As a result, when, from time to time, we use references to the past, we do so, purely to provide perspective on the work. We do it to make our work understood better by us — today and tomorrow. 

    Because, if we do not understand the true nature of our work, the best of us will remain episodic workers at best — for ever.

    So, our references to the past, then, whenever they occur, are to provide perspective on our work: how it started; where it moved; how it sputtered; and how it “succeeded” or failed.

    And where it is headed tomorrow — in the future.

    If we study he Qur’an carefully, we would know how the Qur’an uses the past to understand the present and illumine the path to the future.

    Seeroo Fil Ardi Fanzuroo Kaifa Kaana ‘Aaqibatul Mujrimeen.


    Travel around and see what lessons the past holds for you 
    — how the criminals finally ended up;
    And what fate they met.”



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    How Allah Facilitates Things — For All [Quote – 728]

    Sep 06, 2016 | 3 weeks ago.

    Some of us plod along on the often lonely path of Working for Allah, while the rest of us linger — and tarry. And take a break — and rest. And slow down. And get busy with other pressing demands of life. Or just plain get distracted and lose focus. But the reality is, it […]


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    Why I Write [Quote – 727]

    Sep 06, 2016 | 3 weeks ago.

    I write, not to show off. Or to kill time. I write to produce literature to train people into Islamic Theory — our people, more than anyone else.  That is, those people who join us in the work we do and whom we call those Working for Allah. We express this work in different ways, […]


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    Our Du’a Is Our Bond [Quote – 726]

    Sep 06, 2016 | 3 weeks ago.

    Physically, human beings are tied together by a common drop of Adam’s blood. But the psychological and spiritual bonds of faith tie them tighter together. 

    Du’a — praying for each other — is a rope that God dropped from heaven to bind us together on earth. 

    Across all the earthly distances that separate human beings in this world, Du’a, this rope of Allah, creates bonds of caring and sharing their joys and sorrows among them.

    Believers then become like one single body — when one part suffers, the entire body responds with fever and aches and wakefulness.

    And that is a Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.



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    The One Thing We All Need To Do — 
    When We Say We Are Working for Allah — 
    Is To Read Our Literature! [Quote – 725]

    Sep 05, 2016 | 3 weeks ago.

    All those among us who think or say they are Working for Allah, the greatest personal favor anyone of them can do to each other is to read our literature — carefully, systematically and painstakingly.

    Almost word by word.

    And over and over and over.

    Books like Four Words that Changed the World  All It Takes Is You.

    And books like Still Working for Allah in the West — Theory and Methodology.

    And all the other books and articles that are on www.IslamicSolutions.Com.

    It is also the greatest favor they can do to themselves. For, that is the core and essence of our work — first and foremost. 

    And everything else is predicated upon it.

    If they all read and understand the literature, they will know what the real work is that we all are supposed to do. 

    And how to go about doing that work.

    And why they should be doing it in the first place.

    If, on the other hand, they cheat on reading the literature, or cut corners, or make excuses, or pretend they did not hear the call, or honestly think they did not need to do it, they will at best be mere flashes in the pan — here today, gone tomorrow.

    From time to time, they will be doing bits and pieces of this and that as they feel the need or the pressure and as they are told to do.

    At best, their work will be episodic, disjointed, directionless, ad hoc, purposeless and in a sense helter-skelter.

    As the Qur’an puts it, they will essentially be:

    Fi Kulli Waadin Yaheemoon.


    “They will be wandering here, there, everywhere,
    without really knowing where they are going,
    or what they are doing — or why.”

    Others, the more sturdy ones, will move to greener pastures — to anything from Islamic Cookouts and Halal Travel to any other Islamic outfits and celebrity joints that may be peddling a brand of Islam with more jazz, oomph and pizzazz.

    All will end up in Paradise. After they all die. No doubt about that.

    And that is the beauty of it all. Islam, at any level, is basically anybody’s ticket to Paradise.

    But right here on this earth, which is the real question, Allah will find his own people who will do his work. 

    People who will not cheat; who will not cut corners; who will keep their word; and who will fulfill the promise they made to Allah. And they will be true to the covenant they entered into with Allah.

    Fa-Minhum Man Qadaa Nahbahu wa Minhum Man Yantazir.

    “Some kept their word and already fulfilled their commitment;
    Some others await their turn.”

    Wa Maa Baddaloo Tabdeela!

    “But the one thing they did not do was to 
    change the terms of their contract with God.
    And go back on their word.”

    So, that is our work, people, that is our work: to read and make others read; to learn ourselves and to teach others.

    Even as we never stop running around like mad doing all the chores and physical labors that we must do and that are associated with our work.

    Burning the midnight oil during the night, as it were, and searing the soles of our feet during the day in the blistering sun.

    Ruhbaanun Billaili,
    Fursaanun Binnahaar!

    “They will live like monks during the night,
    And like brave soldiers on horseback during the day.”

    And that is what we all are supposed to do.

    Read! And get everyone else in the world to read!

    Learn and teach everyone else in the world.

    Understand and make everyone else in the world understand.

    And do all the work pertaining thereto. As long as there is a breath left in our body.

    Not on others’ sayso or behest. 

    But on our own initiative and responsibility.

    That is our work.

    Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum!

    “That is your God! 
    And that is the work you do for him.”


    Fa-Maa Dhaa Ba’dal Haqqi Illad Dalaal?

    “Once we turn our back on Haqq, 
    the Truth,
    And the right way of doing things,
    what else is there but to get lost and go astray?”



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    Alhamdulillah All The Way [Quote – 724]

    Aug 25, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    Dr. Judy Kamalodeen

    In our busy life, when we catch a moment to reflect on what is going on, there seems to be no alternative but to say Alhamdulillah for all that we have or don’t.

    And for all that we are and we aren’t. 

    In the meantime, let us help each other to grow and support all our efforts and all our families.

    Change is part of life. May Allah make it the best for all concerned.



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    Islam Is All About Team Building [Quote – 723]

    Aug 24, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    Islam is not just for individuals. Even though individuals are always at the core of it all.

    Islam is about building, nurturing and training teams that will work for Allah in their private as well as in their public affairs. 

    And Islam is about becoming a part and parcel of such teams — wherever they exist, and regardless of all the odds.



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    Transparency & Accountability [Quote – 722]

    Aug 24, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    I don’t know what others think. But to me Islam is all about transparency and accountability. Both before God and before People.

    When those of us who claim or think they are working for Allah fall short on the fronts of transparency and accountability, we fall short on Islam. Period.



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    Islam and Ketchup [Quote – 721]

    Aug 24, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    For some people, Islam is like ketchup. Life goes on with or without Islam.

    Fries decidedly taste better with ketchup. But fries go on ketchup or no ketchup.

    And, luckily, how many brands there are — of ketchup. When you run from one, you can always find refuge in any of the others. For, after all, they all call themselves “ketchup.”

    So also Islam.

    Every Islamic outfit not only calls itself “Islam,” everybody even has a label that reads:

    “The Only Real and Original Islam Ketchup. Directly From the First Tomatoes Ever Made!”



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    A Trip and a Man and a Book [Quote – 720]

    Aug 15, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    It was a trip I was supposed to be too ill to make. It was an unlikely trip.

    But the trip was made anyway. Allah made it happen — as Allah makes everything happen.

    And on that trip I met a man — an unlikely man. And he told me an unlikely thing.

    He said he often finished the Qur’an — doing a Khatm of the Qur’an as they say, from cover to cover — once in two days. 

    That is 15 Juz or parts of the Qur’an a day! 

    And it is fifteen Khatm a month, right? 

    Right here on this earth? Right now in our own age and time? And I met such a man?

    How likely is that? The entire trip was supposed not to happen, a most unlikely trip, given how unroadworthy some people were.

    And the fact that I got to shake the hand of this man? What a jackpot that was, as they may say.

    And he was such an unlikely man. Tall and elegant and most unassuming — and clean shaven as a whistle. Soft of voice and mild of manner with an incredible sense of humor.

    Are there more people like him on this earth?

    And are these people the reason why the sun still rises from the East and the sky still sustains and nourishes life on earth by giving it water?

    And what a book, this Qur’an.

    “It just happens,” said the man when he saw me so completely aghast by the news I had just heard. “Once you pick up the Qur’an, you can’t put it down.”

    And he said: “It goes by itself.”

    What a man!

    And what a book!



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    Doing a Better Job with Our Posting of Our Work [Quote – 719]

    Aug 15, 2016 | 1 month ago.

    Here is how, maybe, we can improve our work of posting our posts.

    And how not to miss our mail.

    Let us try and sit down with a laptop of some kind in a designated place. I mean rather than do things while we scurry about with a cell phone attached to our anatomy.

    Let us read very carefully — both the posts that need to be posted and the requests and instructions that go with them.

    If necessary, let us set aside a certain time of day or night for doing so.

    Let us do the same for reading our mail if we can.

    I somehow have this primitive notion in my mind that, maybe that way, we will reduce error in our postings and in our spotting and reading of our mail.



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