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"If the book is read with the seriousness and attention it merits, it has the potential to have as profound and far-reaching an impact on religion, society, government and human relations as Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species eventually came to have on scientific and social thought nearly a century and a half earlier." ISLAM: NEW FRONTIERS, Book Review

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 “Dr. Pasha Renews Call for World Day of Repentance to be observed on October 11, 2016” 

World Day of Repentance

Ramadan is the Month of the Qur'an.

For this Ramadan, 1437/2016, and thereafter, a simple and easy way for Muslims around the world to restore, revive, rebuild and strengthen their relationship with the Qur'an could be to use the Qur'an Scale given below:




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    It Is a Matter of Priorities [Quote – 744]

    Posted: Oct 27, 2016 | 34 minutes ago.

    The difference between those who followed Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, directly, during his own lifetime, the Sahaabah Kiraam, and those of us who claim to follow him today is a fairly simple and clear one:

    They had their priorities right.
    And we have our priorities mixed up and upside down.



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    When You Work for Allah:
    And Print Literature in His Name! [Quote – 743]

    Oct 27, 2016 | 7 hours ago.

    When you say you Work for Allah, these should be some of your standards:

    When we edit our work for printing, let us say:

    If it is not good enough for a textbook for Harvard and Princeton and Stanford, it is not good enough for us. 

    Even though for every dollar they have, we have only $.0000000000000000000000000? 

    And for every 10,000 qualified people they have, we have only .0000000000000000? human element. 

    And compared to their levels of training, education, sophistication and skills, we have only .00000000000000000000000?

    But we have Allah’s Book in our hands where all perfection resides. 

    There is no other book on earth that manifested itself on earth with the claim of Laa Rayiba Feeh!

    Meaning: No imperfection, or blemish, or shortcoming, or deficiency, or doubt could be associated with it.

    Or placed at its door.

    And anything that comes out of that Book, or speaks in its name, or using That BookDhaalikal Kitaab — as a reference in any shape or form, that work must strain every sinew to attain the highest level of perfection that is possible for a human to reach on this earth — in this world of imperfection.

    That Book — Dhaalikal Kitaab — was perfect when it showed up in this world in a barren desert, among an illiterate people, at the hands of an illiterate man, at a time when there were not too many books, not too many libraries, no printing presses, and not too many people knew how to read or write. 

    Nor were all human beings even allowed to do that — learn to read and write I mean.

    At such a time, in such a place, among such a people, That Book – Dhaalikal Kitaab — was a Model of Perfection in every way.

    Today, when education is common, universities are everywhere, and computers rule the world, and people tote them around in the palm of their hands, there should be no reason for anyone to give That Book — Dhaalikal Kitaab — or to anything that emerges from That Book or is associated with That Book anything less than our 10,0000 Percent. 

    And then ask: Is this really good enough? Did we really do a good job?



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    What Allah Wants Is What His People Will Do:
    How Hard Is That To Get? [Quote – 742]

    Oct 25, 2016 | 1 day ago.

    Allah bless all the Coworkers and their families and their leadership for the amazing work they all do. Getting our literature revised and proofread and printed.

    And all our audio recorded, shipped, cleaned, debugged and posted.

    Month after month, year after year.

    These amazing men and women. All over the world. Allah bless them all.

    No, often these days I do not read the proof. I try not to. But may Allah reward these people who do. And may Allah accept their efforts.

    I do hope and pray, however, people will read this literature and listen to our tapes. For, this material indeed is unlike any, no matter how you look at it.

    And it is fundamental to a clearer understanding of Islam, Muslims and the World in our time.

    The fact is, people will read and listen, if he wants.

    And if they don’t, well, it is his world. And they are his people.

    As for me, I feel I don’t even belong. Just like an outsider looking in. I seem to have nothing in common with this august assembly of his devotees. 

    Others may have a claim on him, I don’t. If the angels forget to count me as among those present, I will probably be the happiest soul alive — or dead.

    MIA: Missing in Action! I have no problem with that.



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    On Being an American Patriot! [Quote – 741]

    Oct 23, 2016 | 4 days ago.

    Muslims don’t get it. 

    And they don’t even listen. 

    Nor, when they do appear to listen, do they actually pay attention and try to process and understand what is being said.

    And over and above all that, they are Shaitan’s Prime Target for all kinds of harm and jeopardy: physical; spiritual; psychological; material; financial; political; and all other kinds of harm.

    Usually, instead of the heights and expanses you want them to explore, and to which they are not generally accustomed, Muslims reflexively tend to drag you to the depths that form their traditional comfort zones.

    So, in any age and place, dealing with Muslims is the Challenge of the Century.

    All this is prelude to one simple personal statement — and all statements are personal statements: 


    Now, can we talk?

    But before you go any further, let me add this part-rhetorical question:


    And then let me add this comment:




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    Working for Allah:
    From Episodic to Consumed [Quote – 740]

    Oct 23, 2016 | 4 days ago.

    Many of us good people, those who say or think we Work for Allah, are Episodists

    Many of us.

    We “work” when we are told to — when we have to; and when we are called upon — and then we go dormant. We go underground as it were. 

    Basically, we just go where our heart is.

    We wait for the right time and occasion to do the right thing: that is, to Work for Allah.

    We wait for orders and invitations to stir off the couch — orders and calls from our local Mullas; from our so-called leaders; from whomever.

    But Islam is about total absorption. 

    Islam is about being totally consumed in and by your work — 24 hours; 7 days a week; 12 months a year; for all the years of your life that Allah grants you in this world.

    And making everything else secondary to it.



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    Widening the Qur’an Circle [Quote – 739]

    Oct 23, 2016 | 4 days ago.

    Qur’an means Reading. And reading is what Muslims must do. Especially the Qur’an. They must read the Qur’an as much as they could. 

    No excuse, I should say, should go untapped and unused — for reading the Qur’an. 

    For those of us, that is, who may need an “excuse” — or a reason as they say — to get out of their Facebook and other hot pursuits and pick up the Mushaf.

    So, our goal should constantly be bringing in new people. Even if it happens in the form of rewiring and reconnecting with the old people.



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    Busy Working for Allah [Quote – 738]

    Oct 23, 2016 | 4 days ago.

    It seems those who are busy doing Allah’s Work, Allah gets them to be even more busy doing His Work.

    And he finds them all kinds of new and exciting opportunities to do so.

    Only Allah knows what kind of reward such Busy Bees of Allah’s Work would be entitled to from Allah — both in this world and in the next world.



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    Who Is Minding All Those New Media?
    And All Those People Who Use Them? [Quote – 737]

    Oct 15, 2016 | 1 week ago.

    Dr. Firdaus Kamalodeen

    There is a huge world out there for us to access through Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp social media. 

    So even as we concentrate on printing and distribution our literature explaining what it means to Work for Allah in the West, and inviting people to join us and lend their shoulders to this wheel, we have to spend time and energy in reaching all kinds of other and more and newer people through these new media channels. 

    There are many encouraging signs through our limited Twitter experience. Some people we do not have a clue about are re-tweeting our tweets or adding us to their circulation lists, making our tweets and broader message available to a lot more people. 


    But there are many many conversations taking place all around, on the social media, to which we can and must add our voice.

    So let us channel at least some of our energies and efforts in these directions as well. 



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    Essence of Islam Is Working Together as a Team [Quote – 736]

    Oct 15, 2016 | 1 week ago.

    If a tiny band of Muslims cannot work together as a team for the achievement of our common goals, under a leadership that we ourselves elected and put in place, following a program we wholeheartedly approve and support, then, we should be very afraid to bring the sacred and blessed name of Allah to our lips.

    Very afraid.

    Even the Bible makes this clear as the Commandment (Exodus I think) clearly states:

    Thou shalt not take the name of thy God in vain!

    So, let us all make Tawubah and get on with the job of Working for Allah with renewed commitment, vigor and sincerity.

    And trying seriously not to use Allah’s name in vain — to cover up our failings and shortcomings.



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    Iblees and His Ilk [Quote – 735]

    Oct 15, 2016 | 1 week ago.

    Allah says in the Qur’an, Iblees and his ilk see you the way you cannot see “him.”

    Says the Qur’an:

    Min Hayithu Laa Tarawunahoo.

    Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, says: Shaitan races through your veins like blood.

    Says the Hadith:

    Majrad Dam!

    As a result, part of the challenge of being a Muslim is to be able to recognize Iblees and his Ilk — Shaitan — in all their disguises.

    The Qur’an and Hadeeth both make it clear that Shayateen — plural for Shaitan — come in the form Jinn as well as humans.

    So, there are two kinds of Shayaateen: Jinn and Ins.

    Ins is human beings whom God created with clay. Jinn is a creature God made with fire.

    Iblees, the Shaitan, was a Jinn, says the Qur’an. And he chose to disobey God’s command.

    This is how the Qur’an puts it:

    Kaana Minal Jinni!
    Fa-Fasaqa An Amri Rabbihi!

    And the job of the Believers Mu’mins, Muslims — everywhere is to be able to identify both kinds of Shayaateen in their midst in a timely manner and deal with them both effectively.



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    What Muslims Have Done to Islam [Quote – 734]

    Oct 13, 2016 | 1 week ago.

    Allah designed Islam as an Operating System by which his world will work.

    He also gave it to Adam and his progeny as a toolkit with which they could run their mandate as Khalifah on earth — run the affairs of the world.

    Muslims, following earlier people, turned Islam into a supernatural thing. And packed Allah’s earth with all kinds and grades of Islamic “Priests.”

    A system that came from Heaven to set humanity on earth free from the tyranny of priests, ends up as a toy in the hands of its own “priests”?

    That is, people who pass themselves out as “Islamic Priests“? Can you believe that?

    And whom their followers — so many among “The People” — accept and support in that role: the role of “Islamic Priests”?

    What kind of Zulm is this? And what kind of price will Muslims pay for this Zulm?

    Don’t be surprised if Shaitan is laughing all the way to Hell — Jahannam.



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    Two Approaches to Life – Or Is It Death? [Quote – 733]

    Oct 02, 2016 | 3 weeks ago.

    There is not a doubt that we are all on our return journey to God – each and every one of us.

    The Qur’an makes that categorically clear.

    Wa Inaa Ilaihi Raaji’oon!


    “We are all marching back to God!”

    The first step in this return journey was our arrival in this world as a newborn baby, I should think.

    Or was it our conception in our mothers’ wombs?

    Or was it the encryption that was written when we were still in our fathers’ loins?

    Or was it some earlier time when our return journey to God was really ticketed and commenced?

    Regardless, it seems to me, the train is on the move, for each one of us, regardless of our gender, age or station in life.

    And this train of life is unstoppable – for all of us. That is one thing human beings have not been able to figure out how to do: stop the train of life from moving.

    For, in this world, to be alive is to be marching to one’s death. Because life in this world is the precursor to death.

    Death that leads to life. Death that separates one life from another.

    So, for us humans, our beginning is our end. And our end a new beginning.

    But what is striking is how we approach our end – the end of time as it were. For, the Hadith Sharif says, when an individual dies, that is the end of time for that individual.

    It is Qiyaamat (Day of Resurrection) so far as that person is concerned.

    Qaamat Qiyaamatuhoo!

    That is how the Hadith Sharif characterizes that situation.

    But I am intrigued by how people seem to approach their destination. Some people, it seems to me, just sit and wait for the train to slip into the station.

    But some others, even as they know the platform is approaching, keep themselves busy doing whatever it is that they have been doing.

    These are two very different approaches to one’s end of time.

    One is to wait for the icy fingers of death to reach out and grab you – and be mindful of it all the time.

    Even though constantly reminding oneself of one’s own mortality and impending death – for, death is impending for all, old as well as young, for, as I said earlier, to be living is to be dying – is an Islamic requirement.

    And the other, to put it out of your mind and just keep on working – especially, if you happen to be one of those who think or say they are Working for Allah.

    They are people who, if they are holding a plant in their hand intending to plant it, they want to finish planting it, if they can, before they are whisked off.

    And that, by the way, is also a Hadith Sharif.

    They are people who want to keep doing their work till the very last picosecond (one-trillionth part of a second) of their life on earth, while the angels are busy doing their own job preparing to parcel them off from the mortal coils of Duniya (as Shakespeare calls it) into the immortal life of Aakhirah – the life that is forever.

    Khaalideena Feehaa Abadaa!



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