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"If the book is read with the seriousness and attention it merits, it has the potential to have as profound and far-reaching an impact on religion, society, government and human relations as Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species eventually came to have on scientific and social thought nearly a century and a half earlier." ISLAM: NEW FRONTIERS, Book Review

Ramadan is the Month of the Qur'an.

For this Ramadan, 1437/2016, and thereafter, a simple and easy way for Muslims around the world to restore, revive, rebuild and strengthen their relationship with the Qur'an could be to use the Qur'an Scale given below:




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    Training Muslims in Their Outreach Efforts [Quote – 819]

    Posted: May 22, 2017 | 1 day ago.

    I don’t know what this Outreach Thing really means, even though I do use that expression “outreach” from time to time myself. 

    In any case, here is a bit of training for those engaged in outreach efforts, whatever they are.

    I sound as if Muslims have a choice: to do outreach work or not to do it. Muslim really don’t. They don’t have a choice.

    For, Islam is outreach, period. And that means for anyone to be a Muslim and not to “outreach” in some form or fashion is an oxymoron. 

    It is a little bit like diving into a deep pool and thinking about not getting wet. It never was and it never will be.

    But whatever that outreach thing means, if it has anything to do with doing what all the prophets of God, Alaihim Assalam, did, then I suppose, in our times, it comes down to Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It — and Which One Does Not?

    And that boils down to making every effort, and expending every ounce of energy and every microsecond of time and every dollar of wealth and resources with which Allah Almighty might have blessed you, to reach out to all kinds of people in this world — both Muslim and non-Muslim — with the message of Islam and inviting them all to the path of Allah.

    It is basically a Sales Job

    The difference is while others sell cars and things, you are selling Haqq: Truth

    And while the best the others can offer is a “good deal” on some kind of a worldly commodity, or service, you are offering the greatest possible deal on the greatest possible prize not only in all of this world but also in the next world: Jannat.

    And beyond Jannat itself Ridwaanullah!

    Wa Ridwaanun Minallahi Akbar!

    And if that is your mission, to invite the whole world to Allah, you most likely also need what the prophets of God, Alaihimus Salaam, possessed and displayed: Unswerving Persistence.

    Call it Sabr and Istiqaamat if you want.

    I don’t want to sound rude or disrespectful in the choice of my words to describe this, but it is like saying you need a pretty “Thick Skin” when you are Working for Allah. And that means you should be able to handle rejection, and disappointment, and handle them well, and be able to handle a lot of them.

    How can you not? All salespeople do have that quality. They handle a lot of rejection. And they persevere!

    And all they are asking, these sellers of cars and things, is to part with a little bit of your money in return for something tangible and physical and wonderful. 

    But you, you are so very different. You are asking people to put their entire life on the line, and all of that for nothing they can see or touch in this world. 

    They will have to wait to die before they take delivery of what they paid for in this world with all kinds of toil and trouble and sacrifice and wealth and hard work.

    Don’t you think it is fair they should balk a bit? These people that you invite to come to Allah? And they should ask you a few times to come back before they even listen to what you have to say?



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    What An Easy Way to Earn Blessings! [Quote – 818]

    May 17, 2017 | 6 days ago.

    I don’t know how many and what kind of blessings God Almighty will shower on those who take the time and trouble to spell out “Assalamu Alaikum,” rather than fall victim to meaningless ACRONYMs like “AA.”

    In doing this what may appear to many people to be a very small thing, these good and blessed people actually are, among other things, safeguarding our one-of-a-kind Islamic heritage, which comes directly from of the pages of the Qur’an, and which is also derived directly from the Hadith, and which has been consistently practiced by all the earlier generations of Islam all through 1400 years of our Islamic history on this earth. 

    It is that easy to safeguard Islam, and some of the best of human civilization and culture, in this world.

    God Bless!



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    About Our Literature — Both Audio and Print [Quote – 817]

    May 16, 2017 | 1 week ago.

    People sometimes ask us what kind of literature we have, and what kind of literature we make available to individuals and organizations, from churches and mosques to anyone who cares.


    We provide audio and print material, free of charge, that brings Islam home to readers and listeners, one individual concept at a time.

    And it does so mostly using the Qur’an.

    And it is all part of our commitment to Take the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It — and Which One Does Not?

    Simple, right?

    But why wait? Why not go to www.IslamicSolutions.Com and find out for yourself! 



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    Muslims Will Be Muslims! [Quote – 816]

    May 16, 2017 | 1 week ago.

    Muslims are Muslims and I guess they will always be Muslims. 

    Sincere, good people write to them about Islam out of the goodness of their heart and Muslims don’t even bother to reply or write back. Even though answering a Muslim’s Salaam is a requirement — Waajib as some people would call it.

    Those then are your people: the Muslims. 

    But make no mistake, these are the people you will have to work with, for as long as you live — such as they are and such as you are.

    That is, when you are not working, day and night, with Non-Muslims, trying desperately to reach out to them and invite them to Allah and to Islam and to Qur’an and to Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

    Those who do this, and never tire of doing this, I mean this business of reaching out to both Muslims and non-Muslims, in the face of all the rejection and cold treatment they get, the Qur’an is quite vocal about them. 

    The Qur’an says:

    Ulaa-ika Humul Muflihoon!

    “They are the winners.”



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    If Only Muslims Understood… [Quote – 815]

    May 14, 2017 | 1 week ago.

    If only Muslims understood the role Islam played in educating the world, and dedicated themselves to carry that ball forward, what a different world this would be!

    Muslims are into everything except education. 

    Namaz, Roza, Hajj, Umrah, you name it, Muslims would like to throw themselves into these things, which is great, and which is what they should do, for, that, as we all know, is Islam.

    Hadith Sharif:

    Buniyal Islamu Ala Khamsin!


    “Five things are the basis of Islam.”

    But what about Education? What about all those Aayats about Education

    And what about all those Hadith on Education?

    And what about the entire life of Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, that was spent in educating the world? Starting out with some of the most backward and ignorant — Ummiyyeen — people in the world?

    Isn’t this one Hadith enough? Just this one Hadith that says:

    Innamaa Bu’istu Mu’alliman!


    Just think of me as an Educator!”

    Will the Tableegh people pay attention to this Hadith? 



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    The Prophet Who Gave the World The Gift of Education, 
    Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam! [Quote – 814]

    May 14, 2017 | 1 week ago.

    Just imagine how much the educated world of today owes Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

    And yet how ignorant and ill-informed and uncaring and ungrateful that world is about him.

    Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, came into this world in early Seventh Century. That was more than 1400 years before our time.

    That was also a time when reading and writing were generally forbidden for everyone except members of the royal family, the rich landlords and the most privileged few.

    Many people were put to the sword for daring to teach themselves or others how to read and write.

    In such a climate, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, came and offered the world a “Book” – Al-Kitaab.

    And he called that book The Reading – Al-Qur’an.

    And he issued a general command to the whole world – to all of humanity – saying: “Read!

    Then he said if any man or woman – mind you, he also included women in this equation – taught himself or herself one single passage of that BookAl-Kitaab, big or small, that would be more than 200 times better than worshiping God in other ways.

    And he said that to Hazrat Abu Zarr, a companion of his, who was a most devout and God-fearing individual, given to worshiping God a great deal.

    He didn’t say “200 times better,” he said “More than 200 times better.”

    Does the world of today know anything about this man, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!

    And does the educated world of today know anything about this most amazing of miracles that he gave the world: the Miracle of Universal Education?

    Do the Muslims know about this fact?

    Do the non-Muslims know about this most miraculous fact?

    What would it take for the Muslims to get out and share this fact with the rest of the world?

    And what would it take for the non-Muslims of this world to inquire and find out about it?

    And then, thereafter, how about all us, both Muslim and non-Muslim, showing just a tad bit of gratitude to him, and saying: May God Almighty Bless Him!

    Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!



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    Don’t Allow Shaitan to Preempt Our Lives [Quote – 813]

    May 14, 2017 | 1 week ago.

    Allah bless the people who finance, manage and run our weekly radio program Pasha Hour International. I marvel at their dedication and their sustained hard work.

    Sometimes they warn us that the Government has decided to “Preempt” our program — whatever the reason.

    That expression “Preemption” never ceases to amuse me. A part of Colonial legacy. 

    But my deeper worry always is, and I warn all of us on that account, about Shaitan trying to “Preempt” our lives. 

    His commitment is, and all indications are, that he neither tires nor slackens in his efforts to “Preempt” our lives and put them on a different track than the one that leads to Allah and to our home Jannat from which he got us ejected through his lies and machinations the first time.

    So, people, don’t let Shaitan preempt your lives!



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    Halal Entertainment, Anyone?
    Oh, Where Did All the Hustlers Go? [Quote – 812]

    May 08, 2017 | 2 weeks ago.

    Muslims came to America. No, change it to: Allah brought Muslims to America. 

    And to other parts of the West.

    To breathe the life-giving air of freedom and opportunity as they had never done before for generations in their own natural habitat of hereditary monarchy, feudalism, dictatorship, tribalism and rampant corruption.

    Visit the Aayat Karimah:
    Wa Kuntum Amwaatan Fa-Ahyaakum!

    I think it is an Aayat of the Qur’an. Will someone please check and make sure.

    Paraphrase of the Aayah:

    You were basically lifeless and he brought you back to life.”

    Paraphrase II:

    “You were dead, he gave you life.”

    Dazzled by this new life, Muslims in Europe and America did all kinds of things — except, some would say, be faithful to Islam and carry out their God-given mandate of taking the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it — and which one does not?

    So, the more enterprising among Immigrant and First Generation Muslims, especially those with a penchant for a bit of hustling, launched all kinds of projects they called Halal: Halal this, Halal that, and Halal Everything Else!

    Halal stuff of every kind rained on God’s earth like Manna, including things like Halal Booking — whatever that means.

    But one thing I have not seen. Unless, of course, I missed it somehow. 

    That is why I am calling on the new generation of Islamic Hustlers in the West to wake up to the possibilities of Halal Entertainment.

    Europe and America are all about Entertainment, are they not? So, how can you let this cash cow slip through your fingers like this?

    And, remember, you can always get a Jewish Kosher Authority to certify your entertainment product “Halal” for a fee.

    I am amazed how nobody ever thought of this before!



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    Give them Half a Chance, Muslims Will Run & Hide [Quote – 811]

    May 06, 2017 | 2 weeks ago.

    Half a chance they get, Muslims will run and hide. They will always try to find the easy way out. 

    They will be constantly looking for an escape route.

    Not because they are bad people. But because they are people. Just people.

    Because they are Human Beings, plain and simple.

    And as humans, that is part of the mysteries of their nature. That is the way their God made them as people.

    Our job, therefore, is to chase after Muslims. We must not let Muslims escape. And we must not let Muslims rest or doze off.

    We must challenge and rattle them.

    Just like the Qur’an does. Every step of the way.

    “Don’t you, Can’t you see?” 

    The Qur’an demands.

    A-Fa-Laa Tubsiroon?

    What, your hearts have padlocks on them?”

    The Qur’an taunts and teases and admonishes and prods and challenges and throws down the gauntlet.

    Am Alaa Quloobin Aqfaaluhaa?

    Therefore, we must keep after Muslims — for as long it is decent, honorable and legal to do so. 

    Within those universal parameters of what the Qur’an calls Ma’roof, we should not let Muslims get away — or rest or slack off.


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    What Muslims Don’t Understand [Quote – 810]

    May 06, 2017 | 2 weeks ago.

    Muslims don’t get it that while individual work on the part of each and every one of us is most important, and it is required, and Allah helps all, the hand of Allah, according to the Hadith, is really with the Group.

    Organized Group!

    In the language of the Hadith such an organized group is called Jama’ah.

    Here is the Hadith Sharif:

    Yadullahi Ma’al Jamaa’ah!


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    Busy Doing What? [Quote – 809]

    May 06, 2017 | 2 weeks ago.

    China has double sidewalks. One side for people with their heads buried in their cell phones. And the other side for people with their heads free and functioning and available to the outside world. 

    I think that is a brilliant idea, what China is doing. For, walking the sidewalks or corridors of buildings is becoming a challenge, as are stairs and even doorways.

    Welcome to another face of Modernity!

    Of which, I take it, Muslims are now an integral part.

    The fact is the Internet makes people busy: more busy than they ever were. And that includes the Muslims.

    And that takes away from them the time for Allah’s Dhikr, and for serious reading and reflection. 

    And for the Tilaawat (Reading and Recitation) of the Qur’an.

    And from this other thing that we have been calling Working for Allah. One way of doing which, we have been saying, is to try and Take the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It — and Which One Does Not?

    People may give “Being Busy” as excuse for not doing it, Not Working for Allah I mean, or for doing it less than they would like to, or for cutting corners when they do it, or by getting so tired and exhausted after prolonged interface with the Internet and the Social Media that they are no longer fit for human consumption.

    On the Day of Judgement, God Almighty will ask us we were busy doing what.

    The Hadith Sharif addresses that contingency in the simplest and clearest of terms. The Hadith says, and I am paraphrasing it here broadly, basically: 

    “And You Were Busy Doing Precisely What?”

    Another way of putting it is: 

    Just how did you spend your life?”

    If I recall the words right, that part of the Hadith goes something like this:

    Wa ‘An Umrihee Feema Afnaahu!

    And the person will not be allowed to move from his or her place till they have provided a satisfactory answer to that question:

    “What did you do with your life?”



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    Teaching Muslims the Basics of Life [Quote – 808]

    May 06, 2017 | 2 weeks ago.

    We write. Whatever it is that Allah enables us to write. From time to time.

    And there are those among us, Allah bless them, who post some of our writings on www.IslamicSolutions.Com.

    And then there are those among us, Allah bless them too, who from time to time catch some typos in the writings. Either when the writings are on their way to posting or after they are posted.

    And then they move on. These wonderful people. Allah bless them. As all or most good people would do. Never to return again, in a manner of speaking. They never check on those typos to see if they are fixed or not. 

    That is not how Muslims do business! That is not how most people do business. 

    It is not their responsibility any more!

    But that is not how they do it, these same people, when their child gets sick and they call the doctor. They stay with it and stay with it, and keep calling the doctor, till the child is fully recovered. 

    And that is because the child is their child. And that child is their life. And that child, to say, the least, is their “personal” responsibility.

    But somebody writing stuff on Islam, Muslims and the World? And posting it on some website on the Internet? That is, at best, Allah’s Work

    It is not their baby, as they say in America. So, they do their “duty,” which is to alert someone: “Hey, there is a typo!”

    And they move on. Never to think about it again. Never to return to it again.

    But that is not how they would do it if this child were their own child! If this baby were really and truly their baby!

    And the truth is, Allah’s Work is their work. And Allah’s Work begins where their own lives reach their fullest richness, potential and promise: health, wealth, education, business, family and everything else!

    Which part of this Aayat Karimah is not clear?

    Inna Salaatee 
    Wa Nusukee
    Wa Mahyaaya
    Wa Mamaatee 
    Lillahi Rabbil Aalameen
    Wa Bi-Dhaalika Umirtu 
    Wa Ana Awwalul Muslimeen!

    Here is a paraphrase of that Aayah:


    Without a doubt, 
    y Salaat,
    And my sacrifice,
    And, in fact, my entire life,
    And even my death,
    They a
    re all for Allah,
    The Master of the Worlds!

    And that is what I was told to do!
    I was commanded to do!
    And of course I am the first to submit!
    And to accept and obey that command!”



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